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It was su, Author @catherinecowlesauthor takes us back to Anc, I’ve been savouring this amazingggg book like a, I feel like the title of this book could be a them, My fourth #6star read of 2020 and I can’t stop t, Evie Dunmore’s writing shines as she crafts an a, I don’t even know how one reads in bed anymore w, There’s been so much talk about this series, and, At long last, @authorsamanthayoung takes us back t, Another beauty from @ravensburgerglobal. It sits on a Spanish bluff by the Mediterranean Sea, and bears the name Casa de Hace Mucho Tiempo, House of Long Ago. More a truce to the war instead of serious peace talks. Inside, an object lay wrapped in a gray silk fabric, eaten by time but still relatively intact. My father’s art collection was too valuable to remain in any ordinary house under even the best of circumstances. Reserved for special texts, like a Bible. My father, who’d been ten years older, passed a year later from what many believed was a broken heart. Givors, France Thank goodness my father had hired a cadre of competent lawyers and managers. “No idea. Five years after they graduated, she asked him to come on board and he’d agreed. Best guess? A pewter cape closure with a roughhewn topaz at its center. She glanced around at the construction site. “Okay, show’s over,” she said. The corporation had flourished. On the title page were the words Libre de las Õras, Book of Hours, in Occitan. Out of respect I’d left the house intact, unwilling to focus on what to do with it, for to do anything meant dealing with my regrets. They’d been incredibly close. Soto, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Crown of One Hundred Kings by Rachel Higginson, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Love Song by Kylie Scott, COVER REVEAL: Holiday with You by Claudia Burgoa & Grahame Claire, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Defying Our Forever by Claudia Burgoa, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: The Bribe by Willa Nash, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Varsity Rulebreaker by Ginger Scott, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Unwritten by J.R. Gray, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Silver Biker by L.B. Trapped inside its walls are memories from a time when Cassiopeia was growing from a rebellious adolescent into a thoughtful young woman—regretful times when she often found herself estranged from her parents. Steve Berry’s bestselling thrillers have mesmerized suspense fans around the world, but his novels alone can’t contain all the exciting exploits of death-defying agent Cotton Malone and his smart, sexy sidekick, Cassiopeia Vitt. We reminisced about the past, laughed, and cried a little. During their second year she’d shared her dream of rebuilding a medieval castle, and that she had the means to make it happen. Steve Berry is the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of fifteen Cotton Malone adventures, four stand-alone thrillers, and several works of short fiction. They left the site and headed toward the high barn that housed the reception center, there to accommodate the several thousand visitors who came every year. Her friend Nicodème, who curated the Museum of Mysteries in Eze, loved them too and might be of some assistance. Paulo, Angelina, and I enjoyed a lunch of grilled fish and fresh salad. Where’d that come from? The stone for it was being quarried and already rose in piles nearby. The Bible? It was her labor of love, one that would probably consume her entire adult life. Her parents were devout Mormons, but she’d never been able to share their beliefs. His greatest flaw. Since her parents died, the people who ran the corporation had doubled its net worth. Copyright © 2020 Natasha is a Book Junkie “It’s silk.”, “And it survived,” Viktor said, “thanks to the seal.”. It sits on a Spanish bluff by the Mediterranean Sea, and bears the name Casa de Hace Mucho Tiempo, House of Long Ago. Today, that output was used in everything from high-end electronics to parts for planes and missiles. Series list: A Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure (4 Books) by Steve Berry. But in the end, we all knew the time had come for the House of Long Ago to belong to someone else. Through the centuries the locale had played host to a variety of historical buildings, starting with a Roman fortress nearly two thousand years ago. And, really cool, a sword, maybe 13th century, in a badly deteriorated leather scabbard. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. For a daughter who idolized her father, his blind faith had been hard to accept. So the time had come to deal with reality. And not for any hostility toward the Latter-day Saints, who were good people, she just possessed no faith. With the smart and capable Cassiopeia Vitt by his side, Malone faces down the world’s deadliest threats—unraveling, along the way, some of history’s most legendary and iconic mysteries. Naughty Books is coming to a screen near you! They consistently appear in the top echelon of The New York Times, USA Today, and Indie bestseller lists. Both were now up in age, nearing retirement, which was another reason why I knew I had to make some changes. “We need to get this inside and sealed away. He admired monks who lived in isolation, hunched over their desks in scriptoria. Hard to say at this point. My back is killing me,” Viktor said. She knelt down in the muck and peered into the trench, damp from a rainstorm last night. To her, no plan existed. EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Lies and Lullabies by Sarina Bowen. His books have been translated into 40 languages with 25,000,000 copies in 51 countries. He always said his mother had that ability, and he seemed to have inherited the skill too. I’d come to discuss my father’s art collection with Miguel, preparing to divest myself of both it and everything else my parents owned, including the house. Dunbar, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: More Than Protect You by Shayla Black, BOOK REVIEW: All Scot and Bothered by Kerrigan Byrne, BOOK REVIEW: Rifts and Refrains by Devney Perry. Hard to say. Book 4 of 4 4.4 out of 5 stars 429 customer ratings. The crowd dispersed and she and Viktor rewrapped the book. THE SURROUNDING ENVIRONS PROVIDED AN ABUNDANCE OF WATER, STONE, EARTH, SAND, AND WOOD, WHICH WERE ALL NEEDED FOR ITS CONSTRUCTION. “Ingénieur, it looks like you’ve got yourself a treasure chest,” Viktor said. When she has a friend come evaluate artworks her father owned and he was a collector she discovers they are fakes. Many of the wealthy possessed such a book. What one was doing buried in the south of France was anybody’s guess. Cassiopeia is shot at, threatened but she is determined. A chill ran down her spine. She employed more than 120 men and women who worked year round. Perhaps she’d give him a call. But facts were facts. Thankfully, no paying visitors were around today. I told them my plans and they were glad I was finally selling. The cover could have been reused.”. She fingered the tattered cloth. “And with that deduction I suggest we take a break. About twenty centimeters tall and twelve wide. Viktor sipped his. The last time I’d come, three months ago, it had been for a short visit with someone special. How? She could not have undertaken such a gargantuan project without him. “Thirteenth to 14th century, based on the decoration,” he said, pointing at the cover. “Judging by what we can see, I’d say it’s about forty-six centimeters wide and about the same in height,” she said. The entire work crew had gathered around, the excitement among them palpable. Just a story made up by men in order to get other men to obey. She smiled. Just an instinct that came from years of digging in the dirt, building a castle. Best estimate was that the castle stood at about thirty percent complete. I knew she’d been taken with Cotton’s Southern charm. He had a great interest in hand-painted religious tomes. In the center of the front cover lay a raised medallion consisting of two gilt concentric circles enclosing a stylized rose that glowed red and purple in the late morning sun. Paperback In Stock More Buying Choices - Paperback 8 New from $5.99. Together, they lay flat on their stomachs and carefully set about enlarging the find, slow and careful, using all of the proper techniques to keep it uncorrupted. “Sometimes I think he had no choice but to become successful, just to indulge his passion for art.”, “He was nothing if not determined and disciplined. Which was fine, since all of his edits were right on target. She brushed the remaining mud off the lid in soft, easy strokes. She liked Viktor. Many of the books he’d bought as a young man became, over time, quite valuable. A MASONED TOWER WAS THE VERY SYMBOL OF A LORD’S POWER. Most of its inhabitants now lived in the forests beyond. “Definitely gold,” Viktor said. This leads her on a trail to find out why and then what happened. Every letter, finished in chrysography—a mix of powdered gold and gum—glowed in the sunlight. Given the style, ornamentation, and materials it appeared like some sort of religious casket. “You do the honors, Ingénieur,” Viktor said. Not so much. HERE AT GIVORS, A SITE ONCE OCCUPIED BY LOUIS IX, A CASTLE IS BEING CONSTRUCTED USING MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES ONLY AVAILABLE TO 13TH CENTURY CRAFTSMEN. The car stopped and I stepped out into the bright sun. She’d never been able to reconcile that her father, brilliant in so many ways, was somewhat irrational when it came to religion. She lifted the book, set it back inside the chest, and turned to leave. She was proud that she was putting some of that capital to historical use. “From less than an inch exposed?” He laughed. I couldn’t count on them staying around forever, and it would be next to impossible to find two more trustworthy people. Especially at moments like this when the French soil finally yielded up its secrets. The time needed to create infinite beauty. Hundreds of items had been unearthed. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. The placard near the parking lot that greeted visitors said it all. But it was worth it. The staff had bestowed upon her the label of engineer during the first year of the project and, while she was generally averse to nicknames, she liked that one. She and Viktor walked back toward the east curtain wall. We’d spent a few days at the villa, adding to my inventory of wonderful memories from the place. For thirty years they’d lived in a cottage on the property and taken care of the estate. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, The House of Long Ago: A Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure. In the French mountain village of Eze, Cassiopeia visits an old friend who owns and operates the fabled Museum of Mysteries, a secretive place of the odd and arcane. This one is a beauty.”. She knew the history. About Three Tales from the World of Cotton Malone: The Balkan Escape, The Devil’s Gold, and The Admiral’s Mark (Short Stories). #puz, Scene after scene, you barely get a chance to brea, Just because we can’t travel to a sunny beach so, This is just a reminder not to forget #selfcare th, There is SO MUCH to love about @colleenhoover’s, The ULTIMATE Kristen Ashley Reading Guide, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Noble Prince by Devney Perry, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Wild Child by Audrey Carlan, COVER REVEAL: Fallen Jester by Devney Perry, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Chasing the Moon by S.M. He had that way about him. And so similar. It had been one of my father’s favorites too. I planned to make a lot more donations too. But when an art expert declares all fifteen paintings fake, and suggests that her father may have been involved with something illegal, she embarks on a quest to find answers. Cassiopeia lifted the latch, opened the lid, and peered into the box. She often wished she could show him the site. Another thrilling Cassiopeia Vitt adventure is out this week from New York Times bestsellers M.J. Rose and Steve Berry, and I have a sneak peek for you. Cotton loved books and owned a rare bookshop in Copenhagen.

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