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They won against H.A.U and have beaten JC. They have over 21,000 members, making them a super clan and the 52nd largest group on Roblox. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This category uses the form Clan. Although the group has faced criticism in the past for inexperienced players and war tactics, dislike towards the group has died down as of recent. The Sith Order (abbreviated as TSO) is a Star Wars-themed group owned by Askavix, the creator of its roleplaying universe. The group is very controversial because the leader of the group, Pieperson50, recruits players with the promise of free V.I.P for his game. is currently the 20th largest group on ROBLOX. It is owned by Askavix. A listing of all the clans in Naruto with articles on them in the Narutopedia. The group revolves around Star Wars roleplaying and themed gameplay, and it coexists with numerous other affiliated groups such as The Sith Order. From 2014 to 2018 group maintained it's fame through extreme levels of discipline and NKVD, the law division. At the Roblox Game Conference 2012, the group was awarded the Most Active Group award, the first group ever to receive this honor. Vortex Security (commonly known as V.S.) Elemental Jutsu - Starting moves that expand into a variety of good & bad ones. It was created on December 23, 2016 and currently has over 280,000 members. What makes RA unique is the focus on both the military simulation roleplay aspect which leads to high activity and also maintaining elite raiding and defending divisions and fun to raid bases for the clan/skills aspect. However, since he is busy with real life priorities, such as his job, his college courses, and his upcoming military service in January (United States Air Force), the HCOM (H3+) have taken control of the group and run it successfully. The Robloxian Army (T.R.A.) Most war groups are very small and/or not powerful enough to cause the more noted wars, but most in popularity are very large, and a select few have been starred as elite. So no comments like "more codes pls". The group has gone through an array of bases and leaders throughout its duration as a super clan. It is undergoing heavy reputation repairs, due to the former owner using the group to scam people out of their items. Navigation list 1 ANIME: 2 ITEMS: 3 WORLD: 4 RACES: Abilities, custom moves, weapons etc. NOTE: Some codes give either ryō, spins, or both. So no comments like "more codes pls". Lortex Security is a military-style clan which beats and throws its enemies to the curb. WIJ (Dutch for "We") is the 16th largest group on Roblox. and SC declared war on F.E.A.R., U.C.R., and R.S.F., otherwise known as the "TriClan. The Sith Order was created on December 18, 2017 to coexist with The Jedi Order and other factions. The group grew fairly slow during the rule of iTradiing and other previous leaders, however, when Cryptonox took over, the members grew in the thousands per month, and the activity was high. This article needs a complete rewrite or cleanup to meet the Roblox Wikia's quality standards. RSF has been defeated by WIJ and U.A.F. This page needs improvements to meet the Roblox Wikia's standards. Like many of the other groups of its size, it's allies with a variety of larger clans. One Piece Bleach Hunter X Hunter Black Clover Fairy Tail MHA Items are object that can be obtained by buying or finding them. The Imperium Empire (I.E.) F.E.A.R. was founded in early 2010 by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, a popular player who was highly controversial at the time due to allegations of his most famous game being copied from another player. It was criticized as well for the similar names between itself and another popular war group, Vortex Security. ever fought in was the Grand Super clan Coalition (G.S.C.) Within 8 months, the group had reached 100,000 members. Not much is known here, add to this if you will. The Nighthawk Imperium (T.N.I) is a large war community which mostly takes play in roleplay. The large number of players of the group has been the subject of both praise and criticism, as have been SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX's leadership skills and F.E.A.R. NKVD was regarded as one of the longest and most extreme lawbooks on Roblox. has seen many leadership changes since its creation. The tension has eased. It has had many owners for the time it has been up and is currently owned by a user named Doeke who took over ownership in December 2018. it has earned somewhat of a bad reputation in the past as it is believed to be heavily botted as 1M+ accounts are seemingly missing from the member count. This group second in command is Valkeri. They are close allies with RSF, WIJ, RAT, and F.E.A.R., a group which they have once fought against and defeated in a war. In a much anticipated project codenamed Back in Business (BiB), WIJengine 3.0 was upgraded to W6. The Roblox Assault Team(often abbreviated as R.A.T.) surpassed R.A.T. They are the 58th largest group. A large amount of advertisements were then created for the group, which helped The Sky Clan of Roblox to gain over 20,000 members in 2013, but then lost many of those members due to inactivity. Votex Security is currently at war with U.A.F. In 2014, they declared war on the "TriClan," consisting of F.E.A.R., U.C.R., and R.S.F. Their current leader is bloxman26, who led UAF after DiscoHeaven resigned as a commander of UAF. Mechanics - The basics of the game. Member Count: Around 34,000                                                                                            Leader: War_Resurrection. is one of the most successful yet controversial groups on ROBLOX. They have lost wars to clans such as VAK, but won in wars against X-101st, IL, TRA, Noble Blade and Electro Legion. Although they have been in a Dark Age, they have been able to begin a new era under their current leader. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 's battle strategies. They currently are at war with Vortex Security. A listing of all the clans in Naruto with articles on them in the Narutopedia. It is run more like a democracy than most clans, with the High Ranks elected by members of all ranks. It currently has over 37,000 members, and the community is steadily growing. The group is sometimes criticized for mediocre combat ability and for being inactive, as well as lagging behind other war groups in their technology and bases. They have gotten in many wars, achieving both victory and defeat.   The United Clan of Roblox (U.C.R.) They have an extremely rich history and take much pride in it. It was founded by a notorious false advertiser, Rebreb97, explaining why in its early days it had a negative reputation. Nightfall Clan was founded by Soccerpr89, and is currently led by Fireantfive, NFC's eleventh leader. Most clans on this list have used the "Free VIP" method. was one of the larger groups and organizers of the G.S.C. Codes - Little gifts from devs. русская армия, meaning "Russian Army", is a superclan of ROBLOX. vs. United Nations war, a war that occurred in 2012–2013. The group once held the title as the largest group on Roblox until they were surpassed by F.E.A.R. The Sith Order occasionally participates in organized "wars" with other Roblox Star Wars groups. At its peak, Vortex Security was the second largest group on Roblox. of animes in-game. or DOM) is the third largest group on ROBLOX. 's member count again in November 2014. The theme of the group is based on the military for the United States of America. Veloxic Empire was originally created by Swordy. One of the most notorious wars that T.R.A. Two notable wars happened during his reign. F.E.A.R. The group was then passed through a series of leaders. in 2010, but regained the title as Roblox's largest group on November 6, 2014. RA bases were among the most visited places on ROBLOX (4-5M visits on Moscow in 2012, a record at the time) and frequented the front page. Member Count: Around 427,000  Vortex Special Ops (abbreviated V.S.O.) Shootin made many reforms and lowered to negativeness in LS to a very low standing rate. RSF always mass raid when raiding some groups. Please be respectful and please do not delete the codes unless they have actually expired. Therefore, they are VIP clans. Please remember. A notable a chievement of UCR is destroying their former rival clan X-101st, a splinter group that rebelled against them. They later declared victory, saying that they won over 100+ raids against the TriClan. Nightfall Clan is sometimes criticized for having some power abusing high ranks, and fighting unfairly in wars.

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