nen personality types

[16] Gyo is utilized to focus aura on a part of the body, while Ten is used to prevent it from dispersing. Their words and actions are often dominated by their feelings. In fact, according to Biscuit, training in all the accessible categories is the fastest and most efficient way to improve one's skills in one's own Nen type, with the additional benefit of increasing one's flexibility and proficiency in Nen in general. [117] Many abilities of this type feed off the emotions of the recipient as well as of those of the people around them, resulting in complex, unpredictable Nen constructs. They tend to have strong habits and focus on what is happening or has already happened. Automatic doubles do not require the user's focus, but they cannot carry out complex orders; vice versa, doubles which are directly controlled by the user allow for greater precision, albeit at the cost of stricter conditions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HunterXHunter community. Transmutters are the ones I have the least traits in common. They are all for arguments and tend to want to keep their families and loved ones safe. This is reflected in their Nen as enhancers typically rely on simple and uncomplicated hatsu techniques. The terms used for "Vows" and "Limitations" are homophones in Japanese (せいやく. Unlike Zetsu, however, In does not stop the user's aura flow; instead, it hides it,[28] making it impossible to perceive with any of the five senses or extrasensorial perception. They are often on guard as to be cautious. ], Hunter × Hunter - Omnibus Version: Treasure [?] This state can be found in some victims of Manipulation Nen as well as in the bodyguards of Halkenburg Hui Guo Rou, who reached it through the latter's Guardian Spirit Beast. Many Transmuters rely on techniques that give unique and unpredictable properties to their Nen that reflects their personalities. Enables para-psychological/supernatural-like powers and abilities The Divine Script has the power to strengthen the Nen abilities of the one who drew it, provided it is charged with their aura and the user remains in its proximity;[47] the latter inscription was noted to have similar properties to Nen and the ability to reinforce whatever it is applied to, but cause it to break as soon as it comes in contact with aura. Aura (オーラ, Ōra) is the life energy produced by all living bodies vital for survival. as 操) allow the user to control living or non-living things, including aura constructs. [56] Since mastery of Nen leads to attunement with nature,[36] this has led to the credence that good Hunters are well-liked by animals. [57] According to his theory: Furykov was able to construct a system to identify Nen users[100] and their Nen types[19] through observation alone, which he claimed is the result of his experience. They tend to be quite sensitive to external stimulation (e.g. [52] According to Wing, this is because Hunters need to be deterrents for the crime. [77], By tingeing one's Ren with hostility, a Nen user can exert what is colloquially referred to as "bloodlust". **(This is all according to Hisoka's theory)** [80], Hatsu (発(ハツ), Hatsu; "Release"/"Act") is one's personal expression of Nen. [76] With the right timing, Ten can be used to contain the aura produced with Ren. The minimum requirement is to extend one's aura to a radius of more than 2 meters (6.56168 feet) and hold it longer than 1 minute. They are highly curious. After that, however, Kurapika became more and more level-headed as the series went on, an INTJ characteristic. [87] In Ren, aura usually envelops only a small amount of space around the user's body. Hunters Various [12] On the other hand, skilled Nen users can also regulate the flow of their aura so they appear to be beginners or regular individuals. En is when one extends their Ren so that their aura extends further than normal, then uses Ten at the same time to contain and give shape to that aura, normally a sphere. Due to the risk it carries, Ko is regarded as a purely offensive technique. Be sure to check your results at the end. [84], Uvogin trapped within Kurapika's chains, concealed from view through In, In (隱(イン), In; "Conceal") is an advanced form of Zetsu used to render one's aura imperceptible, effectively concealing it. Because of the nature of Emission, many Hatsu techniques created by emitters are primarily long range. [84] The resulting effect from one's aura contacting the glass will determine a person's aura type. Her students train in all accessible Nen types, as, on top of granting them more flexibility, this allows them to progress in their own category more quickly. A curse (呪(のろ)い()()()()()()()()(), noroi) is an application of Nen that is detrimental to the one upon whom it has been placed. [63] With the exception of the players, the island is populated almost exclusively by NPCs, which, like all the miraculous items in the game, are created with Nen. There are at three groups: With this method it is supposedly possible to learn to generate enough aura to perform the Water Divination test after only one week of training;[25] in reality, however, none of Kurapika's students performed their first Water Divination with their own aura, as they had their Aura Nodes semi-forced open by his Nen ability. OP do remember that Myers-Briggs isn't a scientific way of discussing ir labeling personality. Nen [6], It is unknown if leaders of countries or even of international entities (such as the V6) know about Nen. [70][71], While Ten allows a user to keep aura from leaking away from their body, Zetsu (絶(ゼツ), Zetsu; "Suppress"/"Null") stops the flow of aura from their body altogether. [130][131], Abengane's exorcism which uses a wooden effigy, Those who possess the ability to lift curses are called Exorcists (除(じょ)念(ネン)師(し)()()()()()()(), Jiyonenshi), but are rare among Nen users. Conjurers are typically high-strung or overly serious and stoic. [9] Grave wounds such as mutilations can disrupt the flow of aura in the affected body part and even stop it altogether. After the Chimera Ant Queen who came to the Human World from the Dark Continent began to feed on humans, she spawned offspring with the innate ability to see aura, namely some Officers[40] and the Squadron Leaders. Rihan's Predator shares some affinities with exorcistical abilities, although there are also notable differences[106] which leave it questionable whether it counts as one. Hunter x Hunter has 6 different types of Nen (Enhancer, Emitter, Transmuter, Conjurer, Manipulator, and Specialist). (pg. This assessment aims to match you to the HunterxHunter Nen type most like you based on your personality. [17] The enhancement in perception is such that Zetsu can counter In, although it is not advised to employ it this way. Which one best matches your personality? [83] Some Nen users, Enhancers in particular, employ Ko as a Nen ability by adding conditions to it. [92], Biscuit's exercises or Ko training were not shown, but it appears the technique is taught at some point after the Ken exercises[16] and before the Nen type ones, as the first of the latter requires the use of Ko. [8], Once a person has opened their Aura Nodes, they must learn to keep their aura from leaking away from their body. "group action form"). There are numerical approximations to indicate just exactly how efficient one would be at using aura abilities that one is not born into. In the first, the student must form a small bubble out of their aura from the tip of their finger and maintain it in place for one minute. However, Limitations are also considered liabilities, since the power they grant is not consistent. [13] It is referred to as an "attack" to convey the taboo on it, which is due to the fact that non-users who awaken this way without having received an appropriate amount of training might take damage from the process or suffer from exhaustion for a long time due to being unable to control the aura leakage in all[14] but the rarest cases. They are all for arguments and tend to want to keep their families and loved ones safe. However, it is possible to turn into a Specialist later in life, with Conjurers and Manipulators having the highest chance of succeeding. [5] Aura usually decreases in intensity very quickly when it leaves the source body, but adept Emitters can separate their aura from their body for long periods of time, over long distances, and still be able to maintain it and its functions. When determining the character of a person, only one from each category is chosen, for example: ISTJ ). For example, a diffusive levy type Nen beast can summon other Nen constructs to absorb aura from numerous people at once.[46]. Nen is a power unknown to the public at large, with only a minority of persons being capable of using it or even privy to its existence. Biscuit instructs them on which proportions of their aura to focus on which body part for 30 minutes, three times a day. Notable users of counteractive abilities include: Feitan's Rising Sun[128] also seems to fulfill the criteria of the counteractive type. However, Manipulators don't seem to plan to the extent Killua and Bisky does in the anime. But, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people. [146] A subcategory of symbiotic type abilities acts on whole groups and is therefore classed as fellowship or party form (集団行動形式(パーティーフォーム); base kanji lit. [29][note 5], The most popular way (and the only sure-fire way seen in the series) of determining one's aura type is through Water Divination (水(みず)見(み)式(しき)()()()()()()(), Mizumishiki). Specialists are individualistic and charismatic. Aside from Vows and Limitations, the creator of a Nen ability can include conditions (条(じょう)件(けん)()()()()()()()(), jōken) in it to increase its power or to make the ability feasible in the first place, whether because the user lacks the degree of skill otherwise required,[95] or because the effects of the ability exceed what can be achieved with Nen without a trade-off. Upon learning one's own aura type, a student of Nen can set about learning to apply the technique in a unique way that suits their personality, which can develop into a unique skill. Wow though, there's so much information in here , I would argue that Kurapika is an INFJ, since he's influenced by his emotions so much, I think Kura is definitely INTJ. Starting at one's own aura type, one has the potential to be 100% efficient at using abilities based in that category alone. [8] Nonetheless, this is by no means the only way to force or, more appropriately, semi-force, the Aura Nodes open: the same result can be achieved through "indirect attacks", non-violent or even beneficial uses of aura on a non-user, such as through healing, lending, or absolutely first-class Manipulation abilities. The Four Major Principles, in order of study, are: Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu.

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