how to improve punctuality in the workplace

Of all these, the most important outcome is a strong employer branding. Take small steps to improve your punctuality and track your progress. That means you need to start by setting your mind on creating a habit of being an early bird. Uses Alarms and Warnings; Synchronize an alarm five or ten minutes before your task ends. Traffic issues, a burst pipe at home, a flat tire, and other unexpected things can be legitimate causes for showing up late. That’s because being late has the ability to negatively affect whole teams, disrupting meetings and giving yourself and others a reputation for being unprofessional. 5. How To Promote A Culture Of Punctuality At Work by Laura McLoughlin. Set schedules well in advance so employees can prepare accordingly. As one of the famous punctual quotes goes, “punctuality is a homely, but solid virtue.” But this is not a universal rule. Always try to have difficult discussions in private, especially when disciplinary action might be necessary. Share. However in the attempt of being punctual you should not compromise on the quality of your work . If you’re always on time, you finish early and hence remain stress-free. Organisations with a high level of integrity enjoy better stability, exceptional growth, improved workflow and heightened workplace satisfaction. Get a Buddy – Grab a friend to join you. Improving Punctuality Across School. Try to take punctuality as seriously as you take other values you strive to uphold. She helps teens, college students and adults with ADHD with time management, … Not only does it improve productivity, but it can also lead to a healthier relationship between employees and employers. Are you the “office White Rabbit” i.e. Improve your punctuality and attendance by taking an honest look at how long it takes you to get ready in the morning. Punctuality is a value that must be present in the very culture of your company. Punctuality and good time management are skills demanded by employers across all industries. One of the most frustrating things a manager has to go through is dealing with an employee who arrives at work late. Excessive absenteeism or a lack of employee punctuality can wreak havoc on the growth of a business (especially a new one). It is a key priority to improve the punctuality of our school community during the 2019/20 academic year. Remember to reward yourself for being on time. This may not be in keeping with the mindset of accomplishing the whole job and goals that you look for in an exempt or salaried employee. You even may say that being on time, especially in the workplace is a social construct. If lateness continues, it may be necessary to take more formal disciplinary measures. Morale and Punctuality are very important characteristics of any employee and they need to be measured and improved. Sometimes things happen to even the best employees that can cause them to be late for work. Every employer expects they get the maximum productivity possible from their employees. In case, you’re confused about what integrity actually means then here’s your answer. It is important to signal to employees the importance of arriving to work on time and to clearly state the consequences if they continually arrive late. tion technique, for improving punctuality of participants to regular work meetings. Kathy Sussell is an ADHD coach in Brooklyn, NY. Being punctual is a key life skill and it is crucial to be punctual in order to maximise the learning time that children experience at Southglade Primary and Nursery School. Being late could set you back for weeks or even months if your employees tend to be tardy quite often. People tend to underestimate by 30 percent how long it takes them to complete certain tasks, CBS News says. 2. What is Integrity? Alternatively, offices could provide free fruit, implement cycle-to-work schemes, or take steps to improve workplace hygiene. Finishing your work on time gives you the luxury to go out for coffee with an acquaintance. Webb and Chapman (78) suggested the following ways in which employees can improve their punctuality records at the workplace; Ask the employees to envisage every appointment as an interview and make sure you arrive at the designated area earlier than the actual time stated. Habits are hard to change but with persistence, determination and support you will get there. You may have noticed the effect an early day has on your productivity. Any of these steps will indirectly cut sick leave. Promoting punctuality in the work place. Quality of Work. This will obviously improve your punctuality. And we’re not just talking about arriving to work on time each day (though according to The Independent, it’s estimated staff who arrive late to work cost the economy £9 billion each year).. Punctuality plays a big role in workplace productivity, and can have an even more vital function underpinning your personal branding. Discipline is crucial at workplace as it ensures employees behave in a decent way and also maintain the decorum of the workplace. By Marie Singer Published Oct 6, 2019 at 20:51 PM GMT. Closely related to attendance, whether an employee shows up to work on time every day is another important metric that can be used to assess performance. In … If you care more about being punctual, you'll start being more punctual. Always things don’t work according to our plan; still we need to plan to make things smoother. If so, it might be time to improve your punctuality, especially if you have set working hours such as receptionist jobs, or your employer has raised your lack of punctuality as an issue. However, many HR teams find punctuality to be a source of tension and conflict. How to Improve Attendance and Punctuality at the Workplace beggers November 13, 2017 0. Make sure you’re communicating expectations — it’s important for employees to know what their schedules are. Just like working out in the gym, you need a strong will to keep pursuing this goal because it will take consistency for it to be effective. Misbehaving at the workplace spoils the entire work culture eventually leading to zero or very less productivity. Be sure to move on to the next one at the agreed time. Being on time takes a little planning. Punctuality means that you fulfill your obligation on or prior to the stipulated date which had been mentioned for submitting the task entrusted to you. You can stay efficient even when you have a small window of opportunity and are working under pressure. For others, life is too precious to be rushing anywhere. But there are areas where timely arrivals are always valued regardless of culture – such as business, politics and, of course, school. The Effects of Tardiness on your Business and What You Can Do to Improve Punctuality Among Your Employees. Sleep early. If you fail to perform proper time management, you can get stressed and your effectiveness reduces. Conclusion. Eliminating distractions can help you make meaningful progress in your work and focus more fully so you do a thorough job. the person who turns up late for work every day? Example: if you work a 9-5 job, have 2 children involved in five after school activities between them and take care of your aging mom… you may want to say “no” to chairing the middle school’s holiday pie fundraiser. Set a goal to be on time and work toward that goal. November 29 2018 - The power of punctuality holds exciting possibilities for you and your business. Demonstrating a caring attitude may help improve employee engagement. Luckily, there are many ways to improve teamwork in the workplace, and the good thing is that it can all start from you, whether you are boss, a manager, or an employee. When employees don’t show up or show up very late for work, the businesses can suffer losses in productivity which can amount to millions (if not hundreds of millions) in lost revenue. Without time – management all your projects will miss the mark because of following problems . Good time management is an in-demand skill in today’s workplace. It offers insight into how you view yourself and others. 1. While it is true that a business will not suffer a great deal when an employee takes a day off for one reason or another, regular absence of employees can affect the morale of a business. It’s a no-brainer that businesses need people to show up on time to get the job done. Here’s how you can do it: Guide, don’t command. Ritchie Doove. In this way, you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. Little by little you will be more productive and you will lose less time in accomplishing the objectives. How to improve employee punctuality. Examine the areas in which you're more likely to be flippant about punctuality. Positive relations with your colleagues at the workplace increase your willingness to work in that environment. Tardiness can be such a drawback to many businesses. It also means you get to make a few friends along the way whom you could count on. Punctuality is more important at the workplace because it is here that you get paid for the hours you put in and Employees are expected to be punctual and dependable in … Of course, the difficult part is figuring out whether the investment in these schemes and staff freebies is worth it. Having a social aspect to exercising can boost your commitment to the exercise habit. Respect a person’s privacy. Maintaining and enhancing productivity in the workplace is not always very easy to accomplish but it can also be boiled down to some simple concepts. This includes getting to their respective jobs on time even when they are under no supervision. So, this workplace flexibility might also include the ability to share jobs, schedule flexible days or hours, and work from home, or telecommute, under guidelines. The value of punctuality in the workplace. You have to understand that punctuality requires discipline. In fact, lateness has been found to cost the UK economy a staggering £9 billion a year. ALSO READ: 10 Ways to Develop Self-control and Discipline. Wearing too many hats and putting too many things on your plate can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to punctuality. If you’re chronically late, it might be because you don’t have a realistic idea of how much time it actually takes you to get dressed and get to work. Lunch-hour workouts might be too easy to skip if work demands start mounting. Few things are more frustrating for small business owners and managers than that habitually late employees. Punctuality. Some societies are extremely strict with such matters. Related: How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work. When employees are on time, it communicates to others that they can trust and rely on you. Part of time management is punctuality. Making Punctuality a Priority in the Workplace. You need to understand that there is a difference between office and home and you just can’t behave in the same way at work as you behave at home. Right after work or first thing in the morning are often good places to put it. Step 3: Use Formal Disciplinary Measures. When you care about being somewhere, you will make it happen. You need to document violations of workplace rules that might lead to an employee being disciplined. But, … Include front-line staff in the brainstorming exercise to improve the accuracy of work, as these employees perform the task on a daily basis and will likely have the best ideas and information regarding areas for improvement. You can improve your work ethic by focusing fully on the current task, managing your time so that you can complete tasks and coming up with a plan of execution for more difficult or complex projects. Some think that compensatory or comp time encourages a clock-watching attitude. Be Proactive With Employee Punctuality.

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