dance class tuition

Weekly 45 minute Zumba or Zumba Gold Classes, Weekly 60 minute dance classes to include Jazz & Tap, Weekly 60 minute dance classes to include ballet, Zumba classes are offered in 4-6 week sessions throughout the season, Adult Jazz/ Tap classes are offered September through May, Adult Jazz/ Tap classes are $300 for the season (Adults with a child student registered for the season receive $50 Off). 8 Hours of Classes per week. There will not be a discount on multiple weekly classes because the additional classes are already discounted. A yearly registration fee of $25 per dancer must be paid at time of registration. It is a fun and funky dance class filled with styles such as popping, locking, and breaking. Platinum Dance Pass: $375.00 monthly tuition. Solo, Duet & Trio opportunities also available. All tuition is due the first class of the month.Payments may be made online, or checks/cash may be delivered directly to the office staff during the first class of the month (from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.), or dropped in our office payment box. Tuition Rates At Rise Up School of Dance, we offer sliding-scale tuition rates based on family income. Summer Fitness Classes Include: Tap Fitness (Wednesday's 8:15-9:00pm) All summer tuition must be paid in full via card, check, or cash by the first lesson. School Year 2016 – 2017 Tuition. Recreational Tuition (Mini, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen) $30 registration fee (per family) $19 per class $95.50 recital recording and costume fee, additional costumes $65.50 (Mini, Junior) $119.50 recital recording per week: $68: 2 classes (1 hr. Family rate is confirmed upon enrollment. Tuition and Multi Class Discount. The Itty Bitty program offers two half hour classes each week, with the opportunity to dance in our annual Christmas Show & annual Recital. 5% tuition discount for payment in full when paid by the first week. Dancers interested in a Competition Team will need to audition for team placement. 30-45minute class; Toddler & Me dance classes are for children from 18 months to the age of 3 years. $40 Per Dance Clinic Fitness Classes are $7/class or $50 for 10 classes (mix & match) regardless of length. Additionally, some months have 5 classes. Acro for Dancers is offered in 7-8 week sessions 6 times per year. All tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Tuition is annual; for your convenience is divided into 10 monthly payments (6 monthly payments for January start classes). Class rates are based on the length of the class. Multiple fundraising opportunities (optional), Receive FREE tuition for 10 registered referrals ($400-$1500 value), Receive $100 credit for 3 registered referrals, Receive $50 credit for 2 registered referrals, Receive $20 credit for 1 registered referral. Any account more than 60 days past due will be assessed a 15% late fee and the student will not be allowed to participate until the overdue balance is paid. Schedule a free trial class! QC Dance offers a Friendly Family environment and a place to learn about responsibility, discipline, work ethic and the development of self esteem. We offer a wide variety of dance classes for students ages 2-102, studio rentals, birthday parties, workshops, dance camps and more! Membership Fee: $30 per student or $65 per family. Credit is applied to accounts backwards, beginning with May, except for full season tuition when referring 10 dancers, credit will be applied to 2020-2021 season tuition. Social & Ballroom Classes available throughout the season or by inquiry. Classes and Tuition. each) per week: $174: 4 classes (1 hr. Most specialty classes perform 1 routine in QC’s annual Spring Recital, Tuition $47- $57 monthly ($423-$513 annually divided into monthly payments), Weekly or Twice a Week 45 minute to 3 hour classes. There are no refunds for missed classes or dropping. Tuition Dance classes offered at LAAPA include ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, adult ballet, musical theater, acro, contemporary/modern and more. Monthly Tuition. No cash value, non-transferable, provisions may apply. Your monthly tuition amount will remain the same regardless of the number of lessons attended in a month. Tuition is one fee for the entire dance season; however, as a courtesy to our families, we offer two payment options: Option #1: Pay in full for the entire dance season. 4 classes per week: $220. 1 class (45 minutes) per week: $58: 1 class (1 hr.) Payment for the next session is due during the last week of the current session. a comprehensive payment plan is created for each dancer to allow a steady monthly payment that will include costumes, competition entry fees and tuition fees. There is a … Includes Creative Movement, Ballet & Tumbling OR Ballet, Tap, Tumbling OR Ballet, Tap, Jazz/ Tumbling, Perform 2 routines in QC’s annual Spring Recital, Tuition $35-$45 monthly ($350-$470 annually divided into monthly payments), 2 Costumes (due November & January) $65 – $85 each, Includes a specific genre class (jazz, tap OR lyrical), Perform 1 routine in QC’s annual Spring Recital, Tuition $32 monthly ($320 annually divided into monthly payments), Includes specific class style (hip hop, modern, clog, pom, pointe etc.). Unlimited Dancer Tuition Max-Out: $279.00 per installment Family Discount 10% Multi-Child Discount *Dancer(s) with fewer classes will receive tuition discount(s) This card will only be charged on the tenth day of the month if a tuition payment has not been received. for 3.50 Class Hours or More per Week After adding the number of hours of weekly dance classes, please refer to the chart below for the monthly tuition. If your referral is placed on a Competition Team Receive the equivalent of 1 month of their tuition in referral credit! We close for a Winter and Spring break and follow Wissahickon School District calendar for holidays. We want to give everyone the personal attention they deserve and show them any discounts or specials that may pertain to their specific situation, so we don't post our tuition online. However, MAKEUP classes are available. We have an age-appropriate curric… This commercial dance form is based off of a loose jazz style with upbeat, high energy rhythmic combinations. per week: $164: 3 classes (1½ hr.) DANCE CLASS TUITION PRINTABLE. * Some monthly sessions during our season have 5 dance classes. Tuesday 6pm-6:30pm per week: $88: 2 classes (1½ hr.) per week: $230: 4 classes (1½ hr.) Sibling Rate: Each sibling will receive an additional $5 off of the monthly tuition rate, on the first class. DISCOUNTS . Welcome to Geary Dance Center, the San Francisco Richmond District’s newest center for dance excellence! All rights reserved. For Combo Dancers. Students taking more than one dance class are eligible for our 10% Multi-Class Discount. Option #2: Two payments (1/2 yearly tuition due September 1st & 2nd 1/2 due February 1st) Family discounts are offered for the 7 th enrolled class and for each subsequent class. Both referring and referred dancers must complete the season. We reinforce the concepts of right and left, colors, number recognition, waiting for your turn and other basic social skills along with our time-tested dance skill-building program. Tuition is calculated based on the number of times a class meets per month. Our rhythm development program is a ballet based program for preschool and kindergarten age students. Your dancer can dance from home with the instructor and students that are dancing in studio as the class is happening real time. Class Hours The following rates apply to our school year classes (August-May). Petite dance consists of dancers ages 4 to 6 years old. each) per week: $218: 5 classes (1 hr. Ballet, tap, jazz, or hip hop techniques using dance terms and examples are used to enhance their knowledge of the art. 3 classes per week:$165. Absolute Dance Company offers classes that are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes in length. $5 per month discount for the 1st sibling, $10 per month discount for the 2nd sibling. Tuition is based on our dance year, which consists of 34 classes. NOTE: Dance class tuition is based on a class average in the season, not per class. per week: $290 VIRTUAL FROM HOME (Simulcast) class tuition is discounted 20% from regular class tuition. Family discounts are offered for the 7th enrolled class and for each subsequent class. The cost of ballet classes varies, depending on the classes you attend. Tuition is paid monthly. Beautiful Beginnings (2-3 yr olds) – $60 per month 1st class – $67 per month ($70 for an hour class) 2nd + classes – $37 per month 8 and more (unlimited) – $312 per month A $10.00 late fee will be charged if payment is received after the 15th. Private and Semi-Private Lessons also available. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. Tuition Fees Early Years Tuition (Tiny Dancers, Discover Ballet, Discover Hip Hop Jazz) $30 registration fee (per family) $19 per class Tuition is pro-rated once the session is in progress. There is no registration fee for summer classes. A late fee of $25 will be charged automatically if payment is received after the 6th of the month. Private lessons and Summer Camps are also available. There is a Sibling & Multiple class discount if taking Multiple classes or a sibling dances. each) per week: $124: 3 classes (1 hr. It develops large and small motor skills while introducing basic ballet concepts using songs and dances that young children can understand. A 10% discount is also available for students with a parent actively serving in the military. Please see our schedule for class descriptions and times. Home » Dance » Tuition, Classes, & Studio Policies. Monday 4pm-4:30pm. Nye Dance Productions is Acrobatic Arts Preschool Certified. Tuition Info . Registration fee: $25.00 per … This type of class includes mom, dad, or another loved one participating in the class … Classes offered include a combo class Ballet/Tap and Acro. Multiple class and family discounts are available for students or families taking 2 to 4 classes, with additional discounts for 5 or more classes.

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