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Sponsored content A video of the pool on May 8th shows that Benjamin entered the pool in 4th period with his classmates and did not exit the pool with his classmates at the end of the period.Immediately following the tragedy, the District discouraged staff, students and families from spreading inaccurate and hurtful rumors. I added yesterday's officer-involved fatal shooting to illuminate that investigations involving fatalities, regardless of whether first impressions dictate fault, usually land those directly involved on administrative leave, pending the outcome of said investigation. No amount of money will bring your child back. SRV High School community, when will Aaron Becker be held accountable for the grief he has brought to the Curry family for allowing Ben to die while under his supervision. * Grieving the loss of Ben Curry, who unwillingly sacrified his life, to bring light to the gross negligence, on multiple levels, in district policy and procedure. Updated: Sun, Nov 4, 2018, 5:51 pm Get informed. By sharing the above information and offering our sincere apology, the District hopes to provide accurate information to support the Curry family and the community. But this teacher doesn't have one thing happen to him, when a kid drowns during his's like the 50's. November 2, 2018: District makes first acknowledgement through an emailed announcement to the community regarding May 8 drowning. Demonizing anyone in this situation by insinuating that they don't care is pointless. This school district administration and board is arrogant in regard to the safety of our children. San Ramon Valley schools Superintendent Rick Schmitt publicly apologized last Friday for the on-campus death of San Ramon Valley High freshman Ben Curry, marking the first time district officials have issued a formal written apology district-wide … Ummm....$8M settlement, all parties still employed? Nearly two years after the on-campus drowning death of 15-year-old San Ramon Valley High School freshman Ben Curry, the family of the teenager is set to receive an $8 million settlement from San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Unfortunately, it came too late. Special Pubs Time to read: about 3 minutes. So SRVUSD should be accountable for Aaron Becker not spotting the kid going under. To Ben Curry's family: The full terms have not been filed in court to date.Becker's attorney had not responded to a request for comment as of press time Wednesday.Ben's parents, Karen and Thomas Curry, filed a lawsuit with the Contra Costa County Superior Court in November 2018, claiming negligence and willful misconduct by SRVUSD and Becker -- who remains employed as a teacher and varsity football head coach -- led directly to the boy's death. 2. did not thoroughly check the perimeter of the pool before leaving "the classroom" (in this case, a pool)? And yes, a judge found the teacher essentially not guilty in the case. Do you really think the school board advised a settlement using taxpayer dollars and no firing? No accountability. This is one of the worst preventable tragedies in the school’s history. Uploaded: Mon, Feb 10, 2020, 5:15 pm LOL too bad freedom of expression bothers you so much. policy, which is paid for by taxpayer dollars. Wow a child dies and the conversation centers around who Is paying out. Embarcadero Media Rick would never stick up for the parents in the district. I also could be wrong, but SRVUSD is paying according to the article. It’s time the SRVUSD board takes actions to fix the district’s lack of leadership. Tax dollars are paying for the POLICY, NOT THE 8 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT. The letter from superintendent Schmitt while it’s will crafted, it was sent way too late. His pay history shows the fleeing from Antioch Unified after being named in the child abuse lawsuit with a salary of $151,658.71 to a salary of $129,009.25. "This event was and will remain a tragedy in our hearts and minds forever. Curry family, I think of Ben often and I hope you feel the support of the community. If he checked, he would have noticed a body...Ben's body was the first thing everyone in 5th period saw when they arrived at the edge of the pool. Small group of enraged parents/teachers demand action from SRVUSD about pool safety policies and accountability for tragedy where Ben Curry was sacrificed due to gross negligence on the part of all-involved district parties. Now that this stage is over, it is my hope that you can focus on sharing the facts, truth and details with the community that led to this preventable tragedy, so that no other family must go through what you are. RIP Ben Curry. Ben Curry was a freshman at SRVHS when he drowned in the school’s pool two years ago during the swim unit in physical education. In my opinion - teachers and administrators should be held financially liable as well, along with losing their work/job. Did this actually come from your heart or because you were told to finally say something? Torrance, CA 90501". The agreement, which came to light after a notice of settlement was filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court on Monday, also calls for the wrongful-death case to be dismissed with the district admitting no liability for Curry's death. Hold people accountable or except the consequences. SRVUSD is currently limiting pool use to our water polo and swim teams. DPD investigation immediately ensues, followed CCC D.A. Friday afternoon- quietly apologize 6 months after the event. Sponsored content The following was a statement included in an email in May 2018 from Principal Jason Krolikowski to parents: “We understand that there are many rumors circulating in the community, but we want to discourage students from discussing these rumors since they may turn out to be inaccurate and can be hurtful and unfair to family and friends. Editor: Aaron Becker should not be a teacher. News The court case was originally set to be held on Feb. 18 of this year, but Schwartz believed that bringing the lawsuit into a legal court session would force Ben’s parents into reliving the pain of losing their son. Despite pending litigation, the District wants to be responsive to the ongoing conversation and publicly apologize to the Curry family and all community members.The District continues its internal review on policies and procedures related to SRVUSD pools. This event was and will remain a tragedy in our hearts and minds forever. The boy became unresponsive underwater toward the end of the class's fourth-period swim session, but he wasn't discovered until the start of the next PE period, after lunch. Officer immediately put on leave. Mr Keith Rogenski, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, at SRVUSD has a history of coverups. No accountability. A&E Premarital and Couples: Oh, that (thought, feeling, behavior) again This guys is responsible for Ben's death. Confirming previously released information by the Contra Costa County Coroner's Office and the Danville Police Department, Schmitt refuted previous rumors that Curry's death was the result of suicide.

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