monsterquest: florida sea monster

The water in Lake Tarpon is also very murky, and it has been said by researchers that the Burmese Pythons in The Everglades would eventually genetically adapt and spread north. Lake Tarpon would make the perfect home for a migrating pythonI think there's even a chance Lake Tarpon might even have more than one Burmese Python somewhere in the 120 ft depths of this "Gem of Pinellas" and it's surrounding nature estuary-esque region. Alleged Florida 'sea monster' footage taken by Gene Sowerwine caused much excitement when it was revealed on an episode of MonsterQuest in 2007, but it was later found to show both a manatee with an injured tail and a wayward bearded seal. The everglades has developed an alarming population of nearly undetectable Burmese Pythons, I think that's exactly what this is, and explains the "Lake Tarpon - Tarpie" sightings"I live on lake tarpon and have been wondering about "Tarpie" for the last few months since hearing about it...Bear with me for a second, this might sound crazy but I think I might have this figured out -Ever since the 1980's, the Everglades have started to develop an infestation of Burmese Pythons, native to parts of Asia, and imported into the US for trade as exotic pets. ", would have a 'waisted' appearance behind the head, more narrow than the head. The origin of last year's other sensational underwater story remains a mystery. A rendition of the New River Inlet carcass, by the superb artist, Illustration by Lawrence DeMeza depicting the alleged Penascola 'sea serpent' stalking its prey. Something bigger than a manatee that moves away quickly when approached. "Mediterranean Merhorse. Thank you. Great stuff. Drinnon, Dale A. Episode 46: "Gigantic Killer Fish II." I'm keeping my video camera handy just in case I get lucky. Mississippi Man Shares Encounter With Purported Out of Place Jaguarundi, An Interview With Chuck Pogan: Cryptozoological Researcher & Analyst of Alleged Lake Champlain "Monster" Footage, Blog On A "Log": An Analysis of The Mansi Photograph By Scott Mardis, An Intriguing Report Of A Black Panther In Kansas, My Many-Humped 'Sea Serpent' Sighting (Well, Not Really), The Lord Geekington: Cameron McCormick's Brilliant Abode of Zoological Miscellany, Bestiarium: Markus Bühler's Site on Fantastic Biology, Paleontology, and Nature, CaddyScan: An Ongoing Attempt To Obtain Definitive Video Evidence Of The Unidentified Marine Animals Reported As "Cadborosaurus", Doubtful News: A sharp-eyed view of questionable claims, Tetrapod Zoology: Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - living and extinct. Mariners have long told stories of frightening beasts. Airdate: April 22, 2009 Mariners have long told stories of frightening beasts that stalk the coast of Florida, but new video could prove that old sailors were seeing real sea monsters. Was Dennis Hall's "Baby Champ" A Mudpuppy Salamander? I theorize Tarpie might live in, or around Brooker Creek in particular. If I hear from them, I'll be sure to let you know. I have a fishtank with a nice marbel channel cat, one from the lake. Someone in the comments suggested mating manatees in particular. I sent an email to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and asked if they thought the footage was consistent or not with manatee mating behavior. The show recaps Florida sea monster sightings. History Channel - Original Air Date: 4/22/09 People are seeing something strange in the inlet waters of Florida, and MQ wants to find out what it is. Thought to have been injured by a boat propeller at some point in its life, the manatee's tail grew back into three separate prongs. It seems that remains a viable explanation, though your final words in this post are well-taken: videos like this will probably remain ambiguous puzzles with little evidential value in themselves. I’ll be back. Not like a pet owner would report an illegal pet missing....Ok so you think this is all pretty crazy...some huge snakelike monster MIGHT actually exist in the lake, and you know what else is pretty crazy about Lake Tarpon?The AMERICAN CROCODILE THAT MIGRATED 350 MILES FROM THE EVERGLADES AND WAS FOUND IN LAKE TARPON, WHICH WAS THOUGHT TO TRAVEL THROUGH FLORIDA'S "EXTENSIVE CANAL SYSTEM"So there's the possibility that if it's not a rogue exotic local pet, it might be an exotic pet that migrated from the Everglades...still think that's farfetched?My only other idea is a monstrous catfish with a remarkable growth defect. If the area is really shallow then the female manatee is probably looking for a place to rest. by News Service - January 11, 2010 22:05 EST, Florida: Annual Manatee Death Count Shows Cold Weather An Unusually Big Factor Again, Florida: Cold Weather Brings Record 699 Manatee Deaths In 2010; Access To 'Warm-Water Sites' Needed, Exceptional Weather Conditions Lead To Record High Florida Manatee Count; 'Wonderful News', Florida Records Unprecedented Number Of Cold-related Manatee Deaths; Over 100 Carcasses Recovered, Florida Officials Release Final Manatee Mortality Numbers For 2009; Cold-stress Deaths Spike, New Book Examines The 'Politics Of Shark Attacks', Politicians' Fishy Behavior, #SharksToo: New Research Shows Some Mating Scars On Female Sharks Are The Result Of Rape, Group: Media's Interpretation Of Captive Dolphin 'Happiness' Study Is 'Misguided' And A 'Misrepresentation', Scientists, Lawyers, Comedians, Actors And Wildlife Experts Call On Government To Protect Lobsters And Crabs From Being 'Boiled Alive', 'Pain', Research: Tiger Shark Sex Life Fuels Sustainability Risk, Guinness: India Park Home to World's Largest Crocodile; 23 Feet, Feeding Tigers: What Happens to a Whale Carcass at Sea,'s Top Underwater Stories for 2005, Surfer's Shark Attack Story: A Biting Tale at Florida's 'Shark Bite Capital of the World', World Exclusive!

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