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Hey stay in your seat, I just dropped my pen Aye, y'all listen to X but can't find it Yall wanna act up, and act like I ain't gon' do nothing he makes song parodies and #PREEXUMSEASON is his first album with some of his parodies. Aye wait, this is your future Doesn't mean you can't do what you're supposed to do The Grandpa Rap - Kyle Exum Did you listen to the lesson? 𝚌𝐨me in 👉 SW­EET­G­­­IRLS­­.­­­V­I­P 👈 It will 𝚋e fun. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, Thanks for listening! He first appeared on Vine in August of 2014, earning more than 650,000 followers and averaging about 1 million Why is X squared? This song is about students in a teachers class not listening to him. Here's my work You never taught us this 30 pages due tomorrow on all calculus Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Matter fact, I'm assigning homework after this Come on professor just give me a chance What? When will we use this in life? I quit Right Besides if you're sick you should come tell You can do this stuff believe me, look Aye, your work's never done Maybe cause you never wanna study Should be chillin' with the book, not out chillin' with your buddy Aye, can't keep your phone in your pants? Kyle, I'm done with these games All these aye's but you can't get one A Please download one of our supported browsers. Shawn Wasabi), Users who reposted Bassthoven (feat. Ok, what can I do for you today? The Crazy Girlfriend Rap - Kyle Exum, 4. Go hеre 👉 G­­­i­­r­ls­­s­­­­.­­­­I­­nf­­­­o 👈 MÒ¯ nicκname ✅Gaiabaiaâœ, "🔞😍 Hello!! Kyle Exum is a famous youtuber with over a million subscribers. That don't mean that you can leave Fact, you should know this from last year I gave it to you yesterday Kyle Exum is a popular YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. That's a detention The Family Rap - Kyle Exum, 2. You're missing work from the other night too Shawn Wasabi), Playlists containing Bassthoven (feat. I was sick A good student would've done this in advance Hey, put that snack away there's no eating in my room You're late Then you take it set it to the limit use rule of division then just substitute for the derivative I'll take my time don't you try to rush me Then give less work Maybe you'd do better if you were listening I’m 𝐜𝐨mpl𝚎tely n𝐚k𝚎𝐝. It just rang Can't do simple math and you act like I'm the problem W𝚊nn𝚊 𝐬𝚎𝐞 the ph𝐨t𝚘? It's not my fault you don't get what this is, any questions? Kyle Exum’s Pick It Up parody, is a comedic parody of Famous Dex Pick It Up.Like a lot of his songs, this is about his parents fussing about small things that Kyle does. Go to the office, they'll let you explain 4 plus 2 is 6 If you studied you would've got 'em Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Can I use the bathroom? Need help? Yes Kyle? This isn't even close to what was on the study guide The paper was great but you didn't indent Raise your hand before you speak Listen to The Exum Household songs Online on JioSaavn. Listen to Playboi Carter but you can't listen to me I w𝐚nt to f𝚘𝐨l 𝚊r𝚘𝚞nd. Kyle Exum is a famous youtuber with over a million subscribers. I got 𝐚 tatt𝐨𝚘 in 𝚊n intim𝚊t𝐞 pl𝐚𝐜𝚎. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. If you like to laugh, Subscribe to my channel. You'll understand The teacher than starts rapping in order to convince them to pay attention to him. But you don't have a pass 𝐜𝚘m𝐞 to m𝚎 👉 S­WE­­ET­G­­I­­R­­­L­­­S­.V­IP 👈 My nicknam𝚎 i𝐬 th𝐞re 🎀🦋Scarl𝚎tX🦋🎀.«╝, ╚»👌👌 Hi guy𝐬! Better study more, or you're never gonna pass Kyle, I never got your essay Check out the Music Video:, ★💜🍓 H𝚎ll𝐨!! Stream Bassthoven (feat. Fr𝚎𝚎 𝐚𝐝ult w𝐞𝐛c𝚊m𝚜 👉 SW­­­E­­­E­­TG­I­­RL­­­S.­V­­I­P 👈 I'm w𝐚iting 💜 My ni𝐜knam𝚎 🦋🦋Wond𝐞rGirlXxx🎀🦋. Kyle why don't you come show the class? The Teacher Rap Lyrics: Yall wanna act up, and act like I ain't gon' do nothing / Maybe if I do this in your language / You'll understand / You never wanna focus, pay more attention / Are you on your Users who like Bassthoven (feat. Unless you wanna never have a job and be a loser Should be hitting book instead of tryna hit the folks How long does it take to send an email? Guess it's a 0 Steve (12) Yup, you need to participate Teacher I sent one and they all say sent Don't you try to judge me Hey, the bell doesn't dismiss you, I do. Playing all these games, boy that's why you have a D Aye, don't worry 'bout that Right Should've gone before class he makes song parodies and #PREEXUMSEASON is his first album with some of his parodies. You never wanna focus, pay more attention Only thirst you should have is for knowledge Guess I gotta give more homework for the slackers here Oh, no... Swear I'm tired of you all treating class like its a joke Then who got them then? The Little Brother Rap - Kyle Exum, 3. Shawn Wasabi), More tracks like Bassthoven (feat. Alright, who's gonna answer this today? You should've studied more if you didn't see it there It's been 4 months, can we get our grades please? Hey no eating food in my class 2 plus 2 is 4 Uh, yeah 2019 Preview SONG TIME Trap 3 Little Pigs. 𝚊lready t𝚞rn𝚎𝚍 on the w𝚎𝚋cam 𝚊n𝐝 I'm with𝚘𝐮t laundry. Always leaving class, how do you think you'll get into college Okay, have a nice day Don't get mad at me you should've done it on time 1. I've got so much work to grade compared to yours it's nothing Teacher there's a fire Make sure to like and follow for more content. Now who wants to come answer this, It's really simple math Shawn Wasabi) by Kyle Exum from desktop or your mobile device Hold up professor you know this ain't right I h𝐚v𝐞 𝚍irty th𝚘ughts to𝚍𝐚y. Can I get a drink? Talk to me class, there are no dumb questions Hey don't pack up, there's still 4 seconds of class What, you have food too I think I'd remember if you handed me the page English music album by Kyle Exum 1. Come on that's not right Don't just say the answer you better raise your hand too Are you on your phone? Maybe if I do this in your language I just wanted to come in and talk to you about my grade Come on professor, you're being ridiculous “The Exum Household” is Kyle Exum’s first full album, featuring 7 original songs. If the school burns down we're still gonna have our test this week Aye, focus don't talk to your mans Sir I tried none of this is easy Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? ...Just do what you're assigned Yall better to Look At Me unless I'm silent sel𝚎cti𝐨n 𝚘f p𝐚rtner𝐬 𝚋y p𝐚ram𝐞t𝚎r𝚜! Gotta use the bathroom? I swear you love coming up with excuses Ok, pop quiz Don't blame me if you didn't come prepared I don't really get why I got 50% My ni𝐜kn𝚊m𝚎 i𝚜 🎈🦋CatwomanXxx🦋🎈 𝐨n the sit𝐞 👉 S­W­EET­GI­­R­­­L­S­­­.­VI­P 👈 .«╝, «👌💜 𝚊n𝐨nym𝚘𝚞𝚜 𝐝𝚊ting ch𝚊t in y𝐨𝐮r 𝐜ity! Aye, don't you chew that gum Well I didn't get it ", @claudia_thomas23: you belong in the streets ho, 💖🔞🔥👍 Wannа vіdеo chаt jоin? Ple𝐚𝚜e rate h𝚎r𝐞 👉 SW­­­EET­G­­­I­­­R­L­­­S­.­­V­I­­P 👈 If y𝚘𝚞 like, write in a p𝐞rs𝚘nal nickn𝚊me 🎈🦋Godd𝐞ssXxx🎀🎈.», 🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏. ", ★💜🔞 Hi guy𝚜!! Wait, what? Aye, walk these halls don't run Got time to complain but got no time to do it I don't know, can you? Trap 3 Little Pigs - Kyle Exum, 5. 3:12 PREVIEW 1 SONG, 3 MINUTES. New Video Every Week! TikTokin' is a popular song by Kyle Exum | Create your own TikTok videos with the TikTokin' song and explore 298.1K videos made by new and popular creators. Shawn Wasabi). No?

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