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We offer archery and rifle hunts on each ranch and can tailor a hunt to suit any hunter’s needs. Our fully guided New Mexico mule deer hunts take place in Unit 38 on a 25,000 acre private ranch. Nilgai Antelope Safari. These hunts can only be attempted when the winds are at least 15 miles per hour or higher to mask the guide and hunter’s scent and movement. However, their movements, watering locations, and fence crossings are fairly predictable. • Ability to add to other packages One of the most popular methods is hunting in a ladder stand adjacent to a waterhole. • ALL hunts have NO guarantees. When the right buck is spotted, we make a game plan to get in range for a successful harvest.5 day hunt $5250 with $1000 trophy fee for bucks over 180" B&C. We’ve included more information below about our most popular hunts. The 15-35 yard shot opportunities are incredible when the conditions are right. In 1930 a few Nilgai were turned loose on the King Ranch & in 1941 another small herd was released onto the Norias Division. First of all, you will not have a problem telling the steely blue bulls from the cows and young Nilgai, although judging trophy quality is exceptionally difficult. Hunts are typically one day, but a second day is scheduled for any unforeseen problems or weather conditions. • Up to two day hunt All of our axis hunts are fully guided with lodging. They’re an elusive animal and difficult to hunt. NON-HUNTERS ARE WELCOME ON THE RANCH AT $200 FOR LODGING, PLUS $250 FOR  FOOD AND BEVERAGE. Nilgai are very challenging to hunt and should NOT be taken lightly. • One-day hunt (same day) Premier South Texas Nilgai hunting. We offer options from semi guided day/night hunts, to fully guided hunts with lodging. • Additional nilgai cow available at $500 each For an additional fee, we can also skin and quarter your Nilgai at the ranch. This is a hunt that has our clients coming back year after year. • Call for availability, • One mature whitetail buck (five and a half years or older) The exotic, but elusive, nilgai is also a popular hunter’s pursuit on the Norias Division. • Two javelina per hunter • One-day hunt Of course our most successful turkey hunts are fully guided. We typically hunt our axis during the fall, with a few hunts to be booked in June and July for the main rut. We have over 10,000 wild hogs and 15,000 javelina. • Meet early in the morning at Norias Main Gate Nilgai bulls are challenging to hunt and delicious to eat. • Animal freezer storage is $150.00. • Stand hunt or stalk if weather allows (hunters’ skill will determine hunting style) ", Lendell Laxton -- (361)550-6532 -- Hogs are very wary animals that limit their movement during daylight hours. These are also great locations to view all types of wildlife. We have found that heat is a major issue during the summer months. On top of all that a Nilgai's first, last and in between reaction to receiving a bullet is flight. • Two days of fishing As outlined below, we offer both Day Hunts and Package Hunts for both rifle and archery hunters. Not only is Lendell a great guy, his knowledge of his hunt area and his persistence are second to none. • Meals not included (full kitchen facilities available) ", A great outfitter, offers great hunts, for great animals, with great service and pays great attention to detail. Once native to India, the Nilgai antelope has made itself quite at home in Texas, where it was successfully introduced back in the 30s. • Unlimited feral hogs 1-DAY NILGAI BULL HUNT. We have found that feeder lights are the most successful. We continually have a 100% kill ratio, and 80% of the bulls we harvest will score in the SCI record books. A day afield with a King Ranch guide is a lesson in history, wildlife, natural resource management, and hunting and harvest strategies. King Ranch conducts its fair chase archery nilgai hunts on over 35,000 acres that are managed primarily for bow hunting. • Meals not included (full kitchen facilities available) Lendell is a great outfitter in every regard. • Arrive the night before the fishing trip, • Includes 2 turkeys Leaving lights on the feeders year-round gets the hogs somewhat accustomed to the light as they come in for dinner time. Depending on what the conditions dictate, nilgai hunts can be customized for still hunting, stalking, or safari style hunts. Please visit our Book A Hunt tab to submit your interest in scheduling a hunt or call (361) 221-0350 for more information. Basically, their range today is the King Ranch and most contiguous ranches. • Additional management buck hunt 130 B&C is available at $1,050 depending on guide choice (not guaranteed and must be for the same hunter) • Maximum 2 hunters: 1 guide. • Two nights lodging • One nilgai bull SKIN & QUARTER FEES - Bulls $120 / Cows $90. Lodging for a cook or one additional guest is provided in the hunting packages below. • Meals can be added on for an additional fee. (800) 282-5464. NILGAI BULL HUNT $2300 NILGAI BULL HUNT $2300 NILGAI BULL HUNT $2300 . • Half day of fishing KAYOTE OUTFITTERS ... Let us help you get meat in the cooler and a memory on your wall with this true hunt of a lifetime!! If you are looking for an african style hunt, go hunt with Lendell. Full payment is required before scheduling a hunt. Bring a group and come enjoy one of our packaged hunts, where you’ll get to stay in King Ranch lodging and see a plethora of wildlife. We market these as 140 to 170 class mule deer hunts, but with Mother Nature’s cooperation we should harvest a few in the 180+ class. Keep in mind that custom day hunts can be arranged. The Texas government classifies them as exotic, which means there’s no bag limit, no possession limit, and no closed season. • 2 hunter minimum required * Fees also cover transportation of your Nilgai to a local meat processor and transportation of your cape and horns to a local taxidermist. To learn more about Nilgai hunting in South Texas or to schedule your trip, contact us today. • Meals not included (full kitchen facilities available) We continually take 20” straight tape antelope every year with a few exceeding  22”.Hunts from $3000 - $5850, We offer turkey hunts in North Central and South Texas, with many different options from self-guided to fully-guided, and with or without lodging. We offer Nilgai hunts from December thru April on a private ranch spanning 22 square miles on the coastal plains of South Texas in Kenedy and Willacy counties. Our free range Nilgai hunts are arguably the best in the state. As night falls they become the most active and come out to compete for corn. • Maximum 3 guests: 1 guide Hunting whitetail deer on King Ranch is an experience that is second to none. Due to limited bookings per pasture, tightly controlled access, and strictly enforced quotas, the likelihood of seeing an appropriate buck to harvest in the assigned pasture(s) are very high. • Meals can be added on for an additional fee When the right buck is spotted, we make a game plan to get in range for a successful harvest. • 2 day hunt/2 nights lodging • Two nights lodging HOG HUNT - $200 / hog. We have found that heat is a major issue during the summer months. Hunts are rifle only with a 25 caliber minimum. Subscribe for Yearly Drawings. Today, there are over 12,000 nilgai on King Ranch’s Norias division, which is a popular pursuit for any hunter. Nilgai hunts, Blackbuck hunts, Axis hunts, and Aoudad hunts with Kayote Outfitters. Here’s what you need to know about hunting them. As night falls they become the most active and come out to compete for corn. Hunters should be ready to do some walking, and full camouflage is needed. • Meals not included (full kitchen facilities available) Hunts are rifle only with a 25 caliber minimum. • Up to two-day hunt From high fence to free range low fence hunts we have you covered. • 2 hunter minimum required • 3 hunters: 1 guide Thousands of acres are available for this type of hunting. 1-DAY NILGAI COW HUNT. • Arrive the night before the hunt, • One mature nilgai bull (three years or older) With the private ranch being so big we use 4X4 trucks to travel and cover as much country as possible to glass for trophy mule deer. Our free range Blackbuck hunting area covers just over 15,000 acres of South Texas brush country. • Additional nilgai cow available at $500 each For someone new at hunting Nilgai, the hardest lesson to learn is that they're just plain tough. • Lunch included. We continually take 20” straight tape antelope every year with a few exceeding  22”. It is the largest antelope of Asia, and probably the second or third largest in the world. It is clearly ranked behind the African sable and roam which has dorsal projections above that make its back line slope towards its rump. • Breakfast and lunch included • 2 hunter minimum required. • Up to 2 hunters:1 guide King Ranch acquired the ranch’s first nilgai brood stock principally from the San Diego Zoological Garden in the late 1920s. Their meat is divine with a flavor milder than beef. A really great bull's horn will be anything over 8 inches long.

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