fake satya incense

These are the types of boxes I've been seeing online, I guess I really do have one of the fakes. These two boxes of incense are literally the only times I've ever experienced this. I opened the box, pulled out a stick, and - hey, it's actually a nice tan color! Original Satya Incense in der besten Auswahl Deutschlands. That is quite the tsunami of text and all I can say after reading it is that I keep hearing people remark that Satya has really bad quality control and as been cheapening their products. i go to a metaphysical bookstore to get my nag champa, and i hope they still offer the 2 different shades, because i like going back and forth. +91 80 26748911/12/13/14 ; info@satyaincense.com; Toggle navigation. And similar to what you said, one of the sticks I burned had a slightly dark smoke to it, like a gray-purpleish color to it with a terrible woody smell. So since Ebay has a bad reputation sometimes, I thought "great, I finally got screwed with some kind of counterfiet". Harvesting the Halmaddi paste used in its production has been heavily regulated by the Indian government due to environmental concerns, so that's the most expensive part of the product. Like this article is over a decade old, but it goes into detail about how this scent can change, because of the seasons and other things. Does the aroma just bounce around at complete random? It isn't exactly the same as the 25g sampler, or the boxes I'd had in the past, but this was a new vintage: 2016, as opposed to the previous box's 2015. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://incenseguru.blogspot.com/2005/12/satya-nag-champa-has-changed.html, https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zvsjf91oh8pqyd/2017-01-11%2020.45.21.jpg?dl=0, https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rhx0c4e5whc8qo/2017-01-11%2020.45.35.jpg?dl=0. The sample box has a ® on the logo on the back, while the "fake" boxes don't. Thanks for your help! No way I'm touching this stuff ever again. Just smoke. Smoke. The same smell of charcoal and bamboo smoke I'd experienced with the last box. Are the two "fake" boxes actually real and the difference in smell is just a result of paranoia? If it smells "a bit" different rather than not the same at all, there's a decent chance it's legit. That's pretty damning by itself, but there are also some similarities: the "fake" boxes say "EXPORT ONLY" on the bottom of the back. No other smell beside citrus. They have the Bengaluru address that I always remember seeing, but for some reason it's listed as a "branch". The Bengaluru company is Shrinivas Sugandhalaya BNG LLP. Press J to jump to the feed. The best information I've found is unfortunately outdated - circa 2005-2006 when they officially started using less Halmaddi in the authentic product and there was a flurry of people concerned about the authenticity of their Nag Champa. They stopped using it, at some point. What?! So there are two different lines, then? I was burning other incense, including a really overpowering Goloka one, so maybe the smell is just being covered up. I'm confident enough that the Nag Champa in the 25g sample box is real. Welcome to /r/Incense , a community dedicated to the discussion of incense of all kinds. http://imgur.com/gallery/Vgc53zd. There are 2 brothers that "officially" produce Satya Nag Champa in India, there are many opinions on which one is better. Balakrishna Shetty created the Super hit Series, which was also a runaway success. Link to the incense and pics for comparison. I prefer Mother's, but there are many more. "Inside info"... Jerl, you got pretty close to figuring it out! I haven't liked Satya nag champa much in recent years.It used to be quite nice but they keep changing the formulation and the quality control is not there anymore. Did the company split? That kinda makes sense with what I've been running into. Oh man, and it has a warning message! I'll try again tomorrow and see if I find a bigger difference. I've purchased a new one from amazon.es (like in the past, but from other seller). That's a good sign. They both have a new "Earth" logo with a leaf, and the text "Spreading Fragrance Humanely - Since 5 Decades". also, the darker one smells not only different, but stronger, and the sticks are softer. I discovered this wonderful incense not too long ago, and so decided to buy another box alongside other ones from the brand, including Super Hit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Were the boxes I bought fake? They also have the exact same foil stickers, and list different addresses, including the Mumbai address. The sticks are not only much more uniform than any of what was in the previous two boxes, but there's clearly a lot more effort put into quality.

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