funny pilot names

Lesson Learned: NEVER ask for your own callsign.Oh My – ‘Maj. Penalty Box - If you get a wave off or a bolter. Told everyone, assuming alcohol was involved, that Snoopy flying ace was the inspiration for him becoming a fighter pilot. Kick the Tires and Light the Fires - Shorten the pre-flight walk around.Knife Fight in a Phone Booth - Close-in, slow-speed aerial dogfight. e.g. GBIT – Get Back In The; Female Pilot; Last Name “Kitchen” Gear Down – Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. a videotape camera that records all carrier launches and recoveries. Oversweep - When the F-14, on the ground, sweeps its wings to seventy-two degrees aft for storage on carrier. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! Last name MaWhinney.LAMB – Notorious lady pilot who always had something low-cut when in civilian attire, thus LAMB (Look At My Boobs)Lingus – His first name is Kenny…you can figure out the rest…Link – Mono brow, neanderthal hairy, flat forehead, large knuckles. FAG - Fighter Attack Guy; derogatory term for F/A-18 Hornet drivers.Fangs Out - When a pilot is really hot for a dogfight.Fangs Sunk in Floorboard - When a fighter pilot boresights on a kill but ends up getting shot himself. Clean – Clean configuration – Gear up, flaps up. An "up" gripe means you can still fly: a "down" gripe means aircraft is grounded. V-speeds – Operational speed limitations for any given aircraft. Dash Two - The second plane in a two-or-more aircraft formation; the wingman.Dead Heading - pilots flying as passengers. TACAN - Tactical Aid to Navigation. SA - Situational Awareness. Always overflew every military base in S. Korea when flying his F-15; his callsign was Bam-Bam. Observation of flight deck operations. Go Juice - Jet fuel.god - The authority, boss, or person with full responsibility.Goes Away - What something does when you hit it with a missile.Golden Leg Spreaders - Pilot wings.Gomer - Slang for a dogfight adversary, derived from the old Gomer Pyle TV show. Waveoff - When the LSO orders a pilot not to trap. air fix model. The primary optical landing device on the carrier. Get all the latest election results from across the country, with up-to-the-minute maps and more. . Navigation aid which provides bearing and distance (slant range) between it and an airplane. A system of computers, sensors, data pods, and graphic displays that permits real-time depiction of an aerial dogfight. A sick pilot or snagged aircraft is "down".Drift Factor - If you have a high one, you aren't reliable.Driver - Pilot. Whiskey Charlie - "Who cares" Whiskey Delta - "weak dick", a pilot who can't cut it. CAG - Commander of the Air Group - the carrier's chief pilot. Giggles – Female pilot, also known as “gigs” always laughed in formation. The jet hadn’t been refueled on the turn!! Deadstick – Approach and landing without power. Baldy Laughlin 1993: Female student married a classmate who got Vipers (F-16 aka “Lawn Dart”) BALD-D: Bangs A Lawn Dart DriverBambi – This pilot, who is now flying F-15s at Tyndall, hit a pregnant deer with his nosegear while taking off in a T-38 at Columbus. Earlier today, in response to an inquiry from a media outlet, a summer intern acted outside the scope of his authority when he erroneously confirmed the names of the flight crew on the aircraft. It’s the name a pilot or crew member is called so they don’t have to use their real name when talking through communications equipment. KTVU Reports Racist Joke As Names Of Asiana 214 Pilots (VIDEO) (UPDATE), Fire crews work the crash site of Asiana Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, Saturday, July 6, 2013. Gigahertz and Nanoseconds - Highly technical, detailed, and hard to understand.Gizmo - A piece of technical gear (also doodad, thingamabob, or hoo-ha). DRADIS is the BSG word for “radar”.Duck – It took a while before he got the hang of evasive maneuvering, so he was a sitting duck. (use your imagination)SALSA – Student Aviator Lacking Situational Awareness.Siesta – When drinking has a habit of falling asleep at bars. The problem was that the names — “Sum Ting Wong,” “Wi Tu Lo,” “Ho Lee Fuk” and “Bang Ding Ow” — were obviously fake. Hostile aircraft. Barberpole – Gear unsafe warning or in transit indication – Not up or Down, Bugout – Egress a position or situation rapidly. PLAT - Pilot landing aid television. Checking for Light Leaks - Taking a nap, referring to the eyelidsCherubs - Altitude under 1,000 feet, measured in hundreds of feet ("cherubs two" means 200 feet). Coverage of the tragic plane crash at San Francisco International Airport — which killed two girls and injured dozens of others — on Sunday has proven tricky for some news outlets. Martin-Baker Fan Club - If you eject, you're a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker company, manufacturer of ejection seats). Squadron in which newly trained pilots are introduced to, and trained in, a particular aircraft type. He fainted at a Change of Command Ceremony….. thus “Tumble Weed”.Trash – Last name is of course White. P.E. After a mission, had a few drinks at the Sqn at Shady J. CAP - Combat Air Patrol over ground-attack aircraft.Military Power - Maximum jet engine power without engaging afterburner.Mini-Boss - The Assistant Air Boss.Mort - "Killed" in ACM practice.Mother/Mom - The boat on which you are deployed, and where you launched from.Mud-mover, Ground-pounder - Low-level attack aircraft.Music - Electronic Jamming intended to deceive radar.My Fun Meter is Pegged - Sarcastic comment for, "I am not enjoying this. Widomaker – F-104 Starfighter. “Hitting the silk”. #aviation #aircraftmechani, Instagram post 2262680596054945063_8426324885, WILSON! CAVU - Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited: the best possible flying weather.Centurion - An aviator who has made 100 shipboard landings.Charlie - The planned landing time aboard a carrier.Charlie Foxtrot - "cluster-f#ck"Check Six - Visual observation of the rear quadrant, from which most air-to-air attacks  can be expected. This can result in damage to the aircraft. Mad Max Inspired Plane to Monster Car Makeover. Also known as "paddles". Filled automatically with compressed air in high-G maneuvers, the G-suit helps prevent the pooling of blood in the lower extremities, thus retarding the tendency to lose consciousness. As a double entendre, it is believed that his plane must be made of rubber, since he hasn’t figured out landing… yet.Rico – Intense, and constantly armed to the teeth… like the psychotic penguin from the Madagascar movie, only hotter and femaleRotor – Ran Off The Only RunwayRushmore – Ellsworth AFB, SD B-52 driver – got bagged after climbing Mt Rushmore and sitting on Lincolns beard. "knife-fight". Goo - Bad weather that makes it impossible to see; in the clouds. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. The c/s stuck. A required  confirmation call prior to landing at Air Force bases. Stick - Throttle Interconnect ~ Mock-tech term for a pilot (also called just a "stick").Sweet - Up and working. Cones - Students, short for coneheads: also called nurkin heads.Conning - Making contrails.Contract - Agreements and ground rules, some minor and some life-threatening, between  two-man fighter crews or between wingmen. Also VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing)Vulture's Row - A viewing gallery on an aircraft carrier's island. Also the terminal portion of a helicopter autorotation in which rotor speed can be accelerated while reducing rate-of-descent and forward groundspeed. "Back to the Taxpayers" - Where you send a wrecked aircraft. After sleeping outside in the spilling rain and freezing cold, he woke quite rested.

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