how to talk to a live person at edd unemployment california 2020

Why your still pending? They scheduled a call back for between 2-3 days which I will be anxiously waiting for. i’m in the same boat as you….I’ve have been on hold now with this department for an hour and a half. Calling the Vietnamese line and following Jeff H's instructions above also worked for me. Ugh! You will hear one of two messages, starting with “Thank you for calling…”, or “Welcome to…”. Sometimes it would ask for my s.s. #, then it would hang up. He said the issue is in the servers, and their being overwhelmed by calls, and online information. THIS WORKS! Received the identity verification letter and then the 1st 2 weeks of certification in the mail and have not received anything further. Thanks and my best to all and your families in these trying times. I've called from 7:45 until now. I dont know if to cry or what. Everyday. If you keep calling you might get to the automated choices. Or here's an idea, WHY NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS so I can email someone to fix the issue on their end in my account, so I don't have to keep calling and take someone else's chance at speaking to someone. Okay so I finally resolved my issue wanted to post some tips in case anyone else is in this position. We all do idiotic stuff with our phones so, in this case, try to make a game out of the string of calls you'll have to make to get to the hold music. I called the 1-800-300-5616 then 1-5-1-1-0. When someone answers just state your calling regarding your Disability , you will be transferred to the Disability Dept. Ive called over 300 times, never getting through. Back to the drawing board tomorrow. but no luck :-(, Did you get a call back? both the Vietnamese line and the employer route worked for me today in the middle of the day. good luck everyone. “Music playing” and “Please continue to hold as your call will be answered in the order it was received” Ecstatic, I wrote the number down and thanked him for his time. You hang up and dial again until you finally getting put on hold to wait. In the mean time keep trying the 800 number. 833-978-2511 Got a guy on the phone but was disconnected. Lovely lady picked up and saw they had a computer crash and it sent my file to basically a desert. Was told the claim was still pending from when I filed March 15, 2020 which is almost 3 months ago. Request copies of your 1099G tax information. This website is very useful! Only a 6 minute hold time. Destiny, I have been trying to get through to a human representative at the SDI (DISABILITY) offices for the past two weeks… I found this site last night and he tried this first thing in the morning today, worked like a charm. They called back in about 25min and it was a live person. Last, I tried 1-5-1-1-0. I have moved in the last 18 months and the "easy online system" tells me to call. Get information on how to file a new UI claim or reopen an existing claim. this is so frustrating! tried dialing all these numbers nothing worked……. I tried 1-3-1-6-2-0 with no luck, kept getting the recording “maximum callers reached” so I tried 1-2-3-0, I probably tried about 4 times until finally the call went through and I was on hold for about 10 min, finally someone answer and told me that for questions about claims the prompts to dial were 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 so I did. I called the 866 number back and got a young lady After holding only 5 minutes who was able to access my file with no problem. I got through tonight at 5:40 PST and was on hold for 25 minutes. Got a call back in 6 minutes! Hang-up and try again. When the call first went through just wait until the guy says like 5 words and then press 1 then wait until he says a few more words then press 3 and so on and so forth!!!!!! I have been unemployed for a month and haven't received any payment. According to their website they’re supposed to be open from 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m..I drove there to, And they’re only open from 8 to 11:00 a.m., you’re not allowed to enter the office. Well Alissa, guess I started too late today. Get Through To The good news is that when you finally get to speak with somebody, they are very helpful and kind. You have to, and if you do it might work. The lady was nice, but what a waste of a morning. She told me my case was still pending and no further action was required on my part. Tried Anna's way, got the same irritated lady, I explained that my unemployment was pending and gave her the reason I thought it was pending. The stats state only 1 in 1000 people actually get though and during this COVID-19 Pandemic there are 600,000 backlogged claims. 15110 worked for me. For SDI, I called 800-480-3287 and pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0. When it comes to people and their money, things can get ugly. How to Get Through to EDD California by Phone, Tips and Tricks For Getting a Real, Craigslist Gets Upgrade, Now Allows Users To Hide Posts And Automatically Hides, Top 10 Things I Hate About The New LinkedIn Redesign | LinkedIn Terrible New, 16 Top Free File Hosting Sites 2016 | Reviews and Ratings, Sony Officially Confirms The Real PS5, Successor To The Playstation 4 Is Really, Top Ten Scientific Flaws In The Big Bang Theory. try again later", Iasod pushing 1 then 0 does work. She explained reasons why but when I explained why those reasons didn't apply to me, she either hung up or I got disconnected. I start at 7:55 am & around 9:15-9:30, the lines open up and get me through to the part where you put in your social but still not able to get through some times. They say they respond within 24 hours. Good luck everyone! Thank you for publishing this. Good luck. Literally kept hanging up after I heard the thankyou) CA EDD has established a new phone #833-978-2511, 8 am - 8 pm, I was told that it is taken an average of 3.5 weeks to verify and that 3.5 weeks is coming up. We had to submit proof of identity, reopen a claim, talk to them 4 times and wait for call backs from a specialist twice but today I could go online and see the glorious word "PAID" next to our claims. PEACE OUT!!! I haven’t been called back yet, going on 4 days…. It always says the wait time is only 5-6 minutes but that's a lie, it's closer to 2 hours, but honestly I don't care as long I speak to someone. Thank You for this post. Thank you Ann! It worked like a charm. I had tried to get through the “normal” way for weeks but kept getting bumped out of the que, no matter when I called. She is not the director but she may be able to help you. My first attempt at 9:30 in the A.M. and it said there were too many callers ahead of me and to call back later. 4 or my 12 certified weeks got released, and the other 8 are getting reviewed by a specialist. I called this number 916 654 9140 and was able to get through. I was only calling to get transferred to tech support about logging in to the UI online website. I have never recieved anything in the mail though my online account said money was allocated to me. This Google™ translation feature, provided on the Employment Development Department (EDD) website, is for informational purposes only. Just tell the 833 you’ve had no luck and to please put you on a callback list with a claims representative. It then rang busy. Once he had the number he was helpful. Keep trying and stay safe. Next step is VERY important. I pressed 1 for English and was instructed to enter my SSI#. Have tried every hack and number I could find. I finally got through but they told me the same thing that someone would call me back. I got right through on this number but she keeps pushing me back to 800 number What number are you calling using the 5.... Hey Ang, the number I used for the 5-1-1-0 was 1-800-300-5616. omg !!!! Waited on hold for 40 minutes. I found a faster and easier way to get through. im sorry to hear you are also dealing with this crap. also being nice to the person that answers helps lot too. Well that would've been too easy. Since the system won’t let me certify, I’ve also had to reopen my claim—get this—FIVE TIMES! I tried every other tip on here several times. This one says to press 1 after you hear the Spanish greeting. When you call, thank them for answering and if they solve your issue make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them. If anyone has any insights/suggestions about how to talk with someone, I'd sure appreciate it right now. Is anyone else payment late since early Sept? 4/7/20 Note:If you receive a phone call from the EDD, your caller ID may show “St of CA EDD” or the UI Customer Service number 1-800-300-5616. Ok 408 # worked for me 7/15/2020 I called around 2pm. I been sick to my stomach over a week trying reach them on the 800-300-5616 because my claim showed disqualified and that was incorrect so anyway I came across your page last night and got started at 9am and it took me a few hours but the phone number 619-525-4995 someone answered that phone so when it says press 0 if you want to hold keep doing it and if it disconnects call and do it again, they will pick up! Drives me nuts. Just call their after hours line,,,,,833-978-2511. Anyway, as mentioned, she does not have access to claims. How the hell do they expect to facilitate all of these new claims only working 4hrs a day? Try the 5616 number and push 1 then 0. So one of those three worked. the combination 1671 worked for me thank you. And only open from 8am to 12? Hopefully they will call me…what a joke. Any tips? For a state that gets so much damn money in taxes, there's zero excuse for this dysfunctional system. 1. I tried this trick several times today and when you hit 0 it says please select a valid option or your call will be ended. dialing the 833-978-2511 -- wait for the "Welcome to" -- dial 1 then 0 right away! But I am still hopeful. Call them back and start calling at 7:59 AM. 5. She said that way your benefits won't be delayed. It took about an hour all together. Got through around 9:30a. So tired of the Bullshit almost rather be broke then to sit on hold another month!!! Explain that you need to contact Unemployment but you are unable to do so because of their automated response. I’m waiting on them to call me within the next 48 hours. I would start calling every number above until you get through to a human. On was speaking with a English speaking person with I 1 MINUTE!! With the click of a few buttons, I have been paid for 5 weeks. Call in again and request another call back. February 2013 However, there are tips and tricks to getting through to a real person so that you can speak to a real human at EDD. It’s 2020 and due to the coronavirse it’s so hard to get though ! A couple minutes later, I used 130 and, sure enough, I got through. I'd say I've done all the things. Okay, Anon. the # I dialed was (866-362-8854) I was told that’s the identity department. If you're unable to reach a human through the state Unemployment phone numbers, or your local EDD office, try calling a rural office instead. I had received a letter from them stating that my forms were filled out incorrectly. No answer. Redial until you get the “welcome to” greeting. At first I thought the lines had crossed and I was connected with another applicant, but as soon as he heard me say “hello” he quickly introduced himself as an EDD rep. Beggars can’t be choosers so I brushed this off and asked about my case status. It makes me feel better knowing that we are not the only ones. 1-213-477-1405 this direct line works. Call1800.300.5616 Dont call the new 833 area code number!! But, if I were tech support, and not a wage claims specialist, I'd be pretty annoyed as well. I get only 1 claim form for the month and that was the only one I received to date. I think they changed it; I got the “Welcome to…” message and tried the key combos but it still said “We’re way too busy” and hung up. The phone number 415-351-7200 works! Seemed to be the best way to go. Thank u so very much for this number. My claim was pending and I made a dumb mistake when filling out my claim, he fixed that along with answering other questions I had. This happens after 8:10 if you haven’t gotten through. Called EDD this afternoon and did the 1 then 671 really fast the my SNN and then 1 fast.. wait til 2 mins and my lady from EDD was amazing.

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