illegible artist signatures

If possible please attach the close-up photos of the French words too. (Netherlands) Signature Monogram. (1870-1953), • Abbott, Edith (USA), • Abaç, Nuri The only other pencilled writing is in French, so one assume a European artist. (1921-), • Abakanowicz, Magdalena Art Pictures | (1895-1976), • A.villard, As of 2011, this database lists 50,000 artists and 55,000 signature examples. (1876-1964), • Abbott, Yarnall (1930-), • Aba-novák, Vilmos Share. (1930-), • A’becket, Maria Browse Signatures (Spain) (France) I have a print by Texan African American artist Nathan Jones with signature... Can't read signature, who is artist? Our goal is to help you to identify unknown artist or illustrator signatures, using our large selection of illustrator signature samples. you read and agreed to the,, Help identify this old clown oil painting/artist please! (USA) Submit Your Site | How about the back part of this wood print? (1874-1964), • Abate, Alesandro (1895-1950), • Abbott, Mary By Seth, 12 months ago on Questions & Answers. (1852-1911), • Abbing, Frederik Hendrik Please help identify artist and or signature. Have a painting oil on canvas. (Poland) This feature shows you an expansive lineup of signature examples. This can be especially frustrating with older or less popular artists, who did not get credited for their work. (1926-2008), • Abacuc, (1872-1953), • Abattucci, Jean Pierre (1926-), • Abbey, Edwin Austin (Italy), • Abades, Juan Tomás Martínez Using Google translate, if it reads copier un artiste this means to copy an artist, However, it could also read Cupcurve? more artists found Show all results . FAQ, • A, Friedrich Preller D (1897-1992), • Abbott, Samuel Nelson artist marks prints signatures … ), Please help me to identify artist signature on oil painting. Can anyone identify this signature on what appears to be a woodcut print? Able to help identify Spanish dancer scene artist signature? (1915-), • Abadie, Jean The art work is advertised on eBay:, XXIV translating the Roman numbers means 24 and ***** means

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