hazrat umar in quran

Umar's Conversion to Islam - A.D. 616 The most notable event of the year 6 of the Proclamation was the conversion to Islam of Umar bin al-Khattab, a future khalifa of the Muslims. A popuation census was held. A friend met him on the way. The protection is for their lives and properties, their churches and crosses, their sick and healthy and for all their coreligionists. But, there is no way for you to know except my actions. The old, the poor and the disabled of Muslims and non-Muslims alike were provided for from the public treasury and from the Zakat funds. I even I, am Allah, there is no god save Me. It teaches us that only […], […] read in previous part who was Hazrat Umar Ibn Al-Khattab and how he accepted Islam. Nonetheless ‘Umar was also subjected to privations, and when permission for emigration to Medina came, he also left Mecca. That is why he saw Islam as a threat to the Quraysh and became most violent and unrestrained in his attacks on Muslims. ‘Umar went straight to his sister’s house where he found her reading from pages of the Qur’an. Khabbab ibn al-Aratt who often came to recite the Quran to Said and Fatimah was with them then, and they were reciting surah taha. When ‘Umar told him what he planned to do, his friend informed him that ‘Umar’s own sister, Fatima, and her husband had also accepted Islam. The Holy Prophet PBUH reported on his fearlessness character, I see that devil either from humans or jinn, runs away from Umar. The modern Egyptian historian, Amin Dawidar, says that Umar's hatred of The Second Caliph, Hazrat Umar (ra)(634-644 A.C.), “God has placed truth upon Umar’s tongue and heart. (Allah is Great, Allah is Great!) Umar bin khattab then made his way to the house of al-Arqam. He was going to strike again but the sight of blood made him pause. Those that pay you lip service in praise are your executioners. If your spouse is angry then you should be calm. Al-Faruq. They cultivate humility rather than pride. There is an opinion that this was before Abu Bakr took allegiance. He also learned to read and write while still a child, a very rare thing in Mecca at that time. One day, full of anger against the Prophet, he drew his sword and set out to kill him. Under his command Muslims had expanded and conquered 22, 00,000 square miles. These are the names of the believers of Allah who spread the religion of Allah and sacrificed their lives for Allah and Islam only. Under his Charity social system there did not exist even a single beggar. Thanks brother for sharing ‘Umar reprimanded him, saying, “This is the first act of injustice you did to this woman!”. Umar reeled and fell to the ground. “By God, you are embarking on a very difficult affair. His plea was that as the Holy Prophet had not felt the necessity for such a compilation, it did not behove him as the successor to the Prophet to take any initiative in the matter. The soundness of ‘Umar’s judgment, his devotion to the Prophet (peace be on him), his outspokenness and uprightness won for him a trust and confidence from the Prophet which was second only to that given to Abu Bakr. When ‘Umar appeared on trial before the judge, the judge stood up as a sign of respect toward him. The areas which came under his rule were divided into provinces and governors were appointed. But the greatness of ‘Umar himself lies in the quality of his rule. Hazrat Umar’s ra belief in God and acceptance was so strong and firm that on many occasions, companions narrated that Hazrat Umar ra would ask children to pray for him because in God’s eyes all children were free from sin. New cities were founded. Provision was made for he support of the poor and the needy from public funds. Bruised and bleeding, she told her brother, “Umar, you can do what you like, but you cannot turn our hearts away from Islam.” These words produced a strange effect upon ‘Umar. Umar bin khattab came to the door (of the house of his sister) , he heard some voices of recitation coming from inside home .There he called out to her angrily as he approached. He was one of the most rabid enemies of Islam and of Muhammad, the Messenger of God, and was a great tormentor of the Muslims. Expansion of Muslims to the far off places beyond Arabia boundaries, and conquests of Damascus, Rome, Persia, Iraq, Iran and Jerusalem, Egypt etc are his major achievements. While hearing the voice of Hazrat Umar on door his sister Fatima frightened she tried to hide the portion of Qur’an. Now problem was, who would perform that task. Hearing the furious voice of her brother, she hide the holy Quran in home, mean while Umer bin khattab entered house. During his last illness Abu Bakr had conferred with his people, particularly the more eminent among them. Prophet peace be upon him allowed to open the door , and the view of front after opening the door was very encouraging for muslims. It is also your right that if you go to battle I should look after your families as a father would while you are away. What was this faith that made even weak women so strong of heart? May Allah bless the man who says less and does more. Their churches shall not be used for habitation, nor shall they be demolished, nor shall any injury be done to them or to their compounds, or to their crosses, nor shall their properties be injured in any way. The ideas Muhammad was preaching enraged him as much as they did the other notables of Mecca. And why not ! This incident holds a great importance in Islamic history, as muslims were now empowered with great strength after conversion of Hazrat umer to islam. When a man puts me a question, I judge of his intelligence. When his slave-girl accepted Islam he beat her until he himself was exhausted and told her, “I have stopped because I am tired, not out of pity for you.” The story of his embracing Islam is an interesting one. They are honored and have their rights. I thought of all types of wealth, but couldn’t find a better wealth than contentment in a little. He is well known with strong administrative skills in the history. Umar bin khattab looked at his addressee sternly and asked “Or are you on his side as well?” However, he received an unexpected answer: “O Umar, forget about me; return to your family and community.

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