botw vah ruta all chests

Mit dem Magnetmodul könnt ihr die Kiste aus dem Wasser ziehen. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild suggests that you rescue it and the other three before trying to take on Calamity Ganon. This is how the wheel moves. - Then you can see the next terminal, which you can now use. This will cause the large gear to start moving. - Turn around 180 degrees, run backwards and then right through the gate. - Now leave the room and turn right. Eure erste Aufgabe ist es, das Karten-Terminal zu erreichen, das euch angezeigt wird, um die Karte des Dungeons freizuschalten. This may look like a dead end, but all you need to do is lower the trunk of the Vah Ruta. As you make your way into the Zora's Domain, you will partake in the Divine Beast Ruta main quest. Use A to select where the trunk should be - do not forget to confirm with B. You should have at least a few heart container upgrades, some food to eat, and have acquired some armor upgrades, as well as powerful weapons, as they will be needed for the dungeon boss. He will give you the main quest "Divine Beast Vah Ruta". Take down Waterblight Ganon to earn a heart container and watch a cutscene before being transported back to Zora Domain. You want to use Cryonis directly on top of the source of the water in order to block the water that is shooting out. The most risk-reward method of battling him is to wait for him to attack and then try to time a Perfect Dodge it by hopping away at the last second, followed by a Flurry Rush where you can deliver a number of attacks in a short period of time. about At this point you can climb up to the very tip of the trunk, but for most it’s easier to raise the trunk again and glide down to the doorway you where just in. "description": "Text walkthrough with images to help guide players through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Vah Ruta Dungeon", He has authored over a dozen strategy guides for Prima Games, worked as a consultant on numerous gaming-related TV and web shows and was the Operations Manager for the fighting game division of the IGN Pro League. Now you only have one more terminal to access, but before you get to the glide down to the top of the Vah Ruta. Materials:Ancient Spring. You’ll get the Zora Armor as well. Move Vah Ruta's trunk from your map screen to stop the gear, destroy the eyeball, and claim the treasure chest for 10 fire arrows. It is very easy to miss this, but right after getting the map, a text box pops up, indicating that you can manipulate certain aspects of the Divine Beast from the map screen. Ihr seht hier ein Wasserrad und inmitten davon ein Terminal. ... Be sure to take all of the chests — you won’t be able to return inside. Once you access the terminal exit the chamber and wait for the chest to reach the upper left side of the gear. You should be able to jump into the open gate and then place the Sheikah Skate into the pedestal to activate the third terminal. At the waterfall you will find an opening. It’ll also add in an ice attack, similar to Vah Ruta’s. Darin ist eine große Kugel, eine Kiste und ein Terminal (Zugang versperrt). Of course, it’ll continue using its spear as well. Return to the entrance of the dungeon. - Drive all the way up to jump down on the other side. One of the platforms has an eyeball on one side with a chest next to it. Drop back down to the second level and stand right between the two gears. When the second waterwheel arrived, you have to command the trunk of Ruta to the left. Content: Antique core). The last two terminals involve Ruta’s trunk again. Access the Guidance Stone inside the room to gain a map of the Divine Beast and allow Link to move the trunk at will. Before you speak with him, head to the west side of the dock area, just beyond the bed. - There's a treasure chest within the abdomen of the Beast. - Take a look at the waterwheel and stop it with an ice block as soon as you can see the terminal. As the gear is rotating, just before both platforms and the treasure chest are about shift to the inside, use Stasis on the outer platform. Vah Ruta will shoot ice cubes and ice spikes at Link and Sidon. Quickly climb back up onto one of the platforms as Waterblight Ganon takes on an orb shape and moves to another position in the room. There is also a treasure chest in this area and the same idea can be used to get it. Lauft die Rampe hoch, schießt den Hass-Augapfel mit einem Pfeil ab und geht in das Innere des Titans. You’re then returned to Zora’s Domain. Run towards the trunk of the elephant and then manipulate the map so the trunk is horizontal. When you reach Shatterback Point, be sure to always be sneaking around — you do not want to fight the Rynel if this is your first Divine Beast quest. Once you whittle down some of its HP, it’ll fill the room with water and leave you four columns to work with, not dissimilar to Morpha from Ocarina of Time. This is a very puzzle heavy dungeon, but it also has a very difficult boss. If you look higher up, you will see the Glowing Eye that is associated with this corruption. Access the Sheihak terminal to spawn the Waterblight Ganon boss. (Depending on … During the first phase of the battle, Waterblight Ganon will wield a massive spear and will attack you with it. Continue shooting and dodging, and it’ll go down. To reach the terminal you need to wait until the ball in the middle of the gear is just about to shift to the outer position as it rotates to the right side of the gear. Now head back over to the large gear and wait as it rotates. Use Stasis on the ball and it will freeze it in time. Go to the terminal and check out Ruta. When you get back speak with the king twice, then collect the Lightscale Trident (22 attack) in the chest to the right of the king.

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