ao3 work not showing up

Saving them again seems to do the trick. Subscriptions are only for WIPs and authors. That would be all well and fine, but most gen stories often take heavy inspiration from what universe they take place in. It's not like you have to add sex to get noticed. 2. I don't want to go into too much specific detail here because I try and keep my reddit identity separate from my fandom identity, but I founded a community that highlighted amazing gen fics and ran regular challenges to encourage authors to produce more of it. I'm using admob for showing android ads. And crossovers! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. For the community, you go to other sites like Tumblr or whatever. Press J to jump to the feed. The draft thing is a problem even if you create the draft and publish it the same day, and then there isn't a way to fix it. I get thousands of views on versus the dozens on ao3. Clearing cache etc. (She's tagged every single one, and the tag list alone fills my monitor. Very helpful. I've tried downloading other browsers on the phone and it doesn't work, either. I've always wondered at two-script services in Tampermonkey, and you've finally enlightened me. Definitely one at a time! I've tried a manual fix and the date changed, but the position didn't. People aren't entitled to have their story read no matter what though. If I'm in the mood to read horror I'd rather read an original story. Like, say you create a draft at 6 in the morning, and it's ready to post at 3 in the afternoon... it won't be at the top of the list when you publish it, it'll be all the way down the list as if you'd published it back at 6, and everything posted between 6AM-3PM will appear ahead of it. Bookmarks are for everything you want to find again. Tag Wranglers cannot separate works using the exact same tag. At least in my fandom, I see a lot more well researched and well written content on AO3. Seems like no matter what you write about, no matter how original or however much effort is put into your story, if it's not taboo shipping smut it won't get any attention whatsoever. it was my first work in english published on the internet and i was nervous about it. Oh, but gen fanfiction can be so FASCINATING! Honestly, I've found the long adventure fics to get the most attention. AO3 lacks the social media aspect that has - there are no forums where you can plug your latest fic. ; FanFicFare can call Count Pages to generate page counts for downloaded stories. I just cross-post to a03 for a back up and for curiosity's sake. Search their 'browse tag' system. The reverse is not true: works listed only under "All Media Types" show up under "All Media Types", nothing else. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts You can't force people to read what they don't want to read. Different fandoms have different cultures, too. Where as when looking at your bookmarks list you can. They're pretty much the same as favorites vs. follows on FFnet. It focuses on a main ship but has no smut. ao3 savior is my Favourite, can't remember the last time i used ao3 without it. Though assuming that it is true (or at least in part), it should be no surprise that both writers and readers prefer smut if the whole site was created as a reaction to's changing policy. This lets you get an email alert when there is a new chapter which is typically what I wanted. AO3. One of the most highly rated fics in that fandom is an epic-length G-rated masterpiece. Just the real banner ads are not showing up. I was used to seeing just one fandom tag (unless its a xover), so that was something I had to get used to, but now I understand why they do! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The commenters on seem to feel the story. Can anyone help? Personally I'm really uninterested in any fanfic that isn't shipping. Be the change you want to see in the fandom. AO3 is just newer and less used. They don't want users to be able to push their stories to the very top all the time. Now I understand why each chapter showed the same publish date. You can't just throw your work out into the howling void and expect people to drop what they're doing and read it. AO3 Savior And You: how to block out fics you don't want to see. Think of it less about "All this effort and no one cares" and more about "I wrote something awesome for me and it's a treat for whoever else finds it". Also ... why ao3? Just like with pretty much everything else, it's all about networking and advertising. Because if you're not writing it for you, then why bother? I've always wondered about this blip, and now I draft on FFN, and copy/paste into AO3 rich text drafting pane on the day I want to update.

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