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56. Refresh your page, login and try again. It can be used for boys or girls. Jasper — Babies bring so much joy to families, and this Persian moniker is accurately described as “bringer of treasure.”. Silas — “Of the forest” pretty much solidifies he’ll be an outdoor guy! This is a name for a dark-haired girl with pale skin. 102. 196. Just kidding. Troy began her on-camera career at the age of four as one of the original cast members on the PBS hit show, Sesame Street. Sandy .. someone with light reddish brown hair. Adreana Walker Circulation In The Pacific Ocean, 176. 9. She has an older sister, ... Brooklyn Sudano was born on January 5, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Willa — A name of German origin that means “resolute protection.” Similar to the ever-growing name Willow. 77. For a really creative name, pick two options from this last as your baby’s first and middle names. 269. Aleric — A boy name of Old German origin, it means “noble ruler.”, 149. ... His father's stage name was "Prince Rogers". 281. So get started on those birth announcements—here are 300 underused and amazing baby name options that will definitely leave an impression! Tanner — “Leather worker” of English origin. He was previously married to Tracey Ferguson. Lian — Only one letter off from Liam (the #1 most popular boy name from 2017-now), this name meaning “the graceful willow” (of Chinese origin) barely squeezed onto the top 1,000 boy names in 2018. 35. Angus — Comes from an Old Gaelic name Aonghus, and means “one strength.”. Ad Choices. Reagan — Traditionally known as an Irish surname meaning “little ruler,” this is now a growing girls’ (and boys’) name—hovering inside and just outside of the top 100 girls’ names throughout the last 10 years. Worldfirst Vs Transferwise Vs Ofx, They ... Tisha Campbell's first TV appearance was at the age of 8, on episode #006 of the PBS show The Big Blue Marble (1974). This name means a woman with raven-black hair. In high school she played volleyball, basketball, and ran track. Rory — This Gaelic classic moniker means “red king,” and while it is more popular as a boy’s name in America (#368 in 2018), it can be used for both genders (Think Gilmore). This variation on Kerra means dark or dusky. 202. ), it stands out with its Greek mythology connection, and means “defender.”, 83. This name means “son of David” and is of Welsh origin. This is a name for a child that has dark eyes. 214. Maverick — This “independent; nonconformist” will surely think for himself! 170. ?I will make sure to shout you out. This pretty name is given to beautiful women with dark hair. This pretty name means the little, dark one. Rinoa is a name for someone who is the bright torch that lights up the darkness. It is a name for someone who has a dark hair that is like the raven’s feathers. He has been married to Ashlee Simpson since August 30, 2014. 69. 171. 282. Houston — We (don’t) have a problem….using this location-based name! His father is Afro-Bahamian, and his mother, who is Canadian, is of Italian and Scottish descent. Jair — Hebrew for “he shines.” We believe it! Davian — A modern take on David, meaning “beloved.”. 255. She has been married to Cory Hardrict since April 20, 2008. 294. Benton — Traditionally “settlement in a grassy place,” describing an area of land, this easily lends itself to the nickname Ben. Your account was created. This name once meant someone who was a part of a racial group that had dark skin. 47. 138. Sorry, comments are currently closed. 52 Baby Shower Gifts That New Parents Will Actually Use, 1. Tripp — A newer variation of Trip, which was commonly used as a nickname for someone who was “the third” in their family (such as Henry III). Briar — While its meaning is “a thorny patch,” many love using this name as a nod to Sleeping Beauty‘s alias Briar Rose. Remy — A French name depicting someone from the (also French) city of Rheims. Rory — This Gaelic classic moniker means “red king,” and while it is more popular as a boy’s name in America (#368 in 2018), it can be used for both genders (Think Gilmore). You can use these as first or last names. Lawson — AKA “Son of Lawrence,” this was ranked #380 in 2018. His directorial skills can be seen in the retelling of the epic mini-series "Roots" starring Forest Whitaker and Matthew Goode. This unusual name can mean little, dark one. In Latin, this name was said to mean swarthy or dark skinned. Arlette — Small but mighty—this powerful moniker of French origin means “lion of God.”. This is my name … Wilder — Added to the top 1,000 names in 2015, this English name has no solidified meaning, per se, but just the fact that it features “wild” proves it’s perfect for any boy! Kenna — An American, feminine take on the Irish name Kenneth, meaning “fire born; good-looking.”, 221. 152. You seem to be logged out. We rounded up beautiful, unique baby names (for boys, girls, or any gender) that literally mean "light" — from Phoebe and Dawn to Ner and Oran. Posted on September 30, 2020 by . 240. In her segment, Tisha was shown playing with her brother, going to school with her mother who was... Jennifer Freeman was born on October 20, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Jennifer Nicole Freeman. 42. Shreddies Honey, Actress | Wesson — A variant of “Weston” (meaning “from the western town”), this moniker showed up on the charts for the first time in 2010! Buy designer clothing & accessories and get Free Shipping & Returns in USA. Asher — Inspirational in more ways than one, this Hebrew name means “fortunate, happy one.”. Shepherd — Understandably depicted as a “herdsman” or “guardian of sheep,” this first name entered the top 1,000 baby boy names in America in 2016. conditions of our, Your use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance Luz — A name of Spanish and Latin origin meaning “light.”. After high school, she moved to New York and quickly got commercial work. 186. This means the darkness at the end of the night. 210. 283. Juniper — A name of Latin origin meaning “young”—may your little one always be young at heart! 99. For an unusual name, pick this one. Aniya — “Creative,” of Hebrew origin. 222. 86. She was previously married to Earl Watson. Maxton — Reaching the top 1,000 boy names for the first time in 2011, this name of Latin origin means “greatest.”, 67. 175. Blakely — It means “dark wood or clearing”—we’re into the creative twist on Blake! Goldie — This pretty moniker means “Made Of Gold” and is of English origin. And sometimes, it just feels like everything out there is overdone at this point. In 2001, Drake rose ... Jussie Smollett was born on June 21, 1982 in Santa Rosa, California, USA as Justin Smollett. Nia — A name of Welsh origin meaning “purpose, bright.” We can’t think of a better description of what a baby brings to a parent! 201. Fia means daughter in Italian. Brodie — “Little ridge,” is typically a geographic Scottish surname, and is often spelled Brody as well. Her family lived across the street from the 20th Century Fox lot when she was growing up and she was a ... Zoe Saldana was born on June 19, 1978 in Passaic, New Jersey, to Asalia Nazario and Aridio Saldaña. An extremely versatile performer in film, television and on stage, Chris is no stranger to the entertainment arena both on and off camera in both comedy and drama.Film credits include the "The World's Fastest Indian" playing Tina, a transvestite opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins "The Joneses" opposite ... Shireen Crutchfield is an actress, known for Dark Angel (2000), House Party 3 (1994) and The Bold and the Beautiful (1987). 218. 210. A seasoned actress, Garcelle ... Four time Grammy Award-winner Leonard Albert Kravitz was born on May 26, 1964 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, the only child of actress Roxie Roker and Hollywood producer Sy Kravitz. Khaleesi — Taken from the fictional language in Game of Thrones, this roughly means “queen” (the title of Daenerys Targaryen) and in 2018, was #549 for the top girls’ names. Sincere — An American name meaning “honest,” and was ranked #591 in 2018. 266. Gannon — Originated in Ireland, and means “fair-skinned.”. Shepherd — Understandably depicted as a “herdsman” or “guardian of sheep,” this first name entered the top 1,000 baby boy names in America in 2016. Even when you think you have your names all figured out, a close friend might share their baby announcement with the exact name you picked out (great minds, right?!). 113. Maura is a pretty name that means one who is dark or darkness. 85401 Zip Code, 199. Calliope — This name of Greek origin means “beautiful voice,” and lends itself to the nickname Callie (Dr. Callie Torres ringing any bells, Grey’s Anatomy fans?). 209. 127. Romina — The feminine, Latin origin take on “Roman.”, 197. Saanvi — This name of Indian origin, seemingly synonymous with Hindu goddess Lakshmi, peaked in popularity at #846 eight years ago, in 2011. 185. Along with Aaron and Clara, other names that mean light in the US Top 1000 include Bodhi, Elena, Kiara, Lucian, Noemi, Nora, Robert, and Xavier. She is an actress and producer, known for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Hidden Figures (2016) and Hustle & Flow (2005). A complaint was filed about his ... U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. You have entered an incorrect email address! This name means dark-skinned one. Parker — Originally known as “park keeper,” this was an occupational last name. 142. Names that mean light or bright shine beautifully and boldly on a baby. Finnegan — First hitting the top American charts in 2005, this name of Irish origin means “fair,” and gives you the opportunity to call him Finn for short. Aminah — This Arabic name that means “truthful” has been growing rather consistently in the United States throughout recent years and in 2017, it even reached #887 on the chart. Go Ahead and Toss out Your Old List—Here Are 300+ Unique Baby Names From the Last Decade! 261. 147. This type of animal looked like a weasel and had dark fur. Mylah — This is an English girl’s name meaning “soldier” (we’re getting Mulan vibes!). She is a producer and writer, known for Coyote Ugly (2000), Tropic Thunder (2008) and America's Next Top Model (2003). Parker — Originally known as “park keeper,” this was an occupational last name. Noemi — A variant of Naomi, this Latin take means “my delight,” which will for sure describe your baby girl! Girl. Saige — The name is of Latin origin and means “wise.”. Great name for a light skinned girl. Annika — A Swedish take on Anna, meaning “grace, favored.”. Joti is a pretty name for a light or candle. 224. 73. This name is said to signify a dark-skinned beauty. Flynn — Tangled may have had something to do with this unique name growing in popularity! It can also be used to mean a dusky, dark or gloomy night. The show featured stories on the life and culture of children from around the world. 38. Additional theatre credits include "The Old Settler" at The Pasadena Playhouse for which he received an Ovation award ... Stacey Dash was born in the Bronx, New York. There was an error in your submission. Vera — An option of Russian origin meaning “faith.”. Chris Brown daughter? 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