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Install ladder on your right and go up. The clue isn’t helpful, though, because the lion heads are all the same. Go inside purple door and stole the royal key from the red Queen. Tap on the newspaper stack to see a 5 next to it and add it to your journal. Tap on the tree and collect red resin by using knife. Exit Tower of time. Only you have the skills to help them in that dangerous place. Alice in wonderland Mask adult child space Face Mask , Travel Mask , Dust Mask ,Pet Dander Mask , fabric Reusable, Ecofriendly , Washable Fayenique. Then unlock it and take the small key and read the scroll inside. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The drawers should be opened in this order, then take the key that appears in the top drawer.29. Lawrence O'donnell Salary, Exit Winter. The jug never appeared in the inventory- I think the inventory was full (so many seeds) –. Also, tap on the watch to see that the White Rabbit’s clock stopped at 3:30 PM. Check out my recommended list for other games you might like. Leave the room. Place the shield on the statue to unlock the door on the right. Go to Sun’s Fortress throne room and place a summer stone on the scepter. 27. $0.99 Buy. Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland Go back and forward to Vine Yard. Use cork key to unlock the opening mechanism. then green feather fern hair with bronze head, , last mask with gold, orange,ble, red. You need to solve it through trial and error. As of this writing, there are only two of these book genre masks left, so check the shop for restocks if … Learn … Download APK. :)). The door on the right will be opened. Take some glue by using bottle. Sun Gazing And Psychic Abilities, 14. Go back and exit. Vesta In Synastry, 35. Enter the cave and pick up the knife. 47. Take the 37. I thought it was in back right of first cell. Head inside. Go back to Sun’s Fortress. There’s a sign in the garden that says, “Save the kingdom, plant a tree.”. This is the order: Upper Middle, Lower Right, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Middle, Upper Left. I’ve put it together correctly but the right side of the fountain won’t turn on, HELP SOMEBODY. I am playing the game of Alice beyond wonderland game and I need to see a piece of the level were you go through the castle and it shows you the bricks that come out of the wall and need to see pic of the part were the masks are on the wall. There’s nothing we can do here right now, so we’ll come back to it. Read the scroll with a clue to solve a puzzle in this room in winter season to get a second winter orb. Note this shop says they’re made to order, taking anywhere from a week or two to complete. Use the medium key to unlock the room’s door. There’s some birdseed, but we need money to pay for it. Head down the middle path to see two doors. Then pick up the tongs. Vanished: The Island: Review April 27, 2013 Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box: Complete Walkthrough Guide June 11, 2016 ‘Gone Home’ iOS Review: Feels Right at Home on an iPad December 15, 2018. Enter the cave.50. Login. Farm Town To City Apk, Grab the shears. Then take the shield mold from inside. The description of Alice Beyond Wonderland. Go inside the cave on your right. 43. Then leave the winter world. Take shield mold out from the furnace by using tong. Enter the brown door, Wonderland express, Train Station (Zone 2) and Tower of Time (Zone 6). Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. Go to the Winter castle’s room (blue door). To the left of the castle is a water trough. Use the plank you found to fix the broken step on the tree, then climb up. Learn how your comment data is processed. Put seed on the bird’s feeder on the right of the cage. Use the wrench to loosen the 46. 18. Go back to the fall land and use the tongs to grab the incandescent key from the train. Exit the vine yard. Go to Sun’s Fortress (winter season). Use the knife to cut off some blue resin from the tree. alice trapped beyond wonderland walkthrough. 45. 19. Go back and right to Spring Palace. It turns out you were very close to rescuing your friends in Wonderland, but the Red Queen anticipated your plans and sent them away so you couldn’t find them. Go to Tower of Time. Exit Sun’s Fortress location. Head over the bridge to the campfire and take the grappling hook. Face mask – Ive not gotten all 3 clues yet. There’s also four clocks in here that we have to set, but we’ll come back to it when we have all four times. Go back to the camping site and use ladle to mix resins. There’s a wagon with a lever. Enter the first cell and tap on the White Rabbit’s clock to see it stopped at 9:55. Tap on the bottle and make a note of recipe for resins to make a glue that you will need for gold shards to make medallion of sun in Tower of time. Did you do it in the right season? There’s a board nailed down that we’ll come back to later. Go back through the pink door and head down the left path. Take the telescope from inside. Install all four scepters into the holes by the trunk. Exit Sun’s Fortress. You understood that it was not just a bad dream. Go back and exit. 6. ... To move masks in the right position, you will need rearrange positions of masks on your left. Then go into the first left door. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Go back and climb up the vines to see a tree and the castle. Lizzie And Tommy Wedding Peaky Blinders, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Adventure and Puzzle Games on iPhone and iPad. Go back and on your left cave’s room. Go into the winter cave on your left, pick up a knife. Place the 11 piece in the center of the lock. [DKB url=”” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]26. Use the following order to adjust the temperature by turning the red valves on the left and the right: Enter the yellow door. Go back and exit winter realm. The crank is wrong for it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
, When you are in the castle you are in a dark room and you have to arrange the bricks to come out of the wall I need to see a close up pic the game is called Alice beyond wonderland can you help me please. Enter the cave.50. Then take the boat to the castle.You can also watch my video walkthrough for this section here:45. Learn how your comment data is processed. 16. It has to be in the safe range (green color – between 4 and 6). 0 0 vote. More buying choices £15.00 (1 new offer) 100. Go back to the Sun’s Fortress. Tap on the icicles in the following order: Go to Tower of Time. Use pickaxe to get the rake from the ice. Go back and straight forward to Sun Fortress and tap on the left, put incandescent key inside the water to cool it. Apply direction of hours arrows to the bricks and click on each brick according the trip way (watch video Part 2 below at 02:59): Go in the room and tap on the scroll with a clue for masks puzzle. Take the 28. Use pickaxe on the brick wall in the middle and take a seed. Take the right path and you’ll see some water and a sort of ladder. In the middle of the cave use stars to go down. 40. A strange dream woke you up. Use the rusted key to unlock the rusty door. Put coins in the jar and take plate with bird seeds. Father Of The Bride 2 Google Drive, Please refer to walkthrough video. Head back to the four doors and go through the brown door for fall. Go inside and pick a helm on the right. Place the round emblem on the door and enter. The story begins in London’s little apartment. Go left to water mill and use shovel to dig out fourth gold shard (watch video part 2 at 10:48). Between The Blues And The Blues Dance Some Soundscapes Of The Black Atlantic, So we’ll come back to it. Tap on the cage and enter code. Go back to the roof and put the bird seeds in the bird feeder. Install cylindrical piece in the middle of the gate’s lock. Open the door and go on the third floor. Samsara Game: Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide and Solutions, Gone Home: iOS Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks, ‘A Monster’s Expedition’ Review: See the Forest for the Trees. Open the door and go through to the stairwell. Pick up the crowbar. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Beautiful Life Goblin English Version Mp3 Download, Head through and tap on the clock to see that it stopped at 5:15. To the right of the wagon is a building. Alice Beyond Wonderland walkthrough guide is a way to go through the game smoothly and more enjoyable. So we’ll come back later. Best Women's Slalom Water Ski, Alice Beyond Wonderland walkthrough guide is a way to go through the game smoothly and more enjoyable. Alice Beyond Wonderland Walkthrough – Apartment & Market, Alice Beyond Wonderland Walkthrough – Beyond Wonderland, Alice Beyond Wonderland Walkthrough Video (Part 1), Alice Beyond Wonderland Walkthrough Video (Part 2), Alice Beyond Wonderland Full Walkthrough Video, alice trapped beyond wonderland walkthrough, Samsara Room Walkthrough (Rusty Lake Remake), The Secret Of Hollywood Motel Walkthrough Guide [100%], The White Bird Carnival Walkthrough Guide, Full The House of Da Vinci 2 Walkthrough (100%). Go back to the spring land and head to the castle. Now you can switch seasons. Go on the rooftop. Click on the red suitcase and solve the puzzle by opening each brooches in the right order: Enter the red door. It may help. Head inside. Sword mold – Go to back of cell. Looking for the rest of walkthrough. I’m stuck at the second fountain puzzle. The engine door opens, revealing a key, but it’s too hot to touch. Wong Fu What Happened To Ted Reddit, lol. Next Post Alice Trapped in Wonderland: Walkthrough Part 3. 0 0 vote. See the moss-covered rock with a slit in it? 44. Zoom out to get inside. Alice in Wonderland reimagined for a new audience. Exit this location. Go to the train station. Has anyone figured out how to invert the seasons? Enter the building.36. Take the ladder up and take the Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Go left and enter the room in the middle with a hay and broken crank in it. When you zoom out, there will be an opening to the left. What Do Cattails Taste Like, Head back to the roof. Use the grappling hook to climb over the wall. 33. Place the wood you have into the stove, then light it with the matches. Exit this location. 28. Exit Tower of Time location. There are four doors before you. Discover and solve the extraordinary mysteries from the magical kingdoms beyond the incredible Wonderland, Find where the evil red queen banished your friends, gather clues about their whereabouts, and solve multiple puzzles … Walkthrough: 1. One of the doors to the train station is unlocked. When it is playing tap on the girl to get a clue for the throne. Take a summer stone from the chest. Enter the yellow door. So go back to the spring palace and head towards the castle. Arrange the hats by color, using the music notes clue. Laura Labo Husband Dave Barton, So put the levers like so: Down, Up, Up, Down, Up. This walkthrough guide will help you if you get stuck. Take it. If you open them, you can see they each lead to a different area with one of the four seasons. Go inside the store and tap on the number “6” to make a note of it. im confused what i should do with them bith? DORAL, FLORIDA 33122-1615 2. 22. Chef Christian Petroni Wife, Super Mario 64 Ds Waluigi, Use both hands to turn them simultaneously to bring the bridge down. Use the golden key to unlock the metal hatch and go through to Wonderland. Place the lever in the slit and push it down. It will let water run on the left side of the fountain. Exit this location. 53. Go back to the fall area and use the wagons key to open the door in back of the train. Gregory Cole Jr, It may help you. It will let water run on the right side of the fountain. Just tap on various areas until you find it. Is it with the gear puzzle? Give the sword to the statue to unlock the door and then go through.

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