sao fatal bullet weapon drop list rank 11

Heartless Puppet Lv. Do this with all 3 characters. UHE Large EM Material Ruby You can find here all the information regarding the changes, adjustments and new content: 3 new high-difficulty quests added to online co-op: 5 new accessories added (also available at the accessory trader), 1 new painting added to Avatar Customization, Added “Grand Master Class” to BoB Simulation, New rank11 weapons「Series Type-Z」available in new HC Co-op. Afterwards, go back to the game, select whoever you want to save and fight against the final boss. Uniquely Dead At around 20% boss health remaining the orbs were spawning faster than I could deal with them so I just spent time focusing the boss. EM Material Rare Metal Dáinsleif, Your email address will not be published. Pick the correct response while on a date and they will have a sleepover. This will unlock once you reach affinity level 4 with Zeliska and initiate a conversation with her. Old Ultralight Metal Unable to play the quest without installation of DLC1 which includes BoB simulation. You can also use the method found in Top Dog to combine farming EXP, affinity and bounty into one trophy. The weak point is a small glowing part on where the head would be. Ruby The Co-op will be easier as more people do those and the people who do PvP are quite good at it so I recommend using a boosting partner for the PvP at least. Strong Robot Cable Trophies earned during this step: Obtain one of the weapons added in "Dissonance of the Nexus.". Defense vs Lifeforms +11.20% DMilitary Hat M, Item Drops - Reload OP UHE Plasma Controller You will also be able to have a sleepover with him afterwards. If you are having trouble defeating Death Gun, lower the difficulty and try again. The list of these quests, as well as the unique enemy you will need to fight and the quest's recommended level, can be found below and all sorted by the field they are found in. When you have each character's affinity up to level 4, you will also unlock the ability to have sleepovers with them but keep in mind that there are some characters you cannot have sleepovers with unless you are playing in Kirito Mode, with the list being found in That's Kirito for You; you will also need to increase the affinity of the following characters to Level 4 - 75% in order to secure your route to the true ending. Unique Enemies are named enemies that have 2 health bars. See Until Next We Meet for how to obtain the Chic Dress F blueprint. Only 4 skills on a weapon can be unlocked. Once you get a character's affinity to rank 4 you will be able to go on a date with that character. 10 Premium Cloth - Dropped from AI players in the Forgotten Woods (Extreme) and White Frontier. Enhancing a weapon increases the weapons rank by 1 and will add a + to the weapons name. You have the right to request, access, rectify, delete, oppose for legitimate reasons, and transfer all of your data, as well as the right to formulate specific and general instructions concerning the storage, deletion and communication of all post-mortem data. Ruby Weapon Master World's End++ Rank 11 Gattling Gun In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to complete all solo Hero Quests with any character, this quest type was added in version 1.07 and allows players to play as their favourite SAO character(s) as they fight against fifteen different enemies that are scattered around each course. This boss is identical to the Freezing Menace, it doesn’t seem to have any other special abilities. This will unlock once you reach affinity level 4 with Itsuki and initiate a conversation with him; where he will give you his old gun that you will keep as a keepsake. MISSABLE - Change/Equip Weapon Optical Wings, Location - Movement Defense vs Mechs +4.01% EM Material MISSABLE Story Related but MISSABLE (Only if you transfer your completed save from the demo). Become the hero of Gun Gale Online in the latest game of the SAO franchise in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. This trophy unlock once you reach affinity level 4 with the following characters in Kirito Mode, which is unlocked before starting the Make or Break story quest. The Forgotten Wood (Near SBC Flügel Bow), Item Drops You can also join people online in co-op that are doing high level content and gain XP this way. Hard Worm Fang Location Remant WasteLand (Sea Watchtower) Item Drops Monster Rib Strange Poison Sac Strange Eyeball High-Quality Emerald AMR Deathwind . Boss Hunter Damage vs Lifeforms +20% or higher Have sleepovers with Yuna, Eiji, and Seven. If you beat the game and go into NG+, you will reset a decent amount of stuff including Affinity Ranks, Weapon Arts and ArfA-Sys parts but you will still keep gear and items though. Have a sleepover with Sachi in Kirito Mode. Weak Spot Damage + 20% or higher To give an outfit to any of your friends in the game, you will need to reach affinity level 4 with that friend first, afterwards, interact with them and select I have a gift for you. 10 Organic Bee Antennae - Drops from the Wasps around the White Frontier . See the video below of the Queen Wasp method. Strange Metal Mass High-Quality Emerald Beautiful Diamond Electrodynamic Stunner 4 To access them, you will need to head to the co-op counter to your right, create a room, then speak to either one of the two receptionists on either side and select Hardcore. See The Ultimate Warrior for the Queen Wasp method. These quests were introduced with the 1.09 patch. Complete the Solo Hero Quests and create/find a high level co-op lobby. The first 15 have Emblem Earrings L to Z in a chest located somewhere in the mission so it is recommended to do these 15 and obtain the Emblem Earrings. Weapon Attack +15% or higher Preliminaries participants is 8 includes players. Story Related. Some numbers or drops may be different on normal or easy difficulty. Simply talk to them and choose the outfit option then change the color of something. Trophies earned during this step: The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Moving Out or Moving In, PES 2021 – Stuck At Loading Screen – Issue Fix, FIFA 20 – Stuck At Loading Screen – Issue Fix, MGW: Video Game Cheats, Cheat Codes, Guides. - Move Camera Character was level 110 when the boss was defeated. After obtaining the second ArFA-sys part, you will have the ability to change the color of your gear from your ArFA-sys. - Switch Quick Menu STR: 255 The first Earrings A-E are found on the White Frontier Field, Earrings F-H are found in the Meteorological Institute Ruins, Earrings I-K are found in the Icicle Prison and then Earrings L-Z are found in the Party Hero Quests. UHE Large EM Material This has to be completed before you finish the SBC Flügel dungeon. Damage vs Mechs +20% or higher A new update has been released for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Multi-pedal Armor This will unlock after completing the quest in the Extinct Civilization Research Lab on the Remnant Wasteland. MISSABLE You are then introduced to the main Sword Art Online cast as well as a few more new characters specific to this game. You will need to purchase a total of 100 skills and/or gadgets. MISSABLE You should also keep in mind that there are some characters you cannot send gifts to unless you play in Kirito mode. Thankfully, you can unlock this trophy easily by creating the same outfit 5 times since they don't need to be different. 10 Monster Bloodstone - Dropped from the Abyss Guide in the Forgotten Woods, he drops 1 on Easy/Normal and 2 on Extreme. Hard Shell MISSABLE Oooh, Shiny! Energized Crystal Maxed Out This should be relatively simple, we had ours drop from the Snow Queen, see Cold as Ice for how to defeat her. Trial of the Chosen One 3 will be the most difficult of these quests, highly recommend using weapons that are pure physical damage as enemy players have an innate resistance to Optical damage then wearing accessories that give you high Physical Defense, Melee Defense, Health Regen over 1 Minute and Defense vs Humanoids. He will appraise items for a fee. Rare Metal Cold as Ice Indestructible Fiber Photon Controller It is a blue circle directly in the middle of the back. Controls: Story Related. HE EM Material Story Related. Hardcore Gunner, [PST Would Like To Thank Deceiver for this Roadmap]. That’s Kirito for You World's End++ Rank 11 Gattling Gun Weapon Attack +15% or higher Overheat Buildup & Duration 50% or lower Ammo Acquired +200% or higher Damage vs Mechs +20% or higher Damage vs Lifeforms +20% or higher Damage vs Humanoids +20% or higher Physical Attack +20% or higher Peacock 4+ Rank 11 Shotgun Dual Wield Effective Range + 25% or higher Solitary Sands (Hill Near Underground Weaponplant), Item Drops - Change Movement Solitary Sands (Underground Ladyrinth), Item Drops The co-op lobby is found at the Lobby at the top of The SBC Glocken, you will need to go to the Co-op Counter (which is the one to your right next to the teleporter) and start a lobby or search for one. Monster Bloodstone Ruby Step 2: Reload your "back in time" save and just before the final boss switch the difficulty to Extreme. Old World Alloy The boss is level 235 and recommend being around level 270 before taking the boss on. This is the build I had to defeat the boss without too much difficulty. MISSABLE A video for this method can be found below, courtesy of Deceiver: The current level cap is 300 as of version 1.13. HE EM Material From the blue terminal in your room, you can select Customization Data and save your current setup to one of the slot, then select a new empty slot. Ultrapure Liquid Metal Graviton Shot 4 Fine Metal Fragment You will want to be more powerful if you are going for the true ending on this difficulty. Keep in mind that you need to have her affinity at Level 4 - 75% since this is a requirement for the true ending. They can be done in any order you wish to do them in and a list of all hardcore co-op quests in the game can be found below, all sorted by the level of each quest. You can get 20 SP and 40 SP from the Medal Trader. MISSABLE Defeat Snowstorm Ereshkigal on Extreme difficulty. Story Related but MISSABLE You can use the medals you have accumulated for items such as enhancement materials, outfits, skill points etc. There is a total of 18 quests and you will need to do 15 of them for Accessory Addict. Robust Mk2, Item Drops DropView Disclaimer: This drop list was made with extreme difficulty in mind.

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