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He is a good friend of the Bai family, and shares a special relationship with Bai Zhen. I have watched it twice and I can’t stop talking about it. It’s so insane that this drama received little attention in my country (I’m from Vietnam). I still listen to them now, although I kind of got bored with Love and Destiny’s soundtracks already. After starring in, “The last time I received this kind of treatment was when I was doing, Mark admitted that he was originally hesitant on accepting the role of Ye Hua. You really can’t compare their acting/delivery to the characters the actors portrayed. His Yehua is less a man of ice than a reserved gentleman with a hidden sense of roguish mischief - the kind of guy who, as opposed to K-drama heroes, actually knows the trick for making a girl's clothes disappear. Lol 1.a and 1.b! We had good rapport during the campaign shoot since we have worked together before and it’s also a brand that we both love. Must have missed the notifcation email somewhere. Mee too!! I think that also helps to stir up our fangirl mentality, of course, we want to be like Bai Qian, so cool and have a guy all over us. For Peaches, it was a near instant dislike – Yang Mi can’t really act, and I did not think much of Mark Chao’s performance (he never struck me as a God of War, and did not have that kind of screen presence or acting skills for such a role). Sort of? He's always looked down on Li Jing because they have different mothers. He was sent to the mortal realm to undergo a trial after being framed by Su Jin. “But I found the script [for, But when it comes to rating his own looks and appearances in the drama, Mark feelings are rather mixed. I wrote quite a few comparison reviews, not to bash one drama but because I love both, and plan to continue doing so. the LaD, in my view, does not give the angst throughout. I can understand if you wanna drop at the beginning I do think Eternal Love has a broader appeal so it’s understandable if you prefer it. Not only was the drama disappointing but this rwview is disappointing because the reviewer was definitely “hired” by the powers that be to promote the drama. I loved her when I was watching the drama because she’s strong and it gives you a sense of satisfaction. [1] It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name (released as To the Sky Kingdom in English) by Tang Qi. I can really understand why some people prefer TMoPB though, it’s got a bit more of an epic romance feel to it compared to Love and Destiny. The plot of ten miles is superb, not only as it aired first. What are your favourite pieces from the collection? Yet in Love & Destiny, you’ll see why Jiu Chen loves Ling Xi. Your email address will not be published. Side Story – Supports Role : Love & Destiny 5. Personally, I found TMOPB’s soundtracks more addictive. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Eternal Love aka Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) Starring Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Dilireba, Vengo Gao and Zhang Bin Bin. In Love and Destiny, I feel like the character doesn’t really change just because they met each other and it’s a compliment. All rights reserved. L&D seems to get really good reviews and popularity among international fans (in English) and it has better rating on Douban, so fear not! Mark Chao’s excelency of potraiting Mặc Uyên/Dạ Hoa makes the show worth re-watching. Thanks for commenting anyway. Oh, one last thing, Love and Destiny has the cutest pets in wu wan and ‘little white” apart from Wuji’s little hamster (Yun Bao)from Fuayo. A well-respected High Goddess in the heavenly realm, who is revered for her beauty. Love & Destiny is a bit underrated. Second son of the Fox King, Bai Qian's elder brother and Feng Jiu's father. In terms of evil characters, I really hate how TMOPB portray the antagonists as women who got swallowed up in jealousy. Ghost Tribe's second prince, who becomes the Ghost Lord after his father was sealed by the Dong Huang bell. On the other hand, Ling Xi was always a god of war fan girl even before they met so her crush on Jiu Chen was apparent from the start. This how the portrayal of women in dramas should be. She then dies while trying to retrieve the Divine Fungal Grass to revive her son. The series was broadcast on Zhejiang TV and Dragon TV from 30 January to 1 March 2017. “Eternal Love” Sequel to Star Dilireba and Vengo Gao, This New Still from Yang Mi’s New Drama Reminded Everyone of “Eternal Love”, “Three Lives Three Worlds” Movie, Starring Liu Yifei and Yang Yang, Premieres August 3rd, “Three Lives, Three Worlds” Continues to Stun Fans with Epic Posters, Yang Mi, Mark Chao’s “Three Lives, Three Worlds” Release New Character Stills, Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan Are Happily Married, Mark Chao Plays a Seasoned Manager in "The Ordinary Glory", "Big White Duel 2" Brings Together Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma, Sisley Choi's Heart Pounded When Filming “Line Walker 3” with Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma’s Big Reveal in “Line Walker: Bull Fight”, "Legal Mavericks 2" to Feature Thought-Provoking Cases, Flight Attendant Reveals What These 10 Superstars Are Like in Person, What Lisa Tse's Childhood in Scotland Was Like, Fred Cheng Overcomes Stephanie Ho's Father's Disapproval, Philip Keung Thanks Alex Man for His Mentorship, "The Witness" Continues Low Ratings Streak After "Operation C9", Roxanne Tong Photoshops Out "Happy Weight" Gain, Roxanne Tong Photoshops Out “Happy Weight” Gain, Fred Cheng Overcomes Stephanie Ho’s Father’s Disapproval, “The Witness” Continues Low Ratings Streak After “Operation C9”, What Lisa Tse’s Childhood in Scotland Was Like, Lee Seung Gi Stars in Upcoming Korean Drama, “Mouse”, Gordon Lam Convinces Louis Koo To Film New Movie for Free, “Legal Mavericks 2” to Feature Thought-Provoking Cases. I don’t think the scene was necessary, but for promotional purpose. Chinese drama “Love and Destiny” has been the topic of the town ever since its release, partially due to people calling the drama “the spin-off of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”. Song :Bracing the Chill 凉凉 - OST - Zhang Bi Chen & Aska Yang 7 questions with Eternal Love stars Yang Mi and Mark Chao, The two stars spill their plans for Chinese New Year and their thoughts on working together again. Su Su: Mortal identity of Bai Qian, with her memories and powers sealed by Qing Cang after she successful re-seals Qing Cang in the Dong Huang bell. Why compare between an apple and an orange even though by the same team. Its success factors were attributed to its beautiful scenes, poetic dialogues and popular stars; as well as the strong fanbas… I remembered skipping a few first Eps of Ten Miles when Bạch Thiển is Tư Âm. 10. My mum will finally get off my back about my (CNY) outfits. I found read your review (and all the comments). It never makes sense to me why Ye Hua loves Su Su so much that he went through such a great length. I’d like to be straight to the point. Park Ji-sun and other celebrities who passed away in their prime. Comedy : Love & Destiny 8. I find custome in L&D pretty in a more sophisticating way. He was kidnapped by the Ghost Lord and forced to be his god-son, and later killed in the war between Nine Heavens and the Ghost Tribe. In the mortal world, she meets Ye Hua and falls in love with him after forgetting about her life as a goddess. He is loyal to the Bai family, having served them since youth. Then, in the 11th episode, the would-be lovers, Qian and dragon prince Yehua (Chao… She then acted as a spy for the Ghost Tribe to steal the troop formation from Kun Lun, causing Mo Yuan's army to be defeated. Although Fengjiu loves her Aunt, I didn’t see them together that much or caring for each other like Ling Xi and Qing Yao, or even Ling Xi and Shi San. Mark Chao joked back, 'Actually, in the beginning, Director complained that I was ugly, then unexpectedly, the longer she looked the better it looked so filming carried on.

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