quickremit virtual card payment

We recommend you not to share your Quickremit details with anyone. Because we are here and there. Even if you are sending money to the same beneficiary again, you must make a fresh request on Quickremit and enter the new RTRN (Remitter Transaction Reference Number) in your Internet banking account. • The date of issue Within 30 minutes for straight transfer to bank account. Payment disputes, chargeback, limitation. • The place of issue Call USA (Toll Free):+1 877 5584257. We will get back to you on the email ID you have registered with us. Immediate payments/transfers submitted before 6.00pm Melbourne time on a bank business day are processed on that day. The key benefits of the Quickremit Send Money Online and Mobile App Service are: Speed, Convenience, best exchange rate and low fees – because the service is available online and Mobile App, you may send money without having to visit a bank branch. Our online-only money transfer capabilities connect you quickly and easily to your loved ones all over the world. Step 2: Select Quickremit and click on Register. Client will click on it and input the registered email address, instructions on resetting the password will be sent to that email address if it is on file. You may also visit our privacy page for more information. Transactions are usually cancelled within 24 hours upon request. FAQ Virtual Card Payments v5 - Optum. Connect with us. User will require to specify the purpose of remittance from a specified list of purposes like: No, you cannot do any trade/business related transactions through Quick remit. Both parties will get payment Alert – notification once beneficiary receives payment. The more you use QuickRemit for your money transfer need, the more we reward you. After you use Quickremit the first time, we will securely save your information. QuickRemit Now. Create a new beneficiary or select your existing beneficiary from the list. That’s why you can rely on our service staff to answer any questions, and ensure that your money is in safe hands. o This must match what appears on your QuickRemit account Quickremit gives you Westpac BSB number and unique account number for sending funds from your local bank account to HDFC Bank account along with unique Remittance Transaction Reference Number (RTRN) for your transaction, enabling you to track your remittance online. In order to use our services you must register with Quickremit. INR 53.67 / AUD QuickRemit Now. We can only refund a transaction which has not been paid out. You can easily get in touch with us by writing to quickremit@timesofmoney.com. A ‘Forget Password’ link is displayed on the Login page. We can only accept valid in date IDs Each customer must create their own individual account. Please also note that the above EMI amount will be part of the Minimum Amount Due (MAD), appearing in your monthly HDFC Bank Credit Card statement. Fees may be associated with EFT payments. o This must show your address For all your queries, email us at quickremit@timesofmoney.com or call us on our US toll free number- 1 877 5584257.

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