remote office olympics

❤️ loved by anyone who wants to get merry. A fun and chaotic version of "I Spy." We didn't quite get it right, but we got very close. Before your event, we'll send surprise holiday packages to your guests, complete with all the ingredients needed to make a festive mug of hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, and candy canes. Really super fun, and Frank and Berlande were great! Your group will play holiday-inspired drinking games, enjoy activities carefully curated to promote team bonding, and enjoy the company of co-workers, friends, and families. They were great! Say good-bye to 2020 and ring in 2021 with our holiday cocktail party. Whether you organize your own or find a venue that can help you out, having a day of sporting events is fun, competitive, and takes a boatload of teamwork. Virtual Team Trivia is perfect as a stand-alone event, as well as for virtual happy hours and conference entertainment. "It was AMAZING.Everyone had a great time. It's a holiday blast. Thank You For A Fantastic & Memorable Team Building Experience! Your coworkers become the wizards' minions: gathering sparkles, casting spells and competing to be the first and most successful team to bring the war to a peaceful resolution. ", © 2020 TeamBuilding, All Rights Reserved. Our Office Olympics is designed to lift team spirit, enhance engagement, allow teams to connect and collaborate in a different way, but most importantly allow your staff to have a bit of fun and to take a break from the stress to ensure you also look after their mental health. ❤️ loved by virtual teams new to working remotely. The activities start with camp-style icebreaker games, followed by historic ghost stories and a real s'more making experience. ❤️ loved by remote teams all over the world. 2. Just kidding: it's about beer and sharks. While your team enjoys drinks like mushroom coffee and turmeric tea, we share stories about the ingredients' origins and what exactly is happening with the health benefits and flavor compounds. Our senior facilitator will lead your team through a series of clues and challenges related to one of Ancient Egypt's most infamous murders. Thanks a million! commentating the weightlifting, but most events were completed by my team members in the spirit of the competition. It's fun , ❤️ loved by knights, jesters, members of the royal court. In addition to the tasty beverages, we will help your team bond through our spirited Escape the Raid at-home scavenger hunt, a masterful, historically-accurate “toast-off” and our famous, workplace-appropriate World’s Classiest Drinking Game. International Monster Hunter is a game of puzzles, wits, discovery and surprise. 1. The hour moved quickly from activity to activity and Vic did a great job of getting everyone involved. There is a minimum event charge of $300. Our Online Office Olympics is our most popular virtual activity. If you have managers and leaders that are new to team building online, managing remote teams that work from home and similar, then we can help. Beer & Sharks is a "Nerd Talk" about two of nature's most misunderstood subjects: calculus and progressive tax systems. 1.5 hours 2 - 300+ people ℹ️More Info, ❤️ loved by elves, Festivus fans, and anyone with a little holiday spirit. Most importantly it brought individuals together that wouldn’t normally be associated with one another and made us laugh, so from my perspective it was greatly successful. It’s our version of a decathlon but with a difference. If Office Olympics … Online Office Games is a form of virtual “Office Olympics” that includes spirited challenges, games and activities. During this virtual happy hour, our spirited mixologist will teach your group how to create two festive cocktails. Fully facilitated. Warning: This game contains murder, magic, political intrigue, learning, and fun. Get to know your teammates and the upcoming olympic games! Join our event with little to no prep on your end! One of our team members was super-enthusiastic and he got the rest of us organised. Use your skills of observation to win big for your team! Event challenges could see you solving brainteaser tasks, answering fun trivia or participating in fun collaboration-based photo and video challenges. ❤️ loved by skiiers, winter enthusiasts, hot cocoa fans. Darren did an excellent job of facilitating the program. This experience is built to be international, and covers all the continents, even the cold ones. I'd definitely do this again. The whole thing was expertly coordinated! Our most popular event among remote teams! Went very smoothly! The Origin . Guided by our referee & our interactive app new events with fun team challenges will be released onto the phone or tablet that they will need to complete. A great team building exercise for competitive co-workers, such as myself, is virtual office Olympics. The team enjoyed being able to connect and have fun whilst all working remotely. It is a series of games and mini challenges that are designed to be silly, high energy and engage your team in lighthearted competition for bragging rights. Our Office Olympics was a great program! It's also a great time to take a minute to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. Your team will have a great time discovering new and unexpected ways to bring smiles to people's faces. A week or so before your campfire, we mail each of your remote employees a care package that includes a tealight candle, matches, and s'more ingredients. You can choose from one of our themes like Interstellar or Rock & Roll, or we can customize the trivia to match any theme. For larger groups we may split into breakout rooms and multiple sessions for the best experience. Our virtual hosts will squeeze in as many games and challenges as they can into a 90 minute session – usually comprised of a variety of speed/quick thinking challenges, an image-to-word association games we call “I Spy”, and a virtual “trivia” version of the popular game show “Family Feud”. The experience combines the best elements of a traditional murder mystery with the unique game mechanics of virtual conference rooms. Cozy up to the virtual fire and check into TeamBuilding's Ski Chalet for a winter delight. Energy was good, and I enjoyed the trivia/speed minigames as well. Then, on camp day we bring your coworkers together on a 90 minute video call to play games and enjoy time together around the virtual campfire. Our company recently did this and it was a lot of fun. This 90-minute session is itself an example of fun and engaging training and includes online group games and team activities your managers will learn from. Our most popular event among remote teams! | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. ❤️ loved by the gingerbread man, competitors, holiday fans. This event can be done with groups small or large! They got a bunch of accountants laughing! The team loved it and I have received some great feedback. So much fun and positive vibes! Our host will take your team through a wild explanation of aquatic ecosystems, beer making, shark facts and the tenuous links between them. ❤️ loved by nerdy coworkers, distributed teams, anyone that likes Ted-style talks. The flexibility to hold the events over several weeks, and to release them bit by bit was great. ❤️ loved by people who want to spread smiles, gratitude enthusiasts, anti-Scrooges. (Plus we got to make s'mores! Join us at our Cocktail Shake-Up, as we help you whip up two delicious, Prohibition era-inspired cocktails! ❤️ loved by coworkers with good taste, yogis, coffee fanatics, introverts. It was a combination of pictionary, trivia, price is right, and a scavenger hunt. ❤️ loved by aquarium nerds, beer aficionados, remote teams. It was the first time we were able to get out Field teams involved too, as everything is usually held in person, so it was a great program to hold to be inclusive of all of our staff. I also loved being able to turn over the reins and just enjoy the event! Your ski instructor, aka your virtual holiday party event host, will bring your team together to inspire good will and cheer to last all year long. Thank you for a fantastic and memorable team building experience! Your colleagues will work in small groups to solve wickedly smart puzzles in a race against time. The holidays are the time of year to spread joy, kindness, and cheer. Ready for the ultimate virtual office happy hour? Many thanks to Sandra, Darren and his team. Our team had a great time at our virtual tiny campfire event! Fun online team building that maximizes participation. Cap off your game night with a Virtual Red Carpet Award Show, and see which team takes home the bragging rights. Most virtual events are 60 to 90 minute video calls on a secure Zoom line that we provide. Beer & Sharks is smart, thought provoking, wildly entertaining, and one of the best damn ways to make a virtual meeting fun. Simply Click On A Program To Find Out More. Note: this event is BYOB. This experience is focused on zen, mindfulness and the art of enjoying tea and coffee. Here is just a sample of what our past clients felt about Office Olympics. Essentially, a few wizards have been at battle for as long as anyone can remember and need your help to resolve the conflict. The coffee vs tea ceremony was fantastic! After all 10 events have been completed, the team with the most points will win Gold! no boring monologues or speeches here.

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