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His numbers racket was very popular during the 1920s amongst the residents of Harlem and he was a pillar of African American society—he paid for young black men to attend college, gave out food parcels to the needy and even financed dormitories in southern black universities. In another bar room fight in 1971, he shot and killed a guy named Linwood Willi. To subscribe on iTunes click here, give me a review and I will send you a link to see the film for free. After many years on the run in Peru, Battle was indicted back in the US on racketeering charges, having amassed more than $1 billion from drug trafficking, illegal gambling and loan sharking. The main differences between most early 20th century American businessmen and Holstein? Jimmy was ashamed that his father was treated like this and he swore revenge against Mickey Spillane. One could make the argument that entering the Marine core during the turbulent Vietnam War at the age of 17 essentially sealed his fate: the impressionable young man, possible harbouring underlying schizophrenia, engaged in violent combat in the green hell and white heat hat was the conflict in Vietnam. Organised Crime is a dangerous game. Here is one of the recent photos of Westie’s boss Jimmy Coonan, taken in 2015 in prison. After his death, Cleveland went on to suffer many more bombings in the wake of Birns’ assassination, getting dubbed ‘Bomb City, USA’ in the press, with 36 bombings in 1976 alone.[1]. Mickey Featherstone was a complete nut case. That’s when the ‘Westies’, a ruthless gang of Irish American extortionists, racketeers and contract killers, took in the violent young Featherstone and put him to work. From time to time, the Westies worked for the Gambino crime family as a contract killer squad. Shondor Birns managed to survive the ‘golden age’ of gangster history—the 20s and 30s—and succeeded in the equally violent 50s and 60s. He died whilst awaiting a prison transfer in 2007 at the age of 77.[8]. Thanks to a long history of films, books and TV shows focussed on mob families like the Corleones and the Sopranos, as well as a host of real stories covered in films like ‘The Untouchables’, ‘Goodfellas’ and, of course, the ultimate classic gangster flick ‘Gotti’ starring John Travolta, when we think about American organised crime, we think Italian. he learned that he had been set up and framed by his own gang. James Coonan was a baby boomer born December 21, 1946. Members of The Outfit identified Humphries as the gunman and brought him to Al Capone. One of these new recruits was 24-year-old Vietnam Vet by the name of Mickey Featherstone. He held sway over the city’s illegal gambling rackets for years, making millions and allowing him to gain political connections that solidified his position. Jimmy Coonan Recent Photo New York, Westside. He won a brutal turf war with mobster Ignacio Antinori who, in 1940, was gunned down whilst enjoying his morning coffee at a restaurant. A rat is a rat in any language. He set up a numbers game and quickly started raking in the big bucks—$200,000 a week, with $3000 finding its way into the pockets of corrupt cops that allowed Eto to prosper. They are also the actions of a dirty, low-down career criminal… like Vojislav Stanimirovic. Murray’s family emigrated to the US from the small rural village of Llandinam in Powys, Wales in the late 1800s. One, he was black. Coonan failed to murder Spillane and his followers, not even wounding one man, but Spillane got the message. During his time as boss of the Westies, they gained a reputation as a vicious crew of murderers. Part of the estate was reputedly used as a firing range by members of the Flying Dragons, honing their accuracy with machine guns. During the 70s and 80s, he became the leader of ‘The Corporation’—a sprawling crime/business empire that consisted of ‘bolita’ games across the US eastern seaboard as well as holdings in Peruvian casinos and a host of investments in legitimate businesses. Any resident of Hell’s Kitchen who who took Spillane’s side were subject to beatings, kidnappings, store vandalism, and robberies. The gang then tipped the cops that Featherstone killed Holly. If you like what we do and would like to support our work, please consider donating. In 1980, the Secret Service put Featherstone in jail for using fake currency at a massage parlor. Here is one of the recent photos of Westie's boss Jimmy Coonan, taken in 2015 in prison. Featherstone, if still alive is in the Wit Sec.

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