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Teach yourself Orcish! Dranosh and Garrosh have been officially translated as Heart of Draenor and Warrior's Heart, respectively. Offline . It will be very helpful to you. Because orcs are spread across the Realms, note that certain words may come from certain dialects only. Want hunt food. - Was your mother really a reptile? Orcish (or Orc) is a coarser language than Common, and many words lack the subtlety of Common. Credit goes to the original site owner for translations. Matt Vancil is raising funds for The Orcish-English Dictionary (2nd Edition) on Kickstarter! When proper nouns are not known, the person or thing spoken of is referred to as an object. Common-Orcish Translator. (i.e. Orcish Translation Dictionary. Therefore, translated in-game speech isn't true Orcish. It may be possible to assume that adjectives come before nouns, as in English and other Germanic languages. Note that this list represents a sample of the many possible suggestions. © The Imperial Library. It will be very helpful to you. How are you? For use in Dungeons and Dragons. The translated vocabulary, however, is not large, and there is no real formal grammar. Orcs rely on context, repetition and volume to add emphasis or meaning. - Spoken by a unit in an RTS game. Horde says '10 a a f d d o', Alliance reads 'ka g g a l l i'. This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 14:09. "Afar Vadokanuk" -- "By all the dead! It is, however, generally somewhat less guttural and (to use Tolkien's own adjective for the Black Speech) uncouth. When a Horde character says "lol" in Orcish, it displays as "kek" to Alliance characters. "-ishi" Within You will add a phrase to the dictionary’s handy phrase book under one of the following headings: General Conversation, Business and Trade, About the Town, At the Inn, In the Dungeon, Insults, So You’ve Managed to Piss Off an Orc, or Dating and Romance. Matt will travel anywhere in the world to run an Orcish-themed RPG session for you and your friends, the results of which will become canon in the world of Fartherall. They usually have green skin, muscular bodies, tusks, a … "That woman is ugly" = "Woman ugly" and "Get me that knife" = "Give knife."). As seen in the primer above, "Grommash" translates to "giant's heart". Further, it can be noted that -ar or -mar seems to be a frequent suffix to denote a place named for another orc. The only reason it is Thrall Hall is because it flows naturally and is easy to say/remember (Kind of like why we use nicknames), compare the use of Thrall Hall! This second name may be changed if a new one seems more appropriate.[52]. Grombolar has been officially translated as Bowels of the Giant. Such a practice gives rise to surnames such as Doomhammer, Elfkicker, Foe-ender, Skullsplitter, Thumper, and the like. Great! Each clan will receive a one-page writeup and become canon in Fartherall, the world of JourneyQuest and the Gamers movies. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Orcish_(language)?oldid=5886067, Lok, Tar, Kaz, Ruk, Kek, Mog, Zug, Gul, Nuk, Aaz, Kil, Ogg, Rega, Nogu, Tago, Uruk, Kagg, Zaga, Grom, Ogar, Gesh, Thok, Dogg, Maka, Maza, Regas, Nogah, Kazum, Magan, No'bu, Golar, Throm, Zugas, Re'ka, No'ku, Ro'th, Thrakk, Revash, Nakazz, Moguna, No'gor, Goth'a, Raznos, Ogerin, Gezzno, Thukad, Makogg, Aaz'no, Lok'Tar, Gul'rok, Kazreth, Tov'osh, Zil'Nok, Rath'is, Kil'azi, Throm'ka, Osh'Kava, Gul'nath, Kog'zela, Ragath'a, Zuggossh, Moth'aga, Tov'nokaz, Osh'kazil, No'throma, Gesh'nuka, Lok'mogul, Lok'bolar, Ruk'ka'ha, Regasnogah, Kazum'nobu, Throm'bola, Gesh'zugas, Maza'rotha, Ogerin'naz, Thrakk'reva, Kaz'goth'no, No'gor'goth, Kil'azi'aga, Zug-zug'ama, Maza'thrakk, Lokando'nash, Ul'gammathar, Golgonnashar, Dalggo'mazah, Despite it being seen with apostrophe (game) and a hyphen (publications), the hyphen is the canonical spelling of "Lok-tar!". ", Pronouns are also quite rare. Send. You will also receive all previous reward levels. to Thrall Honor! "-at" Verb Infinitive I'll post the sources for the translations of these words here: Source: Agra Crun, dialogue with Azrath in Fharun, Source: Torug ag Krazak, Strange Rituals of the Orsimer, Source: Agra Crun, dialogue with Azrath in Fharun and Lasburr in Upper Craglorn, Source: Dialogue with Lashburr in Upper Craglorn, Source: Torug ag Krazak, dialogue with Lashburr in Upper Craglorn, Source: Dialogue with Seamount Orcs on Betnikh, Source: Strange Rituals of the Orsimer, ialogue with Lashburr in Upper Craglorn, Source: Torug ag Krazak, dialogue with Lahburr in Upper Craglorn, Source: Strange Rituals of the Orsimer, stolen item descriptions, Source: Dialogue with Kharstun, Stibbons and Clarisse Laurent. Cut and Paste the code below to embed the translator in your web page. That's why I love ESO: Orsinium -it gave us so much lore on the Orsimer. This is very inconsistent, however, most of the known orcish names (such as Durotan, Orgrim, Nazgrel, Kargath) are never documented being used in short forms. Of course, if this is actually a possessive clause, or a compound word, then the speculation that Orcish follows an adjective-noun word order could be erroneous. You will also receive all previous rewards. Grommash has been officially translated as Giant's Heart. English to Orcish, K to P or Thrall Hail! [1] Separate clans had variations of dialect that differed so much that orcs could not understand each other unless they spoke the common tongue. World of Warcraft's Orcish. "-ug" -ing, present participle Words ending in a vowel are pluralized by adding "-z". Following ORC Males Names and Female Names available here. You will also receive all previous rewards. This one mostly just includes common words and phrases. Christopher Paolini. Wow, this is interesting! It is used as the main language of the Horde. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Attack! Orcs are fictional humanoids based on many pre-existing mythology. I'm just making things easier. The tribe bestows the second name after the orc reaches maturity, this name based upon some great deed. Since "lol" is used quite often in the game by many players this translation has become widely known, and many fans have accepted "kek" as kind of an official translation of "lol" into Orcish. English to Orcish, F to J Orcish Lexicon. 1 A 2 D 3 G 4 K 5 M 6 N 7 R 8 T 9 U 10 Z 11 Appendix 11.1 See also 11.2 References Anukh! Required fields are marked *. "Orc" as a term defining language, has an apparent connection to DnD derived generic languages, which apparently can be found in DnD rule books. Matt will travel anywhere in the world to hand-deliver your rewards. The Black Speech Translator is a working translation maker for all orcish words from the Black Speech Dictionary. Lewis Spence "Among the Orcs", English to Orcish, A to E An orc’s first name is given early in life, often derived from a family name or the name of a great hero. "-uk" All (also "-uuk") Actually, there is no separate category for the best 5e languages and it comes from your experience with your character and how many 5e backgrounds you have used and also races,..etc with all these aspects you will gather some 5e languages, so they will be the best and useful dnd languages in your campaign. Their popularity is partly because of the references from The Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Warcraft. This translator is used to translate Common to Orcish and back again. "Undur Kurv" -- "Fat Whore". translates world of warcraft languages for every faction. (Stone Tooth Clan of Vaasa)1 arumwon lit. Bokrem, Fuda, Garainekago, Lopiatsukas, Hallarii, Saroogai, Hargai, Maiki, Togrytasaku, Hatamaris, Garunn, Ferunah, Irgraka, Reldaqi, Corvisaki, Roldiko, Daqi, Drunndrukona, Opakhamga, Gelagallopia, Liritsua, Geermani, Tokimao, Ezarn, Arteta, Nodosar, Mannah, Riimishtasa, Rokargara, Uragosaka, Tishtalvana, Pla, Rekrakka, Tabitaska, Akiria, Dous, Seergrutalla, Uragdalka, Khaku, Womdalle, Akonnaya, Morakinka, Akasaaja, Dosa, Reta, Nangrii, Roldala, Ritheddalka, Kritasu, Doora, Eonamah, Tiki, Grytas, Skkagai, Mirshaqi, Seerman, Wyeghakask, Lirgronnanya, Eonamanaka, Nodooskasan, Tishargryta, Arooska, Khalvanagna, Kinani, Okagark, Giskka, Atsuka, Tinekretanya, Rekrannda, In, Grytamikirga, Heg, Ferunaki, Gellaayu, Eonnakha, Ritsukah, Drakkaskaya, Flikorvisa. [2] Written using runes, Orcish is regarded by non-speakers as an ugly, guttural language. The "Orcish" that can be seen apparently being spoken by players in-game is the result of a hash table created by Blizzard, (as mentioned above) and the words produced by it are intentionally meaningless gibberish. English to Orcish, A to E English to Orcish, F to J English to Orcish, K to P English to Orcish, Q to Y. Thus, it can be assumed that "Grom" means giant, "Bolar" means bowels, and both "(M)ash" and "Osh" mean heart. You know you can edit the original post? The D&D 5E Best Languages. By pledging you agree to Kickstarter's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. The Elder Scrolls series are trademarks of Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. A draconic translator for serious gamers. Orcish is the primary language of the orcs. Orcs are fictional humanoids based on many pre-existing mythology. Following ORC Males Names and Female Names available here. [49], Orcish is written using a combination of Common alphabet and runes. Adejctives generally come before the noun, although alternately they are used after in cases where this makes the word more pronounceable. Convert from English to Orcish. [3][4] Jaina Proudmoore is able to differentiate between pictographs from an old version of the orc language.[5]. Welcome to the first known Draconic translator on the internet. "Their voices were rich and gutteral, and their tongue was like the crack and boom of rolling thunder" Dimmick, Horthor, Lammar, Sormuzhik, Turnskull, Ulkrunnar, Zorgar, Male ORC Names: Besk, Durth, Fang, Gothog, Harl, Kesk, Orrusk, Tharag, Thog, Ugurth, Female ORC Names: Betharra, Creske, Edarreske, Duvaega, Neske, Orvaega, Varra, Yeskarra, Your email address will not be published. ", probably means "honor" or something similar. Their popularity is partly because of the references from The Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Warcraft. Grom Hellscream's full name was Grommash, which Mannoroth used to address him as a demonstration that Hellscream was his. The word "Grombolar," meaning "bowels of the giant", seems to follow this pattern as well. Male Names: Grom, Thrum, Drog, Gorrum, Harg, Thurg, Karg. Only the family leader can hold an eponymous title (For example, there can only be one Doomhammer or Deadeye at a time), and the rest of the clan identify themselves through their line of birth.

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