lexington law lawsuit

WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM In any case, make sure that you receive confirmation of your cancellation in some form of writing. In regards to the count that Lexington Law charged fees for services that had not been rendered, they simply denied the charge. UPDATE: The Lexington Law Firm TCPA Class Action Settlement was granted final approval on April 15, 2020. Lexington Law responded to the CFPB complaint with a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. THEY CONTACTED ME ALSO, BUT I STUPIDLY FELL FOR IT AND I LOST HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS & THEY CONTINUE TO CONTACT ME IN AN EFFORT TO GET MY SUPPOSED REMAINING BALANCE, WHICH I REFUSED TO PAY WHEN I REALIZED THEIR SERVICES WERE BS! Lexington Law Firm Class Action Settlement Class Eligibility You are a member of the settlement if you received an autodialed call or text message from Lexington on or after July 12, 2013 through the date of the entry of an order of preliminary approval by the court. my score was at 662. that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, You can change these settings at any time. They called me twice and left voicemails and texted me that I will no longer receive SMS anymore. While I think with an amended complaint some of these charges may stick or induce a settlement, the original complaint is kind of a mess.