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", Assistant coach Dan Reeves quickly arrived to break up the fight, but a headline the next day proclaimed, "Roger Wins Round 1. Howard Clinton "Clint" Longley, Jr. (born July 28, 1952) is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers. Upper-deck supports obstructed the view of many seats; blacks in the general admission section behind the end-zone screen chanted adulation for their heroes Bobby Hayes and Mel Renfro, who had to file suit in order to rent a duplex near the Cowboys’ North Dallas practice field. SI Fantasy expert Michael Fabiano provides his Week 9 team defense fantasy football rankings to help you dominate the competition! Roger would be the guy who’d overdo it—more work is gonna make you better, which is not always true. He played two seasons for the Dallas Cowboys (1974–1975) and one for the San Diego Chargers (1976). NOW ON THE MMQB: Kalyn Kahler does football in America, Pittsburgh Style … Andy Benoit talks about his borderline-Machiavellian (if not hilarious) quest to prevent his family from watching live football on Thanksgiving … and more! An old newspaper clipping makes reference to Longley's father having worked for the Internal Revenue Service. What Does Texas’s Record Voter Turnout Mean for the Election Results? The Search for the Grave of William Preston Longley, Giddings Cemetery (41LE132), Lee County, Texas by Douglas W. Owsley. The morning practice concluded at 11:30, specialty group meetings commenced at 1:30, and the Cowboys were back in pads from 3 till 5. Landry is a difficult man to understand. The New York Times digs back into its archives for a Thanksgiving dinner preview from 1932: Turkey Dinner for Five Planned for $5.42; Same Repast Cost $7.09 Last Thanksgiving. To the younger players Staubach seemed mostly a reassuring presence. I suppose the older players help color the team personality. Don Meredith was a very colorful guy, a great personality, and I thought he was a fine quarterback. Chicago claimed that the Association did not have a set date for the end of the season, therefore the second game could not have been held in the ‘post-season.’”. Landry says that he understands the offense best, and his assistants can read the situation better from the press box than Staubach can at ground level. He lacked the flair of the Bobby Laynes, the Sonny Jurgensens, the Joe Namaths, the Don Merediths. “Slow as death,” Garrison replied when asked about his speed. Nor do the Cowboys have a clue about Longley's whereabouts. "I was afraid they weren't going to send me in," Longley said, "but I was all they had left.". Staubach turned his torso toward the man in the suit and provided the static grin of an experienced photographic model. Staubach sells real estate during the off-season. I'd like to maybe say I was sorry it all happened, but I have no respect for what he did. Luckett, for the rest of the season, is berated by players during the coin toss who scream their intended choice over and over again. SI Fantasy expert Michael Fabiano provides his Week 9 quarterback fantasy football rankings to help you dominate the competition! " Pearson says. At six or ten dollars a ticket, NFL exhibition games are difficult to sell. If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. Avocado trees outnumber the oaks. They finished third in the NFC East division standings that season. Not getting this newsletter in your inbox yet? Landry at camp concerns himself only with football; other matters are handled by the general manager, the business manager, the publicity director. The playing field is a belly-shaped swell of artificial grass. I'm sure Roger still has strong feelings about it. 2. Wednesday Nov 21, 2012 at 7:02 PM. He was a junior college all-American at a military prep school in New Mexico. Chicago Staleys vs. Buffalo All-Americans, 1921: Pre-Deflategate NFL stupidity. The curfews, the fines, the scarcity of women gave the camp the feel of a military boarding school. "Always had a story to tell. Stalling and surging like a motor running out of fuel, Dallas coasted into the play-offs. . "I got along with everybody I ever played with, except Longley," he says. He left the team and caught on with San Diego for the '76 season. He carried a suitcase in one hand and propped a blond boy against his hip with the other, but his posture was unaffected by the burden. He moves around the field calling occasionally for his bullhorn. Staubach said he chose that opportunity to stress the “positive” aspects of the sport and devote much of his time to “public service.” He kept his politics to himself but marched straight forward into the minefield of religion. Management informed Nye that neither Oakland nor the 49ers were sufficiently interested in an aging guard. The Staleys won said rematch and, according to “Who Really Won in 1921” by Ken Crippen, “Buffalo claimed that the second game was just a post-season ‘exhibition’ game, and it should not count in the final standings. . Longley earned his nickname the "Mad Bomber" for bouncing passes off of Coach Tom Landry's coaching tower in the … Students at the university held protests which led to the removal of former president Tim Wolfe over his handling of racist incidents on campus. To the anguish of other championship contenders, the Cowboys drafted and signed Tony Dorsett by virtue of a complicated trade with Seattle. “I don’t care if he plays right tackle.” Still, the telecast of the game opened with a splitscreen juxtaposition of the two. But Landry stayed with the kid.

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