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Approach via the Big Beaver trail to Luna Camp, 10 miles from the trailhead. Amazingly it hadn’t snowed for the past 10 days, and most of the upper route on Luna Peak is on south facing aspects. Somehow I’d shaved almost 2.5 hours off the previous fastest known time for Luna. It still wasn’t enough to justify putting on the microspikes, though. A couple people had gps tracks though that did show someone went to Luna from the Luna Camp split. Sean has most of the fastest known times for mountains in the pacific northwest, so I figured this would be a lower bound for the time required to climb Luna. The bushwhack is notoriously difficult, and the stream crossing to access the bushwhack has itself turned parties around. One mile later we got to the cairn that marked the spot to head up to Luna Peak. However, everyone on the trip were Mountaineers. I bushwhacked up through dense brush to Access Creek, and then started ascending the south side of Access Creek. Although Beckey recommends a low traverse on the western side of this crest, I spied a higher and more direct (but more exposed) traverse on the eastern side. Once on the north side of Access Creek I picked up an intermittent climbers trail. Here is my original route description from many years ago: Drop your heavy gear and pack a summit bag at Luna Pass. My official car-to-car time was 16 hours 29 minutes. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. Knocked out the first 2000ft gain then rounded the corner for the first view of the col and Luna. You will need slings and a rope to cross to the true summit (unless you don’t mind climbing free over bad, exposed rock). We found the log crossing we were aiming for without any problem and found climbers trail on and off the rest of the way into the basin. 24 Trip Reports for this trail, below The tallest peak in the Picket Range of the North Cascades, this peak features some gorgeous mountain views and glacier travel, but requires route-finding and navigation skills to tackle. Once under the summit block, we wrapped around the backside and found a few easy moves up to the summit block. They had everything handled and were waiting for a heli rescue that was on the way and didn’t need anything. Télécharger Luna Mountain – San Bernardino Mountains – San Bernardino County – California ... Related Posts © 2018 – 2020, The last mile was uphill, but I knew I could push it at the end, since I’d be resting once I reached the car anyways. More important, though, I didn’t have to bushwhack or hike back in the dark, which wouldn’t have been super fun. I think that at the time (I'd only been climbing for a year or two) the rope really helped me deal with the exposure. The woods stayed open and the bushwhacking tame the whole way down. For example, the I found the small summit register and signed in. The Mountaineers teaches skills and leads outdoor activities Helping people explore, conserve, learn about, and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Somehow I have an ability to fall asleep almost whenever I want to, which is pretty useful on trips like this. Somehow I’d only drank one liter of water so far, perhaps because I was mostly moving in the cold and dark and not sweating much. This was mostly just in case the summit ridge was icy. I hit the climbers trail back on the north side of Access Creek, and it was actually good enough that I could jog it for short sections. But I still had 1.5 hours of dark, so plunged into the woods anyways. After eating dinner in Seattle later that evening I noticed that I had 95,000 steps on my fitbit. I flipped through the book and noticed that Sean O’Rourke had signed in a few years earlier and said his time from car to summit was 9 hours 40 minutes. On the jog back I encountered one other hiker near 39-mile camp, and one fisherman near Ross Lake. Near the summit I dropped down to a ledge to my right, scrambled back to the ridge behind the summit, then climbed up a few 4th class moves to gain the summit from the back side. I updated the page. It’s mostly open forest, with occasional blueberry bushes to push through. Thanks for the input. Never caught up to him to say sorry about that. The false summit was covered in snow, and was in fact the first unavoidable snow I encountered on the ascent. I carefully crawled across on all fours and made it safely to the other side. On the way back everyone else retraced their steps to go back up to the ridge then to the false summit. Took us about 7.5 hours to do the 15 miles into Access Creek basin where we setup camp. I went up the chimney which was a little awkward but went up fine. (1), Additions & Corrections (Granted, I may have just picked a really good route to follow and other routes could still be bad). This would be an amazing place to camp because there are views of the both the northern and southern pickets from the col. Thanks for the input. More than just books: Gear, Apparel & More. I was pretty surprised that I basically tied Sean’s time. However, you have come this far and it might seem hollow not to have actually “summited.” You will have to use your good judgment and make your decision on the spot. So, we split the difference and ran the first 30 feet of the ridge which is exposed but felt more solid and that took us to a ramp down to the ledges. Keep weather conditions in mind at all times! This meant I had a good chance of getting a snow-free ascent of Luna, which is pretty surprising for late October. However, I was pretty excited to see that all the devil’s club leaves had fallen off for the season, making the bushwhack a bit less painful. He seemed to have that response that sounds like he knew where he was going and was wondering if we knew where we were going. Nulla massa diam, tempus a finibus et, euismod nec arcu. After admiring the view a bit longer I scrambled back to the false summit, then hiked down to the col. It also appeared that I would make it back home for dinner, and have time to pack up for my packrafting trip to Blanca Lake the next morning. After eating some pasta I curled, Luna camp, and the sun still hasn’t risen. Seattle at a more reasonable hour. The standard way to climb Luna peak is a 48-mile roundtrip hike, which involves 34 miles of on-trail travel plus 5 miles of bushwhacking, 9 miles of scree, talus and heather, and a 500ft 4th class scramble along an exposed ridge. Next morning, we took off up the narrow rocky gully, but going wider right and up and then across through the trees works too (probably a bit easier too). I had gambled correctly by not bringing the crampons and ice ax. At the base of the cirque, past a few bivy sites, I turned left and hiked up a gully leading directly to the ridgeline. Most of the pages were faded too much to read or disintegrated but some were clearly dated from 1971, 77 and 78 which was a cool find. I guess by this time in the fall the upper snowfields that usually melt to feed the stream aren’t melting much in the cold weather. The The rock is quite solid on the traverse and easy to navigate across o or just a few feet below the ridge crest on the east side. Not sure how long It had been dropped down on the ledges. On our way down we stopped by and chatted for a moment. But neither this ridge nor the difficult traverse between the summits is the real "crux" of the climb. I crossed the creek into a talus field and was treated to my first view of Luna. I started feeling kind of miserable after several hours of hiking through the dark at 3:30am after very little sleep, but after eating a snickers bar I cheered up and had energy again. I was astounded how much easier this crossing was than had been reported from groups earlier in the summer. I had crossed Big Beaver Creek about a half mile downstream from Access Creek, which was the bushwhacking route. All Rights Reserved. If anyone goes up anytime soon it could use a new register. I quickly waded across and made a short bushwhack back to the trail. The climbers trail leads to a creek crossing around 3,700ft at the base of the eastern cirque of Luna Peak. The view from the summit of Luna, supposedly one of the best views in Washington, New fastest known time: 16 hours 29 minutes car to car (according to The traverse route turned out to be rather enjoyable, with a lot of moderately exposed Class 2-3 ledges in somewhat loose rock, and culminating in a very exposed Class 3 summit block of good rock. Outils inclus: PEAK-CPL, PCAN-View, PLIN-View Pro et Virtual PCAN-Gateway. The party of 3 waiting for us then took off for the true summit while we took a lunch break before heading back. The muddy grass was frozen and firm, allowing me to make quick progress. I stopped briefly to fill up another Nalgene from the snow melt, then traversed around to the southeast ridge of Luna. This time I stayed on the north side of Access Creek all the way down to the confluence with Big Beaver Creek. Just a bit up the scramble to the false summit we past a pair of climbers coming back who had stopped at the false summit.

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