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17.3 km It was a perfect short, easy, and beautiful hike with children, and at the end of June, the flowers were spectacular! Trailhead Co-ordinates: 48.0578, -121.2882 Open map in new window. My two year old walked the whole trail on her own - usually she rides in a backpack. 507' Up 281.0 km 719' Down • Up north 89 you will find a wonderland of trails at all difficulty levels. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Visit this trail in the early summer for those glorious wildflowers. 28,150' Up Meadows of wildflowers along the Glacier Meadow Loop & PCT. 8584.1 m Down, 4.5 mi At the Boreal exit on I-80, there is a great access to many hikes, including the PCT and Castle Peak. It’s not quite knee deep, but it was above the ankles. Directions from Truckee: Travel west on Hwy. Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, PCT: CA Section L - Highway 80 to Highway 49, Azalea Lake and Flora Lake via Donner Summit Lakes Trail, Three Lakes (Angela, Flora and Azalea) via Donner Summit Lakes Trail, Donner Lake Rim Trail: Castle Valley to Donner Ridge, Angela, Flora, and Azalea Lakes via Pacific Crest and Donner Summit Lakes Trails, Summit Lake, Warren Lake and Castle Peak Trail Loop, Donner Lake Rim, Summit Lake and PCT Loop, Three Lakes (Angela, Flora and Azalea) via Pacific Crest Trail. Hikers pass blooming Mule Ears along the Shirley Canyon, photo from Squaw Alpine. Create Recommended Route or Overall review; the hike was amazing. Dickson Realty | 11836 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, CA | (530) 426-5263 | A 6-mile paved Class I bike path starting at the Truckee River Regional Park (or on the east end of the path, at Glenshire Road, just before entering the Glenshire neighborhood sign). To hike to the top, you must climb over 2,200 feet in a little under 5 miles. Yuba River. Not accessible, dommage que le bruit des voitures vienne gâcher le plaisir mais très sympa petite randonnée. 219.07 m Down, 2.3 mi 1,785' Up Sagehen Creek is a moderate 5-mile there-and-back trail that boasts vivid fall colors. Shirley Canyon is one of the most notable hikes through Squaw Valley and one of our favorite around the Tahoe Basin. Kids are 7, 5 and 2 - and the oldest is not a big fan of hiking. You will find the trailhead tucked away to the right (if heading north from Truckee) immediately after a highway bridge for Sagehen Creek. This is about an injury or accident These hikes all range in ability level, from strolls through meadows to climbs up the highest peaks, there will be something here for everyone to enjoy. To get to the lake, hikers will ascend over 1200 feet, in a little over two miles, so this hike is not for the faint of heart. • At the Boreal exit on I-80, there is a great access to many hikes, including the PCT and Castle Peak. The trail will follow the creek all the way to the southeast arm of Stampede Reservoir. Lots of people and dogs when we got to the lake. The best time for wildflowers on this trail is from late July to mid-August. There's a gentle incline from the parking area to the trail, but this wide route is unremarkable aside from that. The trail is dog-friendly and easy for youngsters. Perfect little hike for the family. Lots to see in short distance! went with 3 kids under 8 and had no issue. 28,163' Down really easy walk. One of these is the Glacier Meadow Loop Trail which is a spectacular place for wildflowers in the spring and early summer. • Proceed down Coldstream Road, which alternates pavement and dirt. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. Different types of wildflowers mingling in the meadows. The Glacier Trail is the standard eastern approach for Gannett Peak, the highest point in Wyoming. We came prepared and quickly changed shoes to walk through the water, but most people may not realize it at first. 10.3 km From trailhead to summit, the route is a grueling 25 miles each way, making it one of the longest standard routes, if not the longest standard route, for a State Highpoint. Bathrooms open was a plus! On the south side of the highway there is a sign reading: Tahoe National Forest Trailhead Donner Summit Pacific Crest Trail. Great short trail, perfect for a rest area stretch. Do not be wary of this hiking area, for there are many options for easy to moderate hikes under five miles. • Hikers will have to endure a difficult ascent, but will be rewarded with views as far as the Coastal Range (on the clearest of days). Glacier Peak is one of the five volcanoes of the state of Washington, and is the highest mountain in Snohomish county. Since Castle Peak is so high, the snow typically takes until mid-July to fully clear off meaning that wildflowers can be seen as late as September. Glacier Meadow Loop Trail is a 0.5 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Truckee, California that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The loop is 1.2 miles and hikers will only gain around 100 feet throughout the trail. 3.8 km 119 Trip Reports for this trail, below Glacier Peak Map & Directions. Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. 544.06 m Up Something else? NOT OKAY! This dirt road provides hikers with access to the DLRT (Donner Lake Rim Trail) Castle Valley to Donner Ridge from the Tahoe Donner/Glacier Way Trailhead Parking Area. Trail Description- This loop offers a mellow hike or ride offering views of the Sierra Crest, has nice flowers in the spring, and circumnavigates a series of ponds. Wildflower season is undoubtedly our favorite. 1,490' Down Great views, lots of exploration! 71.05 m Down. Castle Peak is one of the most notorious peaks in the Truckee/North Tahoe region. • However, the Glacier Trail is the preferred ro… This trail is very popular year-round because of its proximity to town and Donner Lake as well as its alpine beauty. Central Cascades. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and snowshoeing and is accessible year-round. • Box 1499 , Sacramento, CA, 95812-1499, Phone: 800-862-2543. • Please explain. The trail leads up to Shirley Lake, where hikers can spend a lovely day relaxing at. Truckee CA 96161 (530) 536-0417 . 1,784' Down Dogs are also able to use this trail. Glacier Meadow Loop Trail. 454.09 m Up 218.86 m Up 12.0 km We love to pack a  picnic to enjoy at Stampede. Being a jerk / offensive? Legacy Trail. Hikers will be rewarded for the efforts with glorious meadows of wildflowers and an intimate look at the gorgeous granite mountains of Squaw. Castle Peak, photo by Paul Hamill Photography. • Everyone enjoyed the trial (even the 7 year old who only complained a little starting about half way through), scenery, and climbing on the rocks and fallen trees. 8580.21 m Up Near Truckee, California. After a short climb up the old terminal moraine of the glacier that once filled this valley, you will see the whole valley open up before you. See weather forecast Learn Hiking in the Time of Coronavirus. #80 for approximately 8 miles. 1,490' Up This trail system is operated by California State parks and therefore has requires all dogs to be leashed. The trail starts at 89 about 7 miles from Truckee. Take the Castle Peak Area/Boreal Ridge Road exit, which is immediately west of the highway's Donner Summit Roadside Rest Area. We love this little stroll! ... Glacier Lake Trail; Grouse Ridge Campground; Grouse Ridge Trail; Jackson Creek Campground; ... Ellis Peak Motorcycle Trail; Granite Chief Trail; Interstate 80 154.4 m Up We frequent the trail in the winter for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing, but the summer months, filled with gorgeous flowers and views, are starting to win over our hearts. 233' Down If you hit the Little Truckee, you’ve gone too far. Loved this quick little trail located at a rest stop, my toddler was able to do it without any difficulty while I babywore my infant.

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