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Our core principles are independence, transparency, fairness, thorough reporting and clear writing. "[7], The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, built in 1996, was built in memory of Poynter on the campus of the University of South Florida St. Ask a Floridian where he or she is from, and most will answer New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan or some other state — or nation. Major errors of fact – A serious error that results in a new rating or otherwise changes the general outlook of the fact-check receives a mark of correction at the top of the fact-check. Since over half of Florida's black population was illiterate in the late 1800s, black voters did not know which ballot belonged in which box. Learn more about the Facebook partnership; learn about the TikTok partnership. He also faced a weaker opponent in Kansas Sen. Bob Dole. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 16 —Nelson Poynter, chairman of the board of The St. Petersburg Times and Evening Independent, died yesterday of a cerebral hemorrhage. In Florida, Obama won by 75,000 votes or less than 1 percent. The law does not know such a political party as the Republican Party.". Journalist and publisher Nelson Poynter founded the Modern Media Institute as a school for journalists in 1975. This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 14:55. Upon retirement, that leader picks a successor. The election results in Florida were so close that an automatic recount was required. But we keep our votes to ourselves as a matter of principle. Every southern state including Florida overwhelmingly voted for Roosevelt. An effective political party structure would be instrumental in Florida moving from being part of the Solid Democratic South to increasingly becoming the first Southern state to be completely controlled by the Republican Party. See the article in its original context from. THE EMERGENCE OF PRESIDENTIAL REPUBLICANISM IN THE SOUTH (1948-1992). We said a Two-Party System!". | We do so independently, using our news judgment. Some of our current partners are newspapers, such as  the Austin American-Statesman (part of GateHouse Media); and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (part of Gannett Co. Inc.). IU Bloomington. Florida is a different state due to its diverse population which makes it a microcosm for the nation; 78.1 percent of Florida's population is white compared to 77.7 percent for the nation. When a black minister from Jacksonville attempted to vote in the 1944 Democratic primary, he was told: "You won't go to jail, but you will be killed. The day after the 1950 election, the Times ran a front page editorial cartoon showing a herd of stampeding elephants running roughshod over a single donkey. A multitude of cases were introduced in both the Florida and federal courts. ... Once Florida does it, the national GOP will be encouraged to assist other states with an opposition party. We avoid expressing political views on social media. It’s not sufficient for us to get something second-hand. All 20 Florida delegates voted against the Humphrey proposal, and many of the southern delegates walked out of the convention and assembled later in Birmingham, Ala., where they selected South Carolina Gov. How we choose claims to fact-check The major obstacle to black voting in most southern states was the literacy test. Clinton won Florida 48 percent to 42.3 percent for Dole. So upon his death in 1978, he left the newspaper not to his heirs, but to the school for journalists that now bears his name. The 1876 presidential election marked a turning point for party politics and presidential elections in Florida. ", National Republican Congressional Committee. [7], News University (NewsU) is a project of the Poynter Institute that offers journalism training through methods including e-learning courses, webinars, and learning games. The 1980 election found President Carter facing former California governor and conservative icon Ronald Reagan. STALLED — There is no movement on the promise, perhaps because of limitations on money, opposition from lawmakers or a shift in priorities. Florida developed two of the most ingenious devices of voter discrimination: the tissue ballot and the eight-ballot box law. Obama defeated McCain by 10 million votes. His determination to take liberal editorial stands in this conservative community led him into many controversies, but he pursued his views with plainspokenness. The burden of proof is on the speaker, and we rate statements based on the information known at the time the statement is made. A history of Florida presidential elections. Newspaper publisher and Republican activist Horace Greeley urged the nation to "have done with Reconstruction. Obama and the Democrats quickly focused on adopting the Affordable Care Act which was passed with only Democratic votes. Our contracts and grant agreements have clauses asserting our editorial independence. As part of that effort, PolitiFact journalists avoid the public expression of political opinion and public involvement in the political process. In general, Poynter reports news with low bias and proper sourcing. (See a list of our current journalists and their biographies.). Since 2015, the Poynter Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism has been awarded by the Poynter Institute. The eight-ballot box law was designed to negatively affect black voters who had high rates of illiteracy due to having been denied a quality education. The principles are aimed at common goals or excellence in fact-checking around the world. The caption read: "Hey! In deciding which statements to check, we consider these questions: • Is the statement rooted in a fact that is verifiable? Key, Jr., in his seminal work on Southern politics, Southern Politics in State and Nation, titled his chapter on Florida "Every Man for Himself.". We don’t make political contributions or work on campaigns. Indiana University Bloomington PolitiFact fact-checkers examine the posts and provide feedback to the social media companies as to the accuracy of the claims made in the posts. We watch TV and scan social media. Emery Ackerman, chair of the Democratic State Executive Committee, referred to St. Petersburg as the "Capitol of the Republican Party in the state of Florida. Although the American public rallied around Bush after the Sept. 11 attack and the war in Afghanistan, Bush's decision to invade Iraq undercut his support. • A commitment to open and honest corrections. We emphasize primary sources and original documentation. He had become ill in his office just a few hours after he helped break ground for the new St. Petersburg campus of the University of South Florida. We select statements about topics that are in the news. Congress appointed a 15-member election commission to review the votes in these three states and by a vote of 8 to 7 in each of the three states, the electoral votes and the presidency was awarded to the Republican Hayes. George W. Bush won by 537 votes when the U. S. Supreme Court ended the vote counting in its controversial 5-4 Bush vs. Gore decision. ", Hostages were released as soon as Ronald Reagan took office because Iran perceived that America was "no longer under the command of someone weak. After backlash, Poynter retracted the list, citing "weaknesses in the methodology. The Compromise of 1877 resulted in the federal government pulling troops out of the South. The application and an independent assessment of our work is available for the public to view via the International Fact-Checking Network. Editor’s notes are sometimes used on initial publication to explain a special report’s purpose or outlook. In cases where PolitiFact must cite news reports from other media that rely on unnamed or unattributed sources (usually due to the extreme newsworthiness of the report), we note that we cannot independently verify their reporting. The Conservatives were made up of mostly native white Floridians who favored former Confederates participating in governing. [1][3] His most lasting legacy was to establish the Modern Media Institute which was renamed the Poynter Institute after his death in 1978. Says that the Council on American-Islamic Relations was founded in response to 9/11. Under Cramer's leadership, the Republican Party won 14 of 15 county-wide races in Pinellas in 1950 despite a three-to-one Democratic advantage in voter registration. ", Says the word "Dhimmitude" is on page 107 of the health care law and means "Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance. It was not until 1944 that the U. S. Supreme Court put a stake through the heart of the white primary. Truth Squad members receive regular communications from the PolitiFact team, as well as perks such as Pants on Fire stickers. Also, George Bush's brother, Jeb, was the governor of Florida and controlled much of the election processes. Republicans faced the task of finding a nominee who could turn around the growing negative image of the Republican Party. Our partner websites We don’t sign online petitions, post yard signs, or participate in political marches. )[citation needed], In 1977, Nelson Poynter willed ownership of the Times Publishing Company to the Institute so that after his death the school would become the owner of the St. Petersburg Times. In 2017, PolitiFact launched a membership campaign called the Truth Squad to allow donations from readers and fans of fact-checking. Updates – From time to time, we add additional information to stories and fact-checks after they’ve published, not as a correction but as a service to readers. • A commitment to transparency of funding and organization. It also increases the cost of campaigning since politicians are constantly appealing to a changing electorate.

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