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One of these movies was The Game. A year later, Burroughs put together a 23-5 season and made it to the quarterfinals, falling to Crescenta Valley, 10-9.FILE PHOTO(LA)Rey Rivera served as boys’ and girls’ water polo and swimming coach at Burroughs from 1998-01. A copy of the autopsy report obtained by Investigative Voice also shows that the medical examiner who examined Rivera’s body had doubts. He also enjoyed success with the Burroughs boys’ team. Akopyan said Rivera also had a profound influence on the athletes who played for him. Speaking of Rivera's note, it was filled with phrases closely connected to the Freemasons. What authorities believe is the body of former Burroughs High aquatics coach Rey Rivera was discovered Wednesday near his home in Baltimore. Later, a book written by Mikita Brottman, a psychoanalyst at the Maryland Institute of Art and resident of the Belvedere, revealed that the case was still listed as an unsolved murder. He had the experience playing big-time water polo, and I’m just grateful I was able to learn from him. Rivera came to Burroughs in 1998 after playing professionally in Spain in the Royal Federation of Water Polo league. Although investigators believed Rivera either jumped or fell from the roof of the hotel into the conference room, the episode presented a bunch of logistics that go against that cause of death. Sometime in between, he had crashed through the roof of the room. 4 Theories About Rey Rivera's Death From 'Unsolved Mysteries' By Dylan Kickham. “I learned so much about water polo because of Ray. Also, the rooftop security camera was disconnected, and although Rivera's body had severe damage, his glasses and cellphone strangely did not have a scratch on them. Akopyan said Rivera was not only a fine coach, but a great person, as well. “We became pretty good friends when I was at Burroughs. To be fair, Stansbury did offer a $1000 reward for any information about Rivera's whereabouts during his disappearance. These financial issues led to a theory that an investor lost a lot of money after following Rivera's stock advice, and was so enraged by the loss that they killed Rivera. They spotted Rivera’s sandals on a Belvedere roof next to a large hole. Rivera disappeared from his Baltimore home in May of that year, and a week later his body was discovered in a conference room at the Belvedere Hotel. Division III Player of the Year and head Coach Ted Bresnahan was chosen as the Coach of the Year. “I remember the players would sprint to the side of the pool during timeouts just to listen to what Rey had to say.” He said. One of the most dominant, and the one believed by the police, is that this was a suicide. It had all these names of actors, his friends and family, quotes from free masons and a list of movies. No interpretation of events sits right however, and it looks like it never will. The other theory, of course, is murder. The police believed the case to be a suicide. The episode presents a lot of issues with this theory, most notably his loved ones insisting it would have been out of character for him. Since the room had a hole in the ceiling, it appeared Rivera's body may have fallen from the roof of the hotel, although the investigators declared his cause of death was undetermined. Those who knew him have fond memories of the strapping 6-foot-5, 260-pound man. On May 24th 2006, Rey Rivera's body was found in a disused room annexed to Baltimore's Belvedere, a beaux-arts hotel and Baltimore landmark that had been converted to a condominium in the nineties. News reports said Rivera, 32, who coached the Indian boys’ and girls’ water polo and swimming teams from 1998-01, was found after he was reported missing May 16 after leaving his home in Baltimore’s Northwood neighborhood. All of this has led some people to theorize his death was staged. The last time anyone reported seeing Rey Rivera alive was Tuesday, May 16, 2006. 2 Harvard-Westlake, 14-8. But, on the other hand, he also imposed a gag order on the employees of Agora against talking about Rivera's death, which, as the Daily Mail reports, has helped earn him the title of "the new Carole Baskin," the big cat lady from Tiger King that everyone assumes murdered her husband. Immediately, I thought: OF COURSE! When Netflix announced it was picking up a reboot of the long-running network docuseries Unsolved Mysteries, it kind of felt like a perfect match. 1-ranked Bell Gardens and a berth into the CIF Southern Section Division III semifinal. One Unsolved Mysteries viewer may have cracked a major clue in the case of Rey Rivera.Rivera, who is the subject of Episode 1 of Netflix‘s Unsolved Mysteries reboot, … After a week of searching and nothing turning up, someone noticed a strange hole in the ceiling of the Belvedere meeting room. He was also a collegiate standout at the University of the Pacific, graduating in 1995. “I still can’t believe it. The company Rivera worked for — Stansberry and Associates, and its parent company — Agora, had gotten into some hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission for providing "false" investment advice, something Rivera would be aware of considering he composed some of the company's newsletters. The day after his wife Allison left for a business trip, a friend staying at their home reported that Rivera received a phone call, ran out and disappeared. However, the coroner's report classified his death as "undetermined." We would hang out, go places and we even went to a concert together.”. “The kids really responded to him because they knew he knew what he was talking about. In 1998, led by All-CIF player Jason Falitz, the Indians went 17-9 and advanced to the Division III semifinals, losing to Santa Monica, 11-6. Authorities firmly believed Rey Rivera had jumped from the 14th floor of the hotel. His family found the man’s body while standing on a nearby garage. In the semifinal, Burroughs fell to No. Sometime in between, he had crashed through the roof of the room. A few days after that, writer and professor Mikita Brottman saw a … The new show gave rise to a number of theories about Rey Rivera's death, even though it's hard to know which one — if any — could be true. His body was discovered inside the Belvedere Hotel and authorities said he appeared to have jumped from the roof of the Belvedere and crashed through a lower roof, reports said. He was last seen on May 16th. On May 24th 2006, Rey Rivera's body was found in a disused room annexed to Baltimore's Belvedere, a beaux-arts hotel and Baltimore landmark that had been converted to a condominium in the nineties. Division III poll with a 24-6 record and an undefeated mark against Division III teams. The untold truth of Rey Rivera's mysterious death. He led both polo teams to semifinal playoff berths.blr.rivera.27-BPhotoInfoRL1RD64G20060527izwgdlnc(LA). “Not my brother,” said Angel, one of his relatives skeptical of the suicide theory. The streamer has found a ton of success within the true crime genre and with rebooted series, and sure enough, when the new season of Unsolved Mysteries kicked off on Wednesday, July 1, everyone was talking about the unexplained death at the center of its premiere episode. They investigated and found Rivera's body, the obvious deduction being he plummeted from the thirteenth floor of the Belvedere, though the manner with which he entered the Belvedere remains unknown because a problem with the security system rendered videos from that day inaccessible. “Injuries at the time of the autopsy were consistent with the fall from a height,” Medical Examiner Melissa Brassell wrote in her May 2006 report. For instance, the only ledge that would have allowed Rivera's body to fall into the room was only accessible through other hotel rooms, and nobody reported seeing him. In the first episode of the Netflix series, titled "Mystery on the Rooftop," a documentary team explored the mysterious death of 32-year-old writer and videographer Rey Rivera in 2006. “There are a lot of people who are really going to miss him.”. As per usual for unresolved deaths — especially those with sexy details like Rivera's interesting note — a series of theories has sprung up around the nature of his death.

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