juno in 7th house

I’ve been a little more marriage minded lately, maybe my progressed moon in Cancer in the 5th house. Individuals with this placement include Hilary Clinton, Robert deNiro, Kim Basinger and Elizabeth Taylor (who was one of the mostmarried women in the world.). His Juno falls in my first house 1 degree away from my Sun. June in the 6th brings empowerment issues into the everyday and into the workplace. Someone who is sociable and knows how to act in the company of people. You cannot imagine a world in which you are not married. Mark all read, Topic Icons: This can be the Juno position that avoids marriage and commitment or that compulsively engages in relationship, sometimes more than one at a time! Juno in Libra / 7th House - someone who is strong and intuitive. If you have Juno in the seventh house you are extremely status conscious and socially aware. Forum contains no unread posts Pleeeaaaase? At the same time, you tend to view your relationship as an integral part of who you are. My boyfriend is an Aquarius with a Pisces moon and he has Juno in Capricorn 13 degrees in his 7th house. Sticky Juno in the 8th: Other people’s assets and resources, and possibly those of the spouse, are crucial to gaining a sense of empowerment for the person with this placement. Access is available through meditation, or through developing a deep trust in the Universe. Colleagues may bring out your biggest challenges, as might your employment situation; both can act as barometers for your success at empowerment. Juno in the 10th: Empowerment issues will be played out publicly, possibly within the career. In the natal astrological chart, Venus and Mars are the “go to” planets of love and relationship. Honor yourself first, so you can honor other people, play fair, cut out all egoistic power games, and no matter how you started out, you will finish up very well.". “Juno in the houses” is the third of a five-part series by Julie Demboski on Juno, the “marriage asteroid.” In the first part, she defines Juno, and in the second, she describes each sign placement of Juno, differentiated by gender. Whereas someone like say Patsy Cline was unabashedly about “the other,” never pretending to be otherwise, and we continue to enjoy her music (well, I do!). My moon is opposition his Sun/Moon Midpoint. Juno in the seventh house - "When Juno wields her scepter of authority in the house of relationships, you may spend the early part of your life quite unconscious of your own power and capacities, and project rather too much onto other people. My Juno is close to his moon. Forum contains unread posts …Also, I was just looking at your work-up on your site on Juno between Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Juno is nothing to sneeze at, it would seem. I can't expect to feel a certain way about myself by reacting to others. Those things will tend to be the cornerstone of your life. Click here to sign up! Your parental role model was less than secure in your subconscious perceptions, though it may seem fine on an external level. Since the 8th house rules the partner's possessions, well, they may regard you … If you’re a man, the subjects of that house will in some way be related to the mate or to partnership. My Venus is in Aquarius at the end of my first house so sometimes interpreted in the 2nd house. Juno in Libra here, not my 7th House though. Latest Post: Meeting People From The Forum Our newest member: MiaWem Sent 3 times a week. Active They will be the cornerstone of life. Shop Compatibility ReportsMidara’s Relationship Review, Birthday Report Package Deluxe Transit Report – 1 Year Get A Natal Chart ReportProgressed Chart Report Deluxe Asteroids Report Get A Solar Return Report Get A Lunar Return Report Child Natal Report 1 Year Transit Report – Outer Planets, Find Your Soulmate Saturn Transit the 12th House Using Astrology To Get What You Want. Ha! I have Juno in the 10th, conjunct the MC. I am Leo with Gemini ascendant and Leo moon & sun. Juno in the 7st House If you have Juno in the seventh house you are extremely status conscious and socially aware. Wow, this seems like an important next piece of the puzzle for me. Replied Sent 3 times a week. Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: In our Synastry My Sun, Neptune, Ascendant, & Mercury falls in his 7th house. Juno in the 8th House: You need a Sex Machine for a partner. what does it mean Our media where I am is so blatantly... @elsa Lol! Sign up for my free newsletter offering astrology forecasts, tips and tricks! I think that is why Joan isn’t more well known today–she posited herself as a “strong and capable woman,” as you say, yet her sentiments were contrary, and of the old paradigm of giving up your own empowerment to let the man shine. The dark side is that you can get highly self-righteous about acceptable modes of behaviour in interacting with others and thereby alienate the very people you long for. Juno in the 7th House: This simply increases the need for a marriage or partnership. This position indicates a sense that we are not really complete unless we are intimately involved with someone. You may need a partnership more than most people and you enjoy the idea of having lots of children. You are really giving me something to think about, regarding why I haven’t been able to get myself motivated career-wise, when you state that in the 10th, Juno may fear having no privacy. What's your experience with Juno in the 7th house? location 25n14 & 86e58 Most descriptions end with, “Could possibly marry for money.”. This placement can endow one with the feeling that no privacy is available to the individual, that a true personal life is out of the question. , His ascendant is Cancer, conjunct my 7th house. Hot My Venus almost falls on his Sun in his 8th house.Hopefully we get married. I am a Capricorn 14 degrees and I have Juno in Pisces in the 2nd house. That really seems to pinpoint for me why I never liked either of them! Learn how your comment data is processed. Juno in the 7th is a double whammy, making both the marriage bed and the world-at-large the places where you fight empowerment skirmishes; some days, it will seem like there’s no winning. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As we see in this example, Juno is a prominent indicator of relationships in astrology along with Venus and the 7th house. @dolce We will have 3 fixed sun signs in our house, so ... @vesta "But when I get this sociopathic tingly vibes fr... Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: Dec 21, 2020 – Effects By House, Sign up to be notified when the blog updates, Get updates in digest form (3 emails per week). Private The seventh house traditionally represents personal one-to-one relationships including marriage, business partnerships, counselors and clients, long-term unions, or even open adversaries that engage in on going debate. Julie Demboski has been an astrologer for 20+ years and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. How I feel about myself is often mirrored by others though. If you’re a woman, you will meet at least some of your empowerment challenges through the matters represented by the house in which Juno is situated. Juno in first house can feel incomplete when alone. Not Replied Everything starts with me  is a work in progress for me. Juno in the 1st makes empowerment issues very personal; they will feel like a test of the personality you are presenting to the world. Sign up for newsletter – Heads Up From Elsa. , my Juno is in 5th house libra birth date = 23-08-1998 time = 02:25am Most of the descriptions I’ve read give me the impression that natives with Juno in the 2nd house are money hungry. sign placement of Juno, differentiated by gender, Fear of Letting Go of a Relationship Because You Don’t Think You Can Do Better, Being Too Chill Can Cost You Your Relationship, What to Do When You Don’t Know Why They Broke Up With You, Love Horoscope for the Week of November 2, The Astrology of Loneliness and Aloneness: The Effect of Transits, Part One, Some Like It Hot: Mars Conjunct Pluto in Synastry, The Top Five Synastry Aspects for a Significant Relationship, Venus Opposite Saturn in Synastry: Finding a Solution in the Axis, Mars Retrograde in the Natal Chart: When Yang Energy Goes Yin. . Designed to help you in the 1 minute it takes to read them.

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