eufy vs arlo

Although both cameras had user-friendly apps, the Eufy Security app had a slightly better app for iPhone users. The EufyCam 2 Pro also supports custom motion zones out of the box without a subscription. It even works with your favorite virtual assistants and IFTTT to further connect your smart home together. Good reviews but the 1-star review bring it down with complains about the battery. I’m just like you, the everyman. We also had to think about the system’s smart platform integrations, artificial intelligence capabilities, convenience, and overall value. Much like the Pro 2 from Arlo, the Eufy Cam E shoots in full 1080p HD. One user states poor battery life, another issue with geofencing. Depending on which features are most important to you, you should have no trouble deciding between Arlo and Eufy security cameras to keep you and your family safe. The EufyCam 2 Pro takes everything that was great about the EufyCam 2 and improves the resolution without significantly increasing the price or battery life. There is no IFTTT support. When it came to choosing our home’s indoor/outdoor security cameras, there were many factors to consider. In fact, the mount also charged the camera’s removable battery. Person detection uses Arlo’s AI to distinguish leaves blowing in the wind and cars from humans. Eufy’s app is basically a clone of Arlo’s interface, but it launches quicker and quickly loads clips and settings. The cameras are IP65 certified to handle rain, sun, and extreme heat and cold. It comes with a 16GB card (enough for 1,500 hours of footage), but you can buy a microSD card as big as 128GB. They all had a very minimalist and sleek look. The camera lost about a quarter of its battery life in a few days, which meant we had to charge its battery every four days. The Eufy Security app is your mission control center for all things relating to your security camera. The app doesn’t give you a precise battery remaining percentage. In this article we compare Arlo Pro 2 vs Eufy Cam E by looking at their key features before pitching them head to head. You can also view the video feed from the Google Home app. There’s a three-second lag between the live feed and what’s happening, making two-way communication challenging. Arlo also has a confusing product range, it looks like the Pro is being phased out on Amazon with the HD sitting in its place, but the Arlo website makes no mention of the HD and instead lists the Pro. Other interactions, like opening your library of clips, are slow too. Next, we mounted our camera magnetically, but we could have also managed with the outdoor mount. Both iPhone and Android users loved using the Eufy Security app, giving it a 4.3 and four-star rating, respectively. This feature makes it easy for you to speak with couriers and visitors, and it also provides homeowners with a powerful deterrent to burglary. Willing to pay for some extra features? At its base price, the Arlo Pro 3's two-camera starter kit is almost 50% more expensive than the EufyCam 2 Pro. The eufy Floodlight camera is an independent product so there is no need for a base station, it will set you back £179.99 but with a £30 voucher currently available. The general consensus is that there are a lot of teething problems with issues of regular disconnections, not what you want from a security camera. Then to get the most of the Arlo you are doing to be forking out £8.99 per month. This unique feature provides peace of mind that you’ll have a way to fight back if your house is ever the target of a home invasion. It also has HDR video, which helps get rid of those horrid blown-out areas that occur from having a bright sky contrasting against a dark covered area (where a camera is usually placed). While the big selling point of eufyCam is the free local storage, they do have a cloud storage option, this is $2.99 per camera per month or $29.99 per year. Your EufyCam will probably only work for 2-3 years before you need to buy a new system unless Eufy creates a battery replacement program. Eufy promised HomeKit support on EufyCam 2, but it’s still in beta and not fully baked. Plugging the base station into an outlet with a micro USB cable lets you record 24/7 (via Arlo Smart) and create activity zones. Setting up our eufyCam E was a three-part process. EufyCam E has more free options and won't send your clips to outside servers. Our 2020 research found that Arlo’s latest camera is the Arlo Pro 3.

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