beauty standards essay conclusion

We are all equal and we should be treated like it in every aspect including the beauty world. To have a positive body image is to know that you are beautiful. The following blog post will look at the ‘perception of beauty standards in society and the beauty industry’. Social media properties that makeup is the solutions for women to achieve the standard beauty women have today. Thin models, especially female models, are everywhere you look. I spoke to six different Black women who discuss the challenges they have encountered regarding their skin tone when it comes to make up and their thoughts on the different standards of beauty. People need to be educated on this problem because these unrealistic beauty standards are harmful, Given the societal view of whiteness as a standard of beauty, both Maureen Peal and Pecola Breedlove struggle with distorted self-perceptions and self-hatred. And the key point is that a woman’s sense of her body actually has not been hers but man’s view of her body. I felt so sad when I saw the advert! For example, the beauty standards for men and women underwent a significant change throughout the existence of humankind. White washing has occurred many times in media, the L’Oréal storm is one of many examples where Beyoncé’s African American features were manipulated and you could go as far to say even eradicated to show a whitened version. The important thing is that we cannot avoid comparisons of ourselves to the images which we are surrounded with from media and most of us will find ourselves inadequate when we do this (Kellner, 2003). Many individuals took to social media to show their outrage even demanding the removal of billboards. Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. *You can also browse our support articles here >. Societal standards of feminine beauty are presented in all forms of popular and alternative media, bombarding women with images that portray the ideal body. Despite her efforts to beautify her appearance through the use of expensive attire, Maureen Peal is unable to change the color of, Beauty Standards If ethnic countries cannot accept darker skin tones, then it makes it harder for the rest of the world to. Why was this even allowed? Dove is launching a major initiative in order to encourage discussion and debate about the nature of beauty. The foundations would not have even worked as a highlight colour. Last month the Dove advert which caused an international outcry and uproar which shows a black woman lifting up her top to show a white woman. To some beauty is solely dependent on how a person looks on the outside. How would you like to see Black beauty depicted in the media in the next couple of years? We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. [5]. We should ask ourselves how much money we spend on “the best thing” that will make us desirable and beautiful. This gives a sense of insecurity among women, and this drives sales in the beauty industry. It is not about women at all, it is about institutional power. Magazines represent a strong insistence that women of all ages must do their best, and that they must spend their money in order to look as ‘beautiful’ as possible. Media pressures women to strive for the very thin look. We are all bombarded every day with messages from television shows, movies, advertisements, magazine articles that we need to look a certain way in order to be accepted. It seems like we are a good way to make money. Such standards of beauty are almost completely far-fetched for most women. Also for women young and old to know that that your skin is rich and beautiful. Mention a time where you struggled to find the right foundation shade or any other beauty product to match your complexion. All this beauty selling leads us to the question: who benefits from this ‘beauty market’! American Eagle Outfitters, one of the most popular clothing brands among teenage girls, states on their bags, “The Real You is Beautiful”, and their ads feature the phrase “The girl in this photo has not been retouched.” Those this may appear to an encouraging message, the messages are placed next to young, tall, and thin models. For years, Black women with a darker skin complexion had been shunned as not depicting or reflecting the ‘ideal beauty’. We live in a world where the Eurocentric beauty standard has been deeply rooted in society, the false ideology of being beautiful is considered as having Eurocentric features to be accepted. This also ties into the inferiority complex that having lighter/white skin automatically makes someone more important or above oneself when this is far from the truth. What can we say about pressure on women as opposed to men when it comes to looks? Advertising, retailing and entertainment produce notions of beauty that change over time. The standard that was ten years is different today. 50% of American women are dieting and 75% of “normal” weight women think they are too fat (Wolf, 1990). Essays on Beauty. And we have to ask ourselves where men in that strong reaction against women are. ... With the world turning into a huge global village, we are introduced to the numerous beauty standards that vary from culture to culture, from time to time. It is wrong to use our looks as our voices. It is no secret that beauty standards vary from one culture to the next and it is, It 's not a mystery that society 's ideals of beauty have a drastic and frightening effect on women. How standards of beauty changed over time and yet beauty for women is still compulsory? I find it quite bizarre that an African country, which is filled with individuals of all colours, would imply that having ‘fairer skin’ is the way forwards to looking beautiful. Though we do have a long way to go, at least it’s a start! So we can see that the economy depends on manipulating consumers to buy as much as possible. The result is with the ever changing standards of beauty, The Beauty Standard Media activist Jean Kilbourne concludes that, “Women are sold to the diet industry by the magazines we read and the television programs we watch, almost all of which make us feel anxious about our weight” (Kilbourne, 1995). We are surrounded with women who believe their life would improve if they could only lose 15 pounds; if they could afford contact lenses, that new perfume or anti-cellulite lotion; if they got a nose job, a face lift, a tummy tuck, etc, women who feel shame or unhappiness when they think about some part (or all) of their body. Before, some brands had variety in shades but not in undertones. That’s why I commend Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line for having 40 shades of foundation because there are so many shades that not all make up brands try to cover or at least match. And the important thing is that it seems like women get the messages/promises from magazines full of articles telling us that if women use these product they will improve their looks and, they’ll have it all-the perfect marriage, loving children, great sex, and a rewarding career. Today, that standard is often defined as being thin. Finding the right shade was difficult as women of colour come in different hues from caramel to mahogany, makeup brands such as Iman and Black up catered for Black women. That leads me to one conclusion that it cannot be about women, for the “ideal” is not about women but about money. A hideous phenomenon which is worth millions in Asia. I would like for black beauty to be seen as the norm and not pushed to the side. The definition of beauty has evolved greatly over the years and it differs from culture to culture.

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