niger seed feeder hole size

Using a. attached to the bottom of the feeder will prevent this loss to the floor and deter the bigger birds hoping to steal some seed. Be wary though, this will also encourage big bully birds like pigeons who will scour the floor for any niger seed that has fallen. I use one of these 20 point Droll Yankee flockers with very little waste, Yes there may be a lot of waste but they then go onto the floor to gobble it up afterwards. With the sunflower seed feeder bits dropped on the tray are then eaten quite soon afterwards by birds waiting for a turn at the feeding ports - not so with the niger. Save when you buy Niger Seed from us. Our aim has always been to provide top quality Wild Bird food to give a helping hand to our declining Wildlife that are much in need. Here are the materials and most of the tools. Niger seed is a great way to attract finches into your garden. I would love for you to come over to my blog hop and share this there! All guides © 2020 their respective authors. Niger seed also offers plenty of medical uses. After that, you might want to consider purchasing a purpose-built Niger Seed feeder. Use something sharp to poke the small hole. It’s even better used as winter bird food as it will give garden birds an extra calorie hit that will help them store fat to keep them warm. Fill feeder with seeds; Screw cap onto bottle; Hang feeder outside; Clean up the work area ; I will go over step by step my procedures to create the feeder from scratch. What a great idea, and it is so cute, too! Multi-seed feeders also stocked. Very little uneaten seed falls to ground and what does gets picked over by the many ground feeding birds. this is a great way to repurpose our junk for nature! All the seeds were caked together at the bottom and I knew it was time to get (or make) a new feeder. Explore › Outdoors. Droll Yankees Nyjer Tube Feeder. It's easy. I have a 6 port Niger feeder with a seed tray wich i got from the RSPB in June 2004. Because of its small size, most seed feeders aren’t suitable, as the seed will just fall out of the holes. Niger, nijer, nyjer or thistle seed are the main variations, but it doesn’t really matter which one you use. call us today on 01778 342 665, Kennedy Wild Bird Food Ltd Peterborough The Warehouse, 74, Station road, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8RQ Company number 7458120, Copyright © 2018, Kennedy Wild Bird Food Ltd. | Site by FireCask, The Ultimate Guide to Using Niger Seeds as Bird Food, are a firm favourite for wild birds, but what do we actually know about this small and exotic seed?

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