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They also leave comments on the videos themselves.”. Should everyone become doctors then? However, I do love the sciences and will defend it if somebody makes conclusions about it based on untrue facts. Those who think it is the Top Useless Degree is just another ignorant person, who doesn’t recognize the behind the scenes people who make those in the forefront look good. I'm majoring in psychology and minoring in philosophy, and I know precisely what I want to do with my degree, career wise, in my future. Please don't presume to assume that I don't have skills in writing, speaking, and listening to English. If your talking about real useless degrees their should have been a category that included any of the ethnic/cultural centered programs including women’s studies. Now thinking outside the box (philosphy). I am going to approach this in a way that refers to all the major sciences and not just chemisty. And you’re basically trying to say that scientists are not well rounded and need to develop the “much needed” reading and writing skills that people like you apparently have. Philosophers hold a wide range of positions on various kinds of ethics advisory panels in medical ethics, bioethics, environmental ethics and developmental ethics. At the job fairs I have been to, the largest group looking for jobs are business/communications majors. Speaking from personal experience, as an engineer, the sciences and the maths are far from "a bunch of equations". The same as with music, home economics( Look at the cooking shows on satelite television) PE, hey we have a choice that is endless. Learn from this. Art makes us human, it explores things which we cannot yet express in science, language or philosophy. Philosophy teaches you how to use your head and think critically. But i tell you now i will never ever give up on my dream and i don’t care what people think of the degree course. And for all of the people saying that Philosophy graduates do well in law school, that's great. If you're going to defend your field, please at least be competent in methods that people in your field are supposed to be well acquainted with. Knowledge should be valued as an end in itself, not just something for getting a job. TechCrunch reports that “the class consists of students watching YouTube videos and then discussing them. If you want to work in business, or understand how to make money, study economics, and don’t skimp on your math courses in the process. Max is upset because I apparently didn't rebut his claim that the hard sciences are beginning to expand their curricula horizons. I'm 99% confident enough to say that all Engineering majors can earn a Philosophy major, but not vice versa. It’s as important as any study of history. For other liberal arts fields, the more contact with facts and history, the better suited they make you for applying yourself in some profession. That is why you get quality assistance and fast online support. Fun article, but check your facts next time and don’t be so hasty to judge degrees based on your personal opinion. Answer my questions to prove that you’re as intelligent as a philosophy. In general business majors have a higher beginning salary than liberal arts students but later on the liberal arts students make more money than the business majors because they know how to actually think. With Plymouth Uni in the UK offering a BSc (Hons) in Surf Science and Technology and Southern Cross University in Australia offering Surf and Sport Management, is seems the seaside slackers want to be taken seriously. Right now I read Nelson Mandela’s biography in my free time. and why? I’m not even in college yet, and i can see that Most of the people on here that bash Philosophy are completely out of whack. And if you want to discuss philosophy, give me your msn and we can talk the entire day about Plato, Socrates, the Socratic method, the history and development of the sciences. I'm pretty sure you're just redefining words here. It might sound like a joke, but the squeaky-voiced soccer star actually has a degree course dedicated to him. Do some research, then make your Useless College Degree list. I do accept that in the majority of cases people taking these degrees often end up doing manual labour or something similar. All those remarks about professions you’ve never bothered to study? Museum education officer – responsible for realising the potential of museum collections as learning resources for visitors and the wider community. Well obviously you do not study science. So I guess when I look at my paychecks… I guess it would be appropriate to laugh. Learning business skills now that will be obsolete in 5 years seems like a waste of time to me. You my friend in arts, wouldn't know the least bit about it. My own mother took engineering, graduated successfully, said she never regretted taking engineering, but she still maintains that she has never liked the subject at all. A degree is a degree and that is one of the key components employers look at when you are applying for jobs. Now, surfing means business. Physics and chemistry major would also obtain the skills to scrutinize evidence and statistics. It’s true, people like to flaunt their business or other degrees only to be sitting in a cubicle for the rest of their life. Even more than this, I hate how some people have defended subjects such as art and philosophy by attempting to bash sciences/engineering etc. His work deserves only the best words! But every major has some merit. I hold an arts degree but, I always encourage people to consider plumbing, electrical, manufacturing, agriculture, nursing, etc. My god you are ALL idiots in one form or another. Britain depends on that area of tourism. It is indeed a “useless” subject. it'll work for a bit…. Now the act of doing this is though for many because we are in a society where everyone is pretty much programed to think a certain way. You have a very narrow minded view of the sciences. I always thought that online writing services are scammers who paraphrase other people's papers from the Internet. My author is a true professional with good experience! Funny how you tell me to let go but you're the one writing follow-up comments. robot in a company that was someone else’s dream. It would not be incredibly difficult to run various regressions to show correlation between a particular undergraduate degree and low median mid-career salaries or high unemployment rates. But i am assuming you ranked these from somewhat useless (nr. (Also, I’m an art history major, and I in no way come from a well-to-do family. A degree in any subject is largely superficial but not superfluous. If for a person that subject in which he is best in is philosophy, why should he be forced to become a doctor or engineer? "There IS, however, TONS of chemical mixing and formula regurgitation. The logic element meant that I found computer languages trivial to learn and I consequently went to work for an ISP as a developer. The answer would probably depend more on the graduate than on the subject. Also I know from other stats that philosophy majors are much sought after because of their abilities in critical thinking. I don't think it is a matter of playing a "card" but to surpass the notion that women are unimportant to history or today's society just merely overlooked or suppressed. 2. Philosophy is merely one person’s opion….oh yeah, “those that can, do. Are you that proud? Picture this: a successful business executive is bored shuffling through the thousands of nameless and surprisingly clone like Business degree resumes and then stumbles upon a person with a beatifully written cover letter and a BA in Philosophy and says, hey at least they know how to communicate. School system is only a reference point for the average, and if somebody takes pride in an art or philosophy degree, he missed the point of all things that he learned. What an embarrassment. And Greece was the new kid on the block. hm… I think those are wildly out of order. Business is one of the easier degrees one can acquire. And why is my joke childish, but your insult to the site fair and not juvenile. Not everyone is interested in the high paying degrees such as Medicine or Engineering. So there you have it. I cannot believe it has no value. Another person who doesn’t recognize the brilliant people behind the work! The point is society NEEDS engineers, not so much people with philosophy degrees. Are philosophy majors actually going to be designing roads, bridges, cars, etc..? I'm not sure why, but Max wrote the same criticisms about 7 times. Engineers have to learn a lot of insane stuff, sciences have to learn the same stuff, but not as much of it, and many other majors teach stuff that is not really different than studying celebrity lives or stuff that you shouldn't have to take a class to know. We have different point of views. I will defend this if you come back with something other than "You must be joking.". But the real question raised, is the study of philosophy useful for the purposes of getting a good career? You should know better. That's what I mean by "beating you at your own game". I remember when Andy Katzenmoyer was at Ohio State and said he wasn't interested in an education and should be allowed to major in football. 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