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The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 had federal commissioners in every county to assist in the return of runaways and provided harsh punishments for those convicted of helping slaves to escape. PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Harriet Tubman was an essential part to the success of the Underground Railroad by being an inspiration to enslaved African Americans with her own escape, her role as the main conductor, and the threat she posed to the slavery economy. My introduction will recap my thesis statement: Throughout the 1850s, Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave, helped more than 60 slaves escape from plantations in Maryland so they could live freely in the North. Over one hundred years since her passing (March 10, 1913), we invite you to revisit the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman. It was not unusual for families in this area to include both free and enslaved members. Harriet earned the nickname "Moses" after the prophet Moses in the Bible who led his people to freedom. First, many masters did not make their slaves work on Sundays and might not miss them until Monday, when the runaways had already traveled a full day and a half. Harriet Tubman, was born as Araminta Ross in 1819 or 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland. Harriet was acquainted with leading abolitionists of the day, including John Brown who conferred with "General Tubman" about his plans to raid Harpers Ferry. Your purchase supports PBS and helps make our programming possible. 3. 10. Her mother died when she was only five years old. In 1849, Harriet Tubman moved to Pennsylvania, but retuned to Maryland two years later hoping to persuade her husband to come North with her. Harriet Tubman was an influential figure in both, the Underground Railroad and multiple anti-slavery movements.      Harriet Tubman was really named Araminta Ross, but she later adopted her mother’s first name. Throughout a 10-year span, Tubman made more than 20 trips down to the South and lead over 300 slaves from bondage to freedom. Her parents named her Araminta “Minty” Ross but soon, with the coming of age, she changed her, Harriet Tubman Proper paper writing includes a lot of research and an ability to form strong arguments to defend your What Is A Introduction For An Essay About Harriet Tubman point of view. She would later adopt the name "Harriet" after her mother: Harriet Ross. The surname Tubman comes from her first husband, John Tubman… Harriet Tubman was an African American women that took upon many roles during her time just as abolitionist, humanitarian, and a Union, Throughout history Harriet Tubman has become to be known as the women on the front of the twenty dollar bill. She has been treated like she was a dog people were hitting her with a riding crop for not doing what they were supposed to do they were slaves for the people who brought them into the country. Slave holders placed a bounty for her capture and the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was an ever-present danger, imposing severe punishments on any person who assisted the escape of a slave. Her husband remained in Maryland.

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