how to clean cloudy plastic blender

Note: If the Blender is used to blend abrasive foods (for example, bread crumbs), the blender jar may become scratched and appear cloudy. Here's what I have learned. Very heavy brown build up with a lot of minerals stuck to the jar. I’ve found both of them to provide excellent support. Please check out our new and improved. I tried white vinegar, even full strength it did not make a dent. Over time, however, your Vitamix may develop a white film that causes the container to appear cloudy, and may make you wonder if your blender is actually clean. I have been using almost every day since. Try these DIY chemical-free products. Let the container soak in an upright, standing position for several hours or even overnight. You can clean the part that turns the jar with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Avoid scrubbers and the scratchy green side of sponges, as they will definitely scratch your container. Also, avoid abrasive cleaning tools, which may permanently scratch your container. If it still does occur, here’s how to remove it. My blender looks brand new ! This is the most effective way to delay the onset of the cloudy film. Juice of 1 lemon, 2-3 tbsp of baking soda, and some water. I always clean it right away with dish soap, except once, and maybe that did it. I’ll try anything at this point…it is very disappointing to have a $600+ appliance look like it’s filthy, especially when you take good care of it. All the water runs off the jar with the help of the little drain holes on the bottom of the jar. I scrape the jar clean again, then add to the jar a few tablespoons of water, plus a tiny drop of dish soap. First off, let me start by saying I use multiple jars every day: Twister, WildSide* and FourSide, depending on what I've decided to create. Give it a try, I hope you get great results with it. Ok, so it's canning season and I've canned several batches of salsa. You should get in the habit of cleaning your blender immediately after use, or at the very least rinsing it very well. I apologize you are having that issue. It’s actually quite simple. Thanks very much. This happens because the mineral from fruits and vegetables cause to produce a film inside the container. I have the same issue, and tried the lemon/baking soda thing…which still did not work. ), calcium build-up, etc. BUT I need help! 1 cup Oxy Clean and water !!! There is no recommended cleaning method to reverse this damage. Amazing! 1-2 tbsp powdered dishwasher detergent dissolved in 1-2 cups hot water, left to soak for 1 hour. Thank you, gravity! Required fields are marked *. WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE. I tilt the jar so I can see all angles, and if it meets my approval, I am done. So how do you clean a cloudy blender? When you first purchased your Vitamix machine, the whole entire set is still nice and clear. Put in six squirts of Bleach in the jar. The vinegar tip has worked wonders for my containers over the years, but it’s a rare occasion when they look cloudy or dirty looking. It’s only happened once or twice though. Help please! Hello, this is all very interesting. What did work was Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. Then, run to Speed 10 and scrub with non-scratch sponge. Note: Be careful while cleaning around the blade assembly as the blades are sharp. And it really had a lot of yuck build up. Let the container sit for several hours or overnight, then scrub the film away using a soft, wet sponge. How do you clean your jar? Then I added a cup of powdered oxy clean and let it sit overnight. I’ve tried OxyClean as one of our readers suggested, and that worked equally well. You can wash the cup and blade by hand using a sponge. This throws the nut butter that was clinging under the blade to the sides of the jar. I love my Vitamix, but I am very unhappy with how the container has held up. I’ve had this problem with 2 different brand blenders. After blending a smoothie, soup or other delicious recipe, simply add some warm water, a drop of dish soap and let the high-powered motor do the rest. Finally, rinse out all of the soap with cold water and allow it to dry. I use the Spectacula spatula to pull out all that fresh yummy nut butter. © 2020 Blendtec I tried the regular cleaning cycle with dish soap, and the vinegar baking soda mix and still looks the same. Here's some more tips for removing stains from your jar: Hello! Hard water may also cause the film if that’s a problem in your area. Quick bread batter in mere minutes. Helpful Cleaning Tips. I would like to try the Oxy-clean method, letting it sit overnight. Today I made a soup and added turmeric, didnt think about this could happen and now the jar is stained with yellowish. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pour one cup of white vinegar into the container. (And thank you engineers!) Fill the contain half-full with warm water. As per your advice, I am attempting to descale it with vinegar now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cleaning the blender jar is just as easy. I hit "pulse" a few times, dump the sudsy water, rinse the jar with running tap water, turn it upside down on a dish towel to air dry and I am on to the next task. I saw some comments about using OxyClean…my only concern is that I don’t know about using this product in the blender that I make my food in…but then I suppose that dish detergent isn’t edible either. I’ve owned and used a K-Tec (prior to Blendtec purchase) and Vitamix blenders for over 10 years and have been able to use the above steps to clear up any staining/films on my containers.

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