nephrurus levis for sale

Male Nephrurus levis pilbarensis (double het patternless and albino) in a defensive posture. We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world. For more information, check out How It Works. Queensland … I have recently crossed a few of my Ridge and Valley line females with males I raised up from the Gilpin's LAC lines. Include dubia, mealworms, and other insect sources for variety. Pins and Uno - Producers of Extreme Harlequin Pinstripes, Yelp and Lava - Producers of Tricolors, Orange Pinstripes, and Harlies. Inquire for more details and quantity discounts. Feedings can consist of full sized crickets. LATEST POSTS. based on the bloodlines and how this one is developing, I think he's going to be a promising breeding male. Juvenile Nephrurus levis pilbarensis. Nephrurus levis pairs - $800 each (hatched 2009) This page is not up to date. If you have any questions, please, This 10.7 g possible male is from a new cross at Ridge and Valley Reptiles. A water dish (cleaned and refilled a couple times a week) can be used. Brumation is desirable for breeding. Lifespans are up to 20 years. This possible male is a full pinstripe which is always nice, and has a very clean look about him, with some nice cream coming in on his sides. To see our current availability, please see this page: Copyright © 2012 Supreme Gecko. I'm pricing him as a male. Ein adultes Weibchen wiegt etwa 30 gramm, ein adultes Männchen ca. Incubate around 82 degrees. Jimdo ist ein kostenloser Webseiten-Baukasten. I have a family and a job, and these will always be higher on my priority list than pushing sales of geckos on Facebook and other outlets. To see our current availability, please see this … The knobtails are know specifically for their short tails featuring bulbous additions they use to distract prey items. deleani, N. levis pilbarensis, and N. asper, and hope to have those species to offer for sale soon. This is just a nice little girl from a well tested cross who's almost up to breeding size, and should be ready to go in a couple more months. A 10-15 gallon aquarium makes a great setup. Nephrurus levis levis - Smooth Knobtail Gecko ReptilesMagazine- Knobtail geckos Jon Boone Gallery. For breeding projects, a 15 quart plastic tub can be used for individual animals. A water dish (cleaned and refilled a couple times a week) can be used. Look at the intensity of orange on his head! Nephrurus levis levis - Smooth Knobtail Gecko. So einfach, dass es Spaß macht! The hypos are looking better and better each year we have produced them, and will look even better with more generations of selective breeding. At this page you will find the different Nephrurus / knob-tailed gecko (sub) species we own. I've successfully kept and bred wheeleri for a few years now. Smooth Knob Tail Gecko (Nephrurus Levis Levis) Care Sheet Smooth Knob tail geckos are a terrestrial desert species from Australia and are wonderfully interesting animals. 2011 Ready to breed aberrant patterned male. Lifespans are up to 20 years. Therefore, I may set my prices a bit lower than some since I do not have the time to do a lot of advertising / vending. The goal at that time was to help our kids have a learning experience similar to what we had growing up. Protection WA III, national laws Australia Adult Size 11–12 cm

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