hydro dip scope

For pricing on items not listed below, our shop charges .50 cents per Square Inch. The prior owner had the entire outfit hydro dipped. Powder coated parts will not be stripped off unless powder coating finish is in poor condition. Hydro-dipping (also known as hydrographics or water-transfer printing) is a method of applying 2D printed designs to 3D objects by submerging them in a large tank filled with water through a specially designed transfer film. **Limb Pockets & Arms (set of 2) – $50.00 (e.g. Elk or Steer Skull – $120.00 All Hydro Dip Kit Products 164 Items. By painting and then "dipping" your object, Texas Hydrographics can help you stand out from the crowd. Now that you know what hydro dipping is and its importance on your rifle scope, here are some basics of hydro dipping guide to get you started. Fly Rod package- All customers will be required to get in touch with us prior to discuss their project. I removed the finish from a AR that I believe was factory dipped and it was a miserable messy job. ), Website powered by Field of Dreams Web Design, ALL PRICES ARE FOR STOCKED FILMS; ANY NON-STOCKED FILMS ARE SUBJECT TO A $25 ChARGE ON ORDERS UNDER $200, Disassembled and/or cleaned of debris by customer. You can also use spray paint while applying the undercoat. ***Stabilizer prices may vary. That follows what I've found all around the internet. Burt, Eastern Iowa Hydrographics. It guarantees that your rifle scope will also have a unique style that symbolizes your adventure. Does anybody here have experience removing hydro dipping from a scope. Process involves fully submerging product in water; therefore, no warranty is offered on scopes. ALL PRICES ARE FOR STOCKED FILMS; ANY NON-STOCKED FILMS ARE SUBJECT TO A $25 CHARGE ON ORDERS UNDER $200. I re-tried the Klean Strip and it appears to take more than I tried. I'm thinking of dipping my gun soon and I want the scope to match. Starting at $129.99. Deer, bear, Boar, Steer Skull – $85.00 This used to be an additional charge and we will not be incorporating it into our pricing up front. I would not attempt it on a scope. FIREARMS SENT ASSEMBLED WILL BE RETURNED. Before you dip the rifle, ensure to wear gloves to protect yourself from getting the paint on your hands. (includes Tactical Buttstock, Cheek piece, Chassis, Considering that not all scopes are water-resistant or even how long your scope can stay submerged in water and still perform excellently. Unlike regular painting, hydro dipping allows you to use different painting and achieve an exceptional finish. They warrant their scopes to be waterproof. Just trying to keep everybody who may be interested posted on my attempts and progress; or, more correctly, my lack of progress. Have you tried sanding the surface, so stuff can penetrate? TWN’s selection of camo hydro dip film features top brands in the camouflage industry including KUIU, Kryptek, Next Camo, Muddy Girl, MultiCam, A-TACS, and more.All of our camo hydrographic films are authentic and a portion of each sale goes to the respective camouflage pattern owner. *Note: Scopes will have to be fully submerged in water and so no warranty will be issued. (*bipods will be double dipped and coating will not be guaranteed due to excessive wear), Chassis Systems Don't usually do shout outs, but when the product is this damn good, you have to. Once you are satisfied, let the rifle scope rest for up to 24 hours to dry. Complete Bow* (Riser** and Limbs) – $250.00, **Riser Only – $140.00 Once the item is received, it will be coated and returned. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I recently bought a rifle and scope combination second had. We do not warranty rubber items due to the possibility of adhesion problems and longevity, Standard Rifle Stock Only – $125.00 I'm trying to work my way from least harsh to harsher. *NOTE: UTAH HYDROGRAPHICS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGE TO OPTICS THAT HYDROGRAPHIC DIPPING MAY CAUSE. We will mask off Canine teeth if any at no charge*, Copyright © 2020 Northwest Hydro Print | Hydro dipping is one way of giving your rifle scope a personalized touch and making it look different. For more information on their clear coat follow this link. Youth models are the same price as shown above. Hydrographics is a process that allows you to decorate, or transform, a plain boring object into something very unique. Stripping it may reveal a surprise you might not be happy with. Covering Infinity provides the most accessories and options to further customize your firearm or its protection. Rod Building Component: Reel seats – $25.00 Odd Shaped Double Dip Stocks - McMillan, Tactical Styles, Archangel Barrels. He says your best bet is to light sand, prime, and paint....over the dip. 12:13. We provide a custom decorating service that utilizes some of the most advanced technology available. *Note: Complete bow is riser and one set of limbs only. We believe the Armour Hide is the best top coat around and it has tested tougher than Cerakote, Durakote, KG Gun Coatings, Powder Coat, and other automotive finishes. Ensure to stir from one end to the other for you to achieve a uniform look of the hydro dip. I googled my scope + hydro dip and didn't see any results, just a lot of other scopes that had been dipped. Reel seat barrel – $15.00 Thanks guys. Limb pockets and limb arms which are not attached to the riser and are a separate piece (such as BowTech Guardians) will be extra as listed above. Geeze. However, I have been unable to find "this is what I used" & "it was effective" & "it did not ruin the finish". Quiver – Complete (top and brackets) (non-rubber parts only) – $125.00 Scope* – Standard (At Owner’s Risk/Not Warranted) – $85.00     *We will mask off numbering/lines and lenses at no charge. chassis cap, Trigger Cover, Handguard and 4 separate rails) – CALL For Pricing Wall Plate (outlet/duplex, switch/toggle, blank, etc. It's not that it's not worth the effort, it just sounds like the risk is too high of resulting in something that looks worse than a camo scope. Spinning/Casting- Repeat the same movement for approximately three minutes for the enhanced effects. Scope – Large or complicated* – $125.00, Scope covers – $35 set  – Plastic or flexible types are not recommended and will not be warrantied, Scope Set (Standard Scope*, rings and base) – $130.00. Hydro dipping is a hydrographic printing process of applying patterns on to three dimensional products. Ensure to avoid the direct sun while drying the rifle. Limbs Only (2 standard or 4 split) – $125.00* All Rights Reserved. Price is for typical simple 6″ stabilizer. Spotting Scope's starting at $150.00; Tripods starting at $80.00 *NOTE: UTAH HYDROGRAPHICS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGE TO OPTICS THAT HYDROGRAPHIC DIPPING MAY CAUSE. Wow. (2) Corks pc., Reel seat, rod blank* – $95.00 Small Skull (coyote, bobcat, etc) – $55.00 Cork, reel seat, fighting butt & rod blank – $80.00 I am thinking of keeping the scope and selling the rifle. Starting at $39.00. Past that, you're on your own. Fishing Rod Blank* – $50.00 I've also sent an email to Vortex in case I don't find any info here. Please NOTE, we no longer will be coating any serial numbered firearm parts (aka: Receivers, Lowers, actions, etc. ... Firearm Scope Rings & Base. On the Vortex site it's just listed as "Waterproof - O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the riflescope for reliable performance in all environments." parts back together. On the Vortex site it's just listed as "Waterproof - O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the riflescope for reliable performance in all environments." Whatever this guy used to coat this hydro dip I need to put in my military IBA. Next, dip your object slowly into the water and bring it out again. *Target and Thumbhole stocks will need to be “dipped” twice to reduce pattern distortion and complete coverage. However, ensure that you don’t spray in a crowded place to avoid inconveniencing others. This will guarantee that you get a uniformed finish style with minimal fingerprints interference on the scope. ***All bedding areas, recoil pads will be masked off at no charge.***. I think it could be blasted lightly and then I'd Duracoat it or use air dry Cerakote.

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