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I work from home, so I noticed that I was sitting for 8 hours without really getting up much. Have to say, so far she absolutely loves it. No assembly, good packaging, arrived on time as promised. Goes up easily - I just have to work on easing it down a little slower or it can thump. Mind you, I don't weigh much. Do yourself the favor and buy it! I don’t remember what type of stain I’ve used (extreme, epoxy…). Can I still use it? I'm sure it would also fit two monitors and have plenty of room to tuck the laptop in if you chose that route. The up down hydraulic system is also awesome. Anyway, I got this about a week ago and wanted to test it out before reviewing it. Lifts up and down easily, seems sturdy and well-made, and it feels GREAT to stand up while typing - love it already!!! What are my options now? /g��~��(��X��2}���$� ޾>9�iU$�����q�t{��~6��0�G?�s?t���{h�9�K?$ya���?~-�����4N>>n����T�Iċ�9O�9I��·~������I��i���~�Mf��t���4����M�L{9t�z? 0000001496 00000 n Desk will go to the lowest position, then rise slightly and stop 3. The workspace area is about 37.5"X 24", if you include both shelves and are looking down from above. Unplug the desk from the power outlet and wait 30 seconds. How long after using cleaner and brightener can you apply stain? It seems like it will last a long time and could take a lot of abuse. She has a Stand Up Desk at work, so she really wanted something at home to mimic it. I found that I was sitting way too much at the computer so this was perfect for this active 73 year old. The deck boards were all absorbing water droplets before application. If you’ve tried that and it doesn’t work, complete a manual reset. ?^✿#��7��;�L;v�65��p�I��Wm����?t�]�+N;��_MH�|���,�#�Eβb���xKނw��ٓ��K�/1����,r.�%X�vd~%����5xC�D����|a� _�/�K�`%+�� This can help determine next steps to get your desk functioning again. 0000008079 00000 n Can I simply wash with detergent and re-apply Defy or do I need to strip it again? I have a pine pressure treated wood deck on a seasonal cabin – northern Wisconsin that is probably 25 yrs old, wood is still solid but definitely weathered, how does extreme stain work on weathered horizontal deck – not much foot traffic, deck is used about 12- 15 weekends a year. Contact Defy Desk on Messenger. Office Supplies. 0000005361 00000 n 0 This list may not include every reason for why your sit stand desk won’t go up or down. Even if I don’t have to strip it, should I use anything other than detergent to prepare it(a brightener etc)? When the cables become loose, the power within them becomes intermittent, meaning that sometimes the power can flow through them and sometimes it can’t. There may be an object below the desk that’s stopping it from going down. $349.88 Can I stain this PT KDAT pine if it has dew accumulation on it in the morning? 1,090 people like this. Exactly as advertised. I like the manual feel of this, the electric ones are too slow this one does the job in seconds and it is so sturdy. 0000001056 00000 n Press and hold the down arrow button (▼) until the table reaches its lowest position. So far so good. Regular price This is an awesome desk. Depends on the surface it has dried on? For example, if the manufacturer states “Total Lifting Capacity Base Only: 325 lbs,” that means whatever you put on top of the base (worksurface, monitors, keyboard tray, etc.) I contacted Defy Desk and had a reply immediately saying they would send out the replacement parts (screws) as soon as possible, and they did. Thanks. So, instead of being able to go to 48”, you can set the max. Very sturdy and ready to use right out of the box. The desktop is on springs so it didn't take much effort to lift everything up. I would also recommend buying one of the gel pads to stand on while using this. Defy Application Instructions Defy Stains? The desk’s control box (the brains of the desk) finally recognizes that the legs are at different heights and it will stop moving up to prevent any more damage to the desk. Great item, I do hope it lasts long term. Pictures would help. Enjoy our desk riser for use around your home or office. It is important to follow proper application instructions to ensure Defy Wood Stain will perform as expected. I pull mine forward as I work as you can see in the images. I was looking for a stand that was all the same level - now lower level for keyboard. Thanks! In the raised position, I can stand comfortably while working. Contact the desk’s manufacturer and ask their support team about solutions to get your desk back in working condition. I wanted a surface that didn’t move and this fit the bill. I was hoping to stain about 2 weeks after using cleaner and brightener…. It goes up and down smoothly, and I sit and stand multiple times a day. Lots of room on surface...arrived in24 hours. Do not thin the product. Great all around desk. If you have a big desk and don't want to throw it out, this thing is perfect. Defy Desk Clamp On Keyboard Tray Ergonomic Desks Wrist Rest Pad Mouse Drawer Slides Share. 74 0 obj <> endobj I highly recommend this desk for anyone that has to be on a computer all day or most of the day!! Check under your desk and remove any object that may be blocking its travel. Defy Extreme Wood Stain should be recoated. I just wonder why I never started using this a long time ago. 98 38 Any suggestions for application of a second coat? If I could change anything, I'd give it more surface area for paperwork, but that's a small critique. Hi, Regarding second coating and walking on: Defy™ Electric Height-Adjustable Desk allows users to easily move from sitting to standing with ease. trailer <<5BE7646EB39643F4B740E05A76B8DE09>]/Prev 179835/XRefStm 1327>> startxref 0 %%EOF 135 0 obj <>stream There is also plenty of room for a mouse on either the left or right side. 5 out of 5 stars. I use it every day for the past two months it has been an awesome value. Exactly what I was looking for to avoid sitting too much and straining my neck in front of the computer. everyone in the office wants one now. Was not wrong. Use Defy Wood Stain Stripper or Defy Wood Cleaner to remove all contaminants from the wood surface prior to staining. Good quality, easy to raise/lower. You can actually see where a shadow from the railing was. We love hearing from our customers who have used the Defy Stains or have questions. I use an ergonomic keyboard, and as you might know, those are large. I bought 5 gal extreme 8 months ago. For the price, I think it's a great product. WOW. If you’ve given the table adequate rest time and it still won’t go down, complete a manual reset. 0000000016 00000 n Just got this delivered to my office. If you’ve checked off all 7 boxes, you’ve exhausted every solution you can do on your own. Use the checklist below. Once the desks become uneven, one of two things can happen. Then, release. 5. A manual reset can override the cycle time resting period that’s currently turned on. Works just as described. I saw the two layer ones but didn't need it. Yes, wet on wet:, How long after application till you can use your new stained deck, can I apply another layer of stain If your desk is trying to support too much weight, an overload can occur. This thing has been a life saver. Its awesome, and already gotten a lot of questions about what it is. Plug the power cord into the wall socket. Defy the pain, and regain your health! 3. For heavy traffic allow 24 hours. Your desk should automatically turn back on and begin functioning as normal. $159.97 The desk got here in record time for Hawaii, but to my disappointment the box had a hole in it and 3 parts missing (screws). You can then go on using it as normal. Can I apply a third coat over the cured stain to even it out? 111 0 obj <>stream I am 5� 10� and glad it could go up high enough with my shoes on. We appreciate your input, so feel free to leave a comment below and pictures of your completed projects if you have them. You should notice that the desk dips down and slightly rises, and then stops (indicating a successful reset). Defy Stains should be applied at air temperature between 45-95 … %%EOF 0000040444 00000 n Just while applying the stain or how long after application must the temperature stay within this range? – What happens if small leaves falls during process? Just wanted something to go up and down, and be a quality product. 0000009560 00000 n 98 0 obj <> endobj xref first to get it in my office. Check all other cords for the desk’s motor or control box and make sure they’re secure. Press and hold the button again for 10 seconds. 0000005475 00000 n I thought I was duped, ugh having to return it would be a nightmare (I thought). You can then go on using it as normal. Using this desk at variable heights has made me physically comfortable and emotionally ecstatic. As the office is closed for the holidays, he won't be able to assess the value for a few more days, but we tried it out at home. I was able to do my month-end data entry with bank and cc statements etc standing last week, so it worked for that once I figured out how to arrange things. Best purchase ever. 0000057597 00000 n I’ll have to take a picture of the other areas. It may not adhere and cure corectly. brief instructions for installing your desk, good luck with it. The keyboard shelf is very sturdy, and the whole thing is quite stable at max height extension. Image not available for Colour: VIDEOS 360° VIEW IMAGES Defy Desk Clamp On Keyboard Tray Ergonomic Desks Wrist Rest Pad Mouse Drawer Slides Computer Shelf Table Desktop Extender with Wood Clamps -Large Surface, 26 inch Brand: Defy Desk. 1.0 out of 5 stars 4. Use a high-quality polyester or nylon brush, roller, stain pad, pump sprayer, or airless sprayer to apply. The typical culprits are mounted shelves, cabinets, or artwork. Awesome product! I’m having difficulty timing my Defy stain application when the deck isn’t in direct sunlight. Jacob, what is the sq. I searched ergonomic types of lifestyle and i came across this Defy desk. While being in reset mode, a sit stand desk can only travel downwards. Great Customer service!! Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. Often times, the table will turn back on once it’s had a break. Standing Desk with Height Adjustable – FEZIBO Stand Up Desk Converter, 34 inches Ergonomic Tabletop Workstation Riser Fits Dual Monitors Black. They all fit well on it and there is a simple lever to raise and lower the standing desk. After much research, I decided on this one. Thanks for your service to our country also, hats off to our veterans. My deck was last treated with Defy Extreme about 3 years ago. Release the button and resume normal use of your desk. ft./gallon? How do apply wet on wet defy stain and not walk on the wet coat? I’m at a loss on this one. Desk is ready to use PROGRAM POSITION PRESETS: 1. The desk is saying “this is too much work for me to lift” and to protect its components, it shuts off.

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