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Here’s a few tips for starting out in Last Epoch and making your own build. Builds are player and community created specializations for characters. The best offensive Unique you can use for this build is "Chimaera’s Essence" which is Amulet that gives 100-160% increased damage while transformed and 5-10% increased movement speed while transformed, at the cost of reduced armour and resistances. Follow with 5/5 Thin Veil together with 4/4 Lingering Souls to maximize the uptime of spirits, increasing potential to apply more poison stacks on enemies. Then I’d get 3/3 in Wraith bringer, which summons a range of minions with a high chance to poison enemies, then put 4/8 points in Desolation to open the higher tier passives. Remember to level up with best weapons you can find, you are not locked into certain types of weapon, but only by whatever improves your damage. Look for +% Increased Damage Over Time, and +% Healing Effectiveness on Amulet, Rings, Catalyst, and Relic. Despecializing the skill resets the XP completely, allowing you to pick a new skill. You can mix and match two Adorned Immortal Idol with two of other Idols if you like, but you can’t mix Ornate Bone Idol and Huge Immortal Idol , so try different combinations to find what suits your playstyle the best. There are several unique equipment related to pet builds, I'm sorry if you didn't answer your question well. Crafting from a white item is ill-advised (unless it’s for making early/quick filler items such as mentioned before). This leaves you with 1 point, which I suggest putting into Spectral Scorn for higher range of spirits. This basic information is mostly intended for players discovering Last Epoch and perhaps also for those whom are having a tough time making their first character(s). Then finish with 1/3 in Bubonic Aura to add a chance for another damage over time debuff that spreads between enemies. In this Last Epoch Guide we’re going to be covering a Lich Build that focuses on the use of several Damage Over Time skills to build huge Poison and Necrotic damage stacks. Last Epoch Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Last Epoch, scheduled for release in April 2020, is a competitive Action RPG with Hack'n'Slash combat system. So it helps you kill enemies faster, and drains your health at same time. She has crazy random AOE damage that cover all the screen while your minions spread killing/holding them. You will get all your other passive skills earlier, and eventually you will have some extra points. Idols are good way to augment your character, and for this particular build, we have several options to build towards. Hyrule Warrior Age of Scourge: Mission XNUMX Gameplay! The skill drains health to teleport you into the desired spot on screen, and we can allocate 1/1 Drink deep to heal this amount drained over next four seconds, with the amount healed affected by Healing Effectiveness, so we end up healing more than what we drained. 3/3 Dance of Blood is another good way to add more poison stacks, by hitting enemies 3 more times, and can also heal some extra life. Baldur's Gate 3 Secret Zone: Route du Renouveau. The +hp/minion hp% points are very useful at the start, they’re double defense as your pets can tank quite a bit for you. I would like to know as well. We do that by putting 4/4 points in Mistress of Decay , and 4/4 in Harbinger of Blood. Last Epoch Item Database Grim Dawn Last Epoch. So perhaps those bases would be best?That's for normal weapons though, if we throw in uniques in the mix, Draalsting is a really good poison 2handed spear. There really should be a decent passive for 2H players at that stage of the tree to get to the higher passives that are desirable. With Healing Effectiveness from Aura of Decay working passively to regenerate life, and Life Leech works actively to heal every time you deal damage, letting you can breeze through campaigns and endgame content without stopping. Additionally it utilizes spells that hit several times per cast multiplying the number of stacks quickly, applying damage over time, that can kill enemies even after you move away from them. Armor and protections are in my opinion the best defensive stats you can get (as a Mage), followed by long time nothing and then ward. This page was last edited on 20 April 2020, at 22:12. Builds should be created in the Builds: namespace on the wiki. Last Epoch Best Builds and Classes Guides. You always need to maintain enough points in prerequisite points when respecing. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Scourge, the long awaited Muso! Get 2/4 in Scarlet Rain to reach Ethereal Body and put 1/1 point to turn spell damage into Necrotic. Lots of build guides are available on the forums, in class specific sections. Ward behaves the same except that it increases the pool of your HP that is easier to regenerate as a Mage. Builds are player and community created specializations for characters. For example you can move to the pack of mobs before the first pack has been taken down, and  it will sustain a very high health leech this way from doing damage to so many monsters at the same time. - On the right in acolyte tree pick up "Mania of Immortality", at least 5 points too, it's really good ward generation and will compensate for your low health pool. One of the nodes in that skill tree currently adds ward generated based on Intelligence, making INT a great investment for both damage & survivabilty. See below for instructions on how to use the template. I'm sure there are very important things I haven't thought off, and even if I won't be able to include everything as I want to keep it from being too daunting, I'd like to make it as useful as possible. I recommend putting 1/3 in Dominion of Undeath and 2/4 in Life Hunt For smoother ‘cast and move’ playstyle. , thanks for the kind words, it makes me happy to see people find these builds useful. I saw a live in Twitch yesterday and the pets of the beastmaster (he had 3 of them) were very helpful. We take 4/4 in Plague Rat, and 3/3 in Rot Weaver, for increased area of effect, and higher poison frequency on enemies. - Pick up +INT/elem protect nodes (int is damage for all or nearly all mage skills, including spellblade attacks, but it is also ward retention). So my stat priorities for defenses are (starting with the highest): Vit (+15 void/necrotic/poison protection per point), Armor + Elemental or other single protection stats, Ward generation + ward retention up to at least 100%, Int (both offensive and defensive, spell scaling and ward retention), I was also lucky to find a nice unique shield with 35% block chance and over 1k block protection ("Soul Bastion"), which already saved me from a few necrotic lances so far. Hello, thank you for the awesome guide!

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