honda 6hp outboard

These Honda outboards also boast a large capacity 1.5L internal fuel tank, with an external connector that out runs its competitors. For all commercial users, the new Honda BF outboard engine comes with a two year limited hours warranty. The leader in 4-stroke engine technology for 50 years. Then (after that initial servicing) for your new Hoda outboard engine you will then need either an annual service:  or a service after every 100 hours of operation. 4hp - 4 stroke engine | 1 cylinder – 127cmᶟ | S or L shaft | From 27,0 kg, 5hp - 4 stroke engine | 1 cylinder – 127cmᶟ | S or L shaft | From 27,0 kg, 6hp - 4 stroke engine | 1 cylinder – 127cmᶟ | S or L shaft | From 27,0 kg. These prices listed above include both VAT and PDI: so that your new engine will be immediately ready to use on the water (just add fuel). Vibration levels are extremely low thanks to innovative rubber mounts developed by Honda.   Given the good fuel economy that these types of modern four-stroke engines now give, this is a more than adequete range and tank size for a small 4hp to 6hp engine. Plus, you'll get the best 5-year factory warranty in the business. Checking all engine anodes (both internal and external anodes) - and replacing all worn anodes if necessary. Our special offer of just incl. This lightweight, easy-to-operate motor with decompression easy starting boasts a large capacity 1.5L internal fuel tank with an external connector that out runs its competitors. The Honda BF4 to BF6 range has water cooling Pennnine Marine, Unit 1 Dansk Way, Backstone Business Park, Leeds Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 8JZ. We also sell a full range of marine chandlery, sailing clothing, wetsuits, boat trailers, boat trailer spares and increasingly more canoes and kayaks. For good and practical customer reviews of the Honda outboard engine, please see websites such as E-bay, Boat and Outboards, various blue-water crusing blogs and Ribnet The new range packs a punch with a 127 cm³ engine that not only provides efficient acceleration, but still supplies high levels of torque. The service interval on the Honda BF4 to BF6 outbioard engine is normally annually, or after every 100 hours of operation. Therefore your new Honda outboard engine is sold from here ready to use on the water. We can supply this Honda BF genuine parts and service kit either with or without the engine and gearbox oil. The new engines gather all our experience to make sure you have the most comfortable ride. … With a big and very ergonomical carrying handle, this Honda outboard engine is easily lifted on and off a tender or pontoon. 4-stroke pioneers. This Honda 4hp engine being a best seller is for a couple of very good reasons, namely that it is bth lighteweigh, but also, being a Hnda, it is reliable and with now knwon vces or issues The Tiller handle can also be folded to make them as compact as possible to aid storage. Here at Pennine Marine we now sell and service the full range of Honda outboard engines: including all the Honda Marine BF4, BF5 and BF6 model range described here. Pennine Marine is the premier marine dealership for ribs, powerboats and outboard engines in Northern England. Being from Yorkshire, we pass these savings onto our customers, thus giving you the best prices on new Honda outboard engines.   The service interval on the Honda 4hp to 6hp outboard engines is initially after 20 hour for the first (minor) service. What's more, they have very low vibration, low noise and high reliability. ERVICE INTERVALS. YOUR OWN HONDA ENGINE'S UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER. The engines are fitted with a ergonomic carry handle and with a foldable tiller handle. The very popular Honda 4hp, 5hp and 6hp outbioard engine is steered and controlled by the tiller handle. This ensures you get exactly the right parts for your own 4hp, 5hp, 6hp engine - with no mistakes and no "near misses" ! The new Honda BF4 to BF6 range is a good, well-built and reliable series of outboard engine. The Honda 4hp, 5hp and 6hp are three very simple and straightforward four- stroke outboard engine. If you are looking for an easy start engine, you will be really pleased with the new Honda decompression mechanism, anyone can start these outboards with the minimum of effort. The BF5 and BF6 can be fitted with an high output alternator which can supply up to 6A to power electronic devices on board. Only genuine Honda parts are used throughout. Delivery can be arranged to UK or Europe - however delivery / shipping is charged extra. The new Honda 6 HP outboard motor offers quiet, low vibration performance, ideal for small tenders, canoes, jon boats, and inflatables.

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