blue jay synchronicity

So I Googled “bluejay totem” and wound up at this website. Double numbers (22, 55, etc.) so I looked up BJ symbolism and picked your website of the 10 offered. This filled my heart with joy, with tears in my eyes I thank the Universe for loving me. So sorry that you are experiencing this sadness. Regular price Sale price $5.00 Shipping calculated at checkout. Just this morning when I saw a ‘deer crossing’ sign I actually thought how much I didn’t want to hit any animals, not just for safety of car passengers but for the life of the animal. 666 On Christmas Eve my husband let our dogs out at around midnight he told me he felt as if there were owls all around the house. This mental space helps clear the possibility of your ego translating messages incorrectly. As if all of these things weren’t strange enough, on the night he died, it was actually early morning, about 20 mins after, I was standing outside just looking at the stars and I saw a shooting star. Really? And suddenly, all my sadness was gone and I had to laugh. About a month before a woodpecker was doing odd things pecking on an iron lamp in front of my house I would go out to get the paper walk right bye talk to him and he would just keep on drumming away it was odd. I looked up and two blue Jays were on the tree outside the window. In general, the Steller’s Jay meaning in a dream means that you must pay attention to aspects such as travelling, journeying, and body sensations to gain new insights. She was a very special girl. Was the greatest thing to see! I think that blue jay knew I was about to have a divine moment and wanted to cone check me out. In my dream I knew I needed to look up what they meant so I just kept watching what they were doing. The blue Jay didn’t die on impact but supposedly had believed to have broken its wing and leg. Perhaps you are just thinking of someone and they call, or vice versa. Home About My Account My Cart. Neither have been very afraid of me kinda hanging out. My husband took several pictures but I don’t know how to attach them. Relinquishing the illusion of our separateness is just one stop along the spiritualist’s transformative journey, and 0’s—in the shape of an infinite cycle—express this. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. He was feasting on leaves and soil, we looked at each other and it did not deter either one of us. I can recall seeing them throughout my life, but nothing really specific at the time. My boyfriend didn’t know I knew he was planning it, but he proposed not five minutes later on the mountain. Now it is time to create a new life–on your OWN. I have been looking for a sign, since then. They also love to dabble in various activities, always testing out new things. What is blue jay adding or reinforcing please? Good Morning ,Good Afternoon, Good Evening to ALL. For the past two weeks two Blue Jays decided to visit my garden, it almost seemed like the same ones. Thomas Paine (left) and Edmund Burke. It was my affirmation from God, keep going and sew your seeds. I was suddenly aware of birds outside my house making a very odd racket. Do NOT give up! You check your phone at random and it always seems to be to 11:11, 1:11, or various hours on the 11th minute. When you have an “old world” or Eurasian bird of this species dream, it is a message that you are responding to a situation based on your old world culture and DNA. Required fields are marked *. i’m not really sure how to tell if the jay is my animal totem, but here’s something i’ve never really taken into consideration as possibly important before. This marriage is going to be a huge change for the both of us so adaptability, spiritual development, and maturity is key! Fought the good fight I looked it up and it means her soul wasnt ready to go. Now the Blue jay is all vulnerable and frightened feeling exposed and raw in its current form. I felt compelled to intervene and quickly saw that it was a third jay on the ground, feathers torn loose and close to death. And lately I see 1111 everywhere. Receive your personalized free daily horoscope newsletter and exclusive promotions. 4’s are all about laying down foundational work. Occasionally, overconfidence will alienate folks with the Jay totem from their peers. The THC content ramps up, for those of you who aren’t educated on the matter, and the brain undergoes deeper stages of euphoria. My mother passed away 6/18/08. today i was sitting on the porch just enjoying the beautiful day and a blue jay landed on the railing close enough for me to reach over and touch him – but I didn’t reach out but rather looked at him as he looked at me. They have been showing up at my place, my mom said they just started showing up at her place and thinks it is me that has brought them. I see so many numbers that keep jumping out, 7,9,11,13,17,20,21,33,57 77 111 222,333,444,555,666,777,911, 1111. Never seen a jay this close before. This message gives you guidance to continue cultivating whatever you’ve been developing in your life and to not give up in the 11th hour. (See Below), Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. This fun website offers you messages from your, Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. Should we get back together? The highly intelligent spirit of this bird gives us access to memories long forgotten and shows us how to assimilate them into awareness. And lately I see 1111 everywhere. It was as if it just appeared and flew into my living room where I was relaxing with my coffee. Leave it to my dad to send me a sweat bee. Must be 18 years or older. Growing up my mother told me an Indian story of a son and a mother and the son lost his father became very mean to the mother and the mother said to the son. I literally never see shooting stars. “finish what you started, you are royalty.”. You are not here to give up. In general, Jay’s symbolism teaches lessons of adaptation to any situation while learning quickly. The Universe is applauding—celebrating you even. SRKD-18695-82 BLUE JAY. This was about an hour before Church. Not very long from then, I had 2 more UFO dreams. I feel like it’s pointing me in a certain direction. One day in my back yard, there were 9 or more Blue Jays!! I often hear the steller’s jays in my yard miming the hawks that fly overhead. Color Lavender Lake Blue Jay Tropical Pansy Meadow Wild Mardi Gras Poppy Bumble Bee. Besides, the fireplace was facing me and the bird flew into the room from the west (kitchen). A blue jay came along another mother birds nest of eggs. I do dream interpretations in my bag of talents. I learned of the ancients and their very deep knowledge on the gland, and their symbolism through statues holding pine cones and etc. I am a vegetarian, I am someone who doesn’t kill ANYTHING. As part of our mathematical Universe, all numbers vibrate at different, specific frequencies, so each frequency represents a particular meaning that’s relatively stable. Sometimes animals or people come into our life for this reason and this reason alone. SKU: SRKD-18695-82. I have three things in my life that are oppressing me and my family and has for years, my health, my daughters head injury and my Mom’s estate. I don’t know what to do, but this poor creature was just going about his day , finding a treat in the road and now it’s dead souly because of me. I have my entire yard filled with feeders and feed the jays and 26 other birds in my yard. When I see things like that, or an animal killed on the road. Seeing 9’s means a cycle is about to come full circle for you. The window was open and was close enough we could practically touch them. I believe God sent it to comfort me. It’s the most amazing feeling and my love for god and these signs he sends us to reassure us everything is ok, continues to amaze me.

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