mgb respray cost

Frequently Asked Questions phone1300 655 661. With classics going up so much, I imagine associated costs have risen too. Refitting following offside wing repaint. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. Bravo Brian. ‘On time’ If you are an on time kind of guy then were probably are not for you, Unfortunately the nature of the work we carry out is dependent on the job that came before and the job that came before yours may have been delayed due to additional work required to improve the longevity of the vehicle and the work carried out by us which intern will delay proceeding jobs. In-House paint mixing assures a perfect colour match. Our highly skilled bodywork technicians can undertake any aspect of … Please call to discuss these, but as a guide prices typically start from around £35000. Click here to visit our restoration galleries, where you will find more restoration pictures. Replace front 3/4 of stepsill - Labour & parts: £230.00, Replace lower half rear wing, including derusting & anti-rust priming inner arch. Ask yourself - do you dislike the colour so much you are prepared to spend half the car's value changing it? Gassing Station | Classic Cars and Yesterday's Heroes | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. body restoration, dent repair, welding Tel. You'll regret it if not and the colour doesn't quite match. I'd like to know if, seeing the car is being restored, the car has been stripped, since that would make a lot of difference. MG TF RESPRAY. The Live MG MGB Technical BBS is active now. I would rather pay the extra money and be able to look down the side of the car and see a nice flat surface. Can't find much recent info on the cost of a colour change / bare metal respray. New bodyshells in Tartan Red and Glacier White freshly painted in the low bake oven. A range of quotes. You can expect to pay anywhere between £350 and £500 for a single panel to several thousand if you want a full body respray. On Budget: The idea of a budget varies greatly depending on your circumstances and the truth is every paint job is only as good as the work that goes in to it. Looking to undertake on a '65 MGB … Cost of a full respray for MGB. Well if you are thinking about sending the car away, S&D are on Bristol Ave, Bispham, Blackpool, and they are good. MG Midget and Sprite Technical Full respray advice BBS discussion at See if the guy has a couple of references you can check out before you make your decision. Excludes: FULL OR PART RESTORATION. It is a hell of a lot of money to spend on cosmetics unless the shell needs a lot of renovation too. Priming MGB GT in readiness for a full respray. MGB Roadster newly painted and ready for fitting up. The work was similar to yours although no panels needed rework and of course the bodywork has less area. MG Midget and Sprite Technical Full respray advice BBS discussion. Re: How much would it cost to respray an mgf? Bexleyheath Welcome to our resource for MG Car Information. Total cost was £2,000. 10 posts. (note additional refinishing time included due to poor pressing quality of replacement panels) Prices correct @ 21/01/2020. ... Spray painting is an artform and it takes much practice and decent (high cost) equipment to get it right. © 2020 Classic Car Resprays, Bodywork and Restoration — Powered by WordPress. This section also includes guide pricing for; finishing home vehicle restorations, fibreglass kit car paintwork and custom Paintwork. DA7 4NR. Since restored XKE convertibles are regularly selling for over $100,000, what’s a restored MGB going to be worth in a … Do they give a warranty? New MGB wing treated with Hammerite prior to fitting. Our highly skilled bodywork technicians can undertake any aspect of restoration from complete rebuilds to localised body repair on any classic vehicle. Required fields are marked *. In my various paints of various cars, the difference in price has been up to fourfold. So to help guide you please read the following options and information: When you employ a classic car restorer or paintshop you have three choices On budget, On spec, or on time you may choice 1 of them. Things like taking off the chrome, grill and anything else you feel ok in taking off and putting back on. How much are you looking to change the colour of? And if the answer is yes, are you then going to change the interior trim too? I dion’t like the current colour or finish. Sorry, we are in CH but the car is in Scotland at present. It is perhaps fair to say that the overall cost would be less than the cost of a new Miata. This thread is from the archive. Every time I've thought about doing this I've always come up short. MGB GT in the paint oven after preparation for painting following localised wing repair. Additional labour & parts for lead filling on chrome bumper models. Monday-Friday 07:30-16:30 if not, is $7000 worth it? Labour & parts: £910.00, Replace rear wing beading strip. This section will give you some base line pricing for change of car colour, cars that just require paint work and body shell painting. (The minimum cost to refinish & respray this item is £500.00) Labour & parts: £370.00, Replace quarter rear wing only. Has anyone been tempted to respray their own TF? Even with panel work that is a lot of money. Fitment of quarter/ half/ full rear wing - see items 4, 9 & 10 below It seems a tad bit high to me but doing a good job of preparing the car for paint takes a lot of time and is well worth the extra cost IF they do it right. For a decent bare metal respray you're looking at between 3-6K depending on how the car will arrive, we're doing a 69 911 which arrived as a bare shell & after some remedial work it's costing £4500, we also have a 66 912 & that is 12K so far. I have rust creeping in between the joins of the front right wing and the left rear, where those silly wedge shaped strips fill the gap between outer panel and body.

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