beowulf virtues essay

Loyalty to his father remained throughout the epic. “From the rafters where... ...Grendel is a man-eating demon that lives in the land of the Spear-Danes and attacks King Hrothgar's mead-hall, Heorot, every evening. As an example, in “Beowulf” it tells of the courage of a single warrior and how he showed honor, loyalty and gained fame throughout his endeavor to save not only a neighboring Lord’s kingdom but as well as his own kingdom later on in life. He is a warrior who embodies the Anglo-Saxon culture of masculinity, warfare, transience of life, reverence for the past, loyalty, respect for authority, gift giving, faith in God, belief in fate, and glory. Grendel’s great and terrifying nature ensures that Beowulf will long be celebrated for his heroic conquering of this foe. In the achievement of battle, which normally ends in death, Beowulf is able to obtain glory and fame. For example, before Beowulf’s battle with Grendel, he states that, “…My lord Higlac/ Might think less if I let my sword/ Go where my feet were afraid to…” (169-171). I this story the main character am Gulliver; a world traveler who takes a journey to different lands. While he was on his quest to defeat Grendel, he would need to use his superhuman strength to kill the monster and save Herot from its tormentor. Too, that the monster’s scorn of men He also developed loyalty through friendships, especially felt at the teary... ... Because, Beowulf Society The earliest known manuscript of Beowulf is thought to have been written in the tenth century, however, the poem had most likely been told as an oral tradition for centuries before that. the afterlife, and look at it in new ways. Because, when in danger, helping those in need, and being the first one to step up and help, In the read Beowulf, he does just that. The entire scene of the battle with Grendel’s mother runs parallel with Christ’s life. Beowulf and Heroic Virtues Although the main character in Beowulf is Beowulf himself, I believe that the single section which most concisely illustrates the heroic values in this poem occurs on pages 61 through 64 of the text, and is illustrated not by Beowulf's actions, but by Wiglaf's. And over and over they swore that nowhere on earth or under the spreading sky or between the seas, neither south nor north, was there a warrior worthier to rule over men.Beowulf has many characteristics of an epic poem hero. The epic hero embodies superior physical strength and ethical standards which is the highest ideals of the Anglo-Saxon culture. Directions: Create a thoughtful, organized, and well-developed essay response to one of the following prompts. (910) Beowulf had yet to kill mother Grendel, but Hrothgar knew Beowulf would fulfill his promise. . Many times in literature authors blend two dissimilar traditions and virtues in order to make up a persons true identity. Then, as he aged, he became a "treasure giver" (4.607), giving "gifts to others" (6.950). The best characteristics are that the hero is on a quest, he has superhuman strength, and he is significant and glorified. Beowulf has many characteristics of a hero in an epic poem. However, the most evident example is when he is going into battle Grendel and He says in lines 259-270:

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