black cube of saturn

. I was put onto Black Cube by a researcher called FaceLikeTheSun in the video below. They are assho*es. There are many times in Ancient Egyptian history where conflicts between different “houses” lead to the depreciation of one god relative to another. “, “Since ancient times in occult symbolism Saturn has been known to represent negativity such as that found in limitations in space and time, conflict and death.”. We might say he ruled the lower nature of toxic buildup with oxygen! Trump’s Loss Was Planned For: This Is Just The Opening Act, Breaking: Insider Declares Trump To Take Arizona & Then Win The 2020 Election! child Saturn would immediately swallow it. Information concerning the rise of occultist belief systems in Thailand and the marketing of occult-laden board games to children as young as eight years of age by Amazon and Hasbro Toys company manufacturers was also added, 9.21.2015 | Technocracy | Article and Information Repository - Documentation affirming the existence of human-animal hydridization programs being conducted in Great Britain, as well as the continental United States, was included, 9.15.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Articles of reference detailing the engineered disintegration of the American family have been included, the most notable of which pertains to the endorsement of indefinite detention for the nation’s male population as a prescribed sequence of events to effectively eradicate the ‘scourge’ of heterosexuality from the prevailing societal landscape - a course of action suggested by Julie Bindel, a prominent feminist and nationally syndicated columnist noted for her outspoken demeanor. nyc reversed cube,a nuke will free them it is in these asshules You provde us with a lot of great information I hope they learn it. Oxy Powder - Natural Colon Cleanser! sensational, sex-magical aspects of this lodge’s work or else its darker, more This is not to say that Set was always seen as an evil character in Ancient Egyptian theology. This article may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. (this image represents the Mesozoic age, i.e. The notion of empire decline, specifically the relegation of Brazil’s investment grade rating to junk status by Standard & Poor’s Crediting Agency was also appended. Despite acknowledging its association with Evil, secret societies find the A click on a hyperlink is a request for information. To learn about the Cymatic symbol please visit here. they have 6-point, five-point and 16-point etc stars all over the mosaics… who are they to look down on Christians and Jews for this same symbology of the same God? This half-man half-goat creature is considered the Philippine Senator Leila De Lima’s legal troubles are also documented, as evidence presented in open court testimony by her one-time paramour’s daughter implicates her in an obstruction of justice probe pertaining to the concealment of information related to the manufacture and distribution of various controlled substances on the premises of the Bilibid Penitentiary, 11.30.2016 | Conspiracy | Article and Information Repository - Thorough examinations into the nature of various electronically-generated communications between John Podesta, the one-time campaign chairman of 2016 DNC (Democratic National Committee) Presidential Nominee Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, and several of the former U.S. Secretary of State’s closest confidants. Because Saturn and its symbolism is in many cases associated with evil, mankind’s restrictions and death, thus, we have unknowingly been made to focus on the negative low-vibration energy related to this. (@_AntiGlobalist_) June 6, 2017. that is just a fact. This magical order was similar to the other occult groups, whether it be New Age, Freemasonry or Thelema; they all revolve around the idea of mastery of occult knowledge (e.g. It was said to be the original and the best sun. In the Ausarian drama we find that Ausar (Greek: Osiris) is chopped into 13 pieces by Set. As in most polytheistic faiths, the characters involved differentiate themselves from the Western tradition of a devil in that all the gods are closely related. The moon, in turn, sends communication signals to Earth using virtual instrumentation, producing the simulated information; the fake reality that we receive and believe to be real.

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