shadowlands alpha dps rankings

35978: Some WoD Crafted Armor Sets and Weapons Unobtainable in Shadowlands - Blizzard Reply, 35938: Legendaries Can Be Upgraded in Shadowlands for Additional Base Crafting Items, 35598: Potion of Unhindered Passing, Abomination Stitching - Crafting Updates for Shadowlands Build 35598, 34972: Earn Five Profession Skill Points Weekly in Shadowlands Through Journals, 34821: Shadowlands Professions Optional Reagent Updates - Select All Secondaries, Bonuses Available in Every Slot, 34615: Professions in Shadowlands - Legendary Crafting, Optional Reagents, Star Ranks, PREVIEW: Updates to Profession Optional Reagents in Shadowlands - Limits Loosened, New Bonuses, 33978: Alpha Professions Preview - Optional Reagents, 33978: First Look at Consumables - Weapon Oils, Sharpening Stones, Many Enchant Slots, 34972: Combat & Utility Potions Have Shared Cooldown in Shadowlands - Health Potions Unaffected, 34972: Changes to Combat Potions in Shadowlands - 5 Minute Cooldown, 35078: Archaeology is Not Expected to Receive Updates in Shadowlands, 35598: Elethium Setting - Optional Blacksmithing Crafting Reagent to Add a Socket Removed, 34278: Shadowlands Cuisine, Soul Food, and Feast Models, 35522: Shadowlands Database Updated for Build 35522 - New Items, Enchant, & Abominable Stitching, 35938: Shadowlands Engineering Battle Rez Item Added to Shadowlands Beta, 35432: Photonic Gearhaggle - Shadowlands Engineering Auction House in Oribos, 35755: Shadowlands Druid Chameleon Glyphs - Randomize your Travel Form, 35167: Shadowlands Build 35167 New Icons - Inscription Assets, Darkmoon Cards, 34902: Shadowlands Darkmoon Decks First Look - Randomly Craft a Wildcard, 33978: Some Profession Drums Nerfted to 15% Haste in Shadowlands, 36806: New 30 and 32 Slot Crafted Bags from Shadowlands Tailoring, 36401: Soul Ash Drop Rates and Requirement to Craft Legendary Increased in Shadowlands, 36401: Chronicle of Lost Memories Awards An Unlearned Shadowlands Legendary Recipe, 36165: Blizzard to Buff Shadowlands Legendaries in an Upcoming Shadowlands Build, 36806: All Shadowlands Legendary Recipe Drop Sources Revealed on Shadowlands Beta, 36806: Legendary Changes Recap for Shadowlands Beta Build 36806 - Tuning and Target Caps, 35755: Shadowlands Legendary Calculator - Select Your Powers, Secondary Stats, Upgrade Level, 35679: Legendary Power Tuning for Shadowlands Build 35679 - Tar Trap Legendary Nerf, 35598: Shadowlands Legendary Power Recipes - Castle Nathria Drop Sources Revealed, 35598: Legendary Power Tuning for Shadowlands Build 35598, 35522: Shadowlands Legendary Power Recipes - Known Drop Locations + Community Search, 35522: Reputation Vendors Sell Some Legendary Power Recipes in Shadowlands, 35522: Legendaries Can Be Crafted at Multiple Item Levels in Shadowlands, 35522: PvP Vendors Sell Soulbind Conduits in Shadowlands, 35432: Shadowlands Legendary Power Tuning Build 35432 - New Holy Paladin Legendary, 35432: More Rogue Legendary Runecarving Powers Added in Shadowlands Build 35432, 35360: Shadowlands Torghast Gameplay Loop - Collecting Soul Ash to Craft Legendaries, 35360: New and Retuned Shadowlands Legendary Powers for Druids - Emerald Dreamcatcher, 35256: Runeforged Legendary Power Updates for Paladins, Priests and Warlocks, 35256: Shadowlands Runeforged Legendary Powers for Monks - Face Palm, Keg Smash Shoulders, 35256: New Shadowlands Runeforged Legendary Powers for Druids - Rage of the Sleeper, Oneth's Intuition, 35167: Full List of Revealed Legendary Powers on Shadowlands Beta, 35167: Update to Speculated Legendary Runeforged Powers for Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monks in Shadowlands, 35167: Shadowlands New Legendary Runeforged Powers for Paladins, Demon Hunters, Windwalker Monks and Holy Priests, 35078: Legendary Runecarving Testing Available on Shadowlands Beta, 35078: Legendary Power Recipes Unlocks Account-wide in Shadowlands, 35078: Potential Runeforged Legendary Powers for Monks in Shadowlands, 35078: Shadowlands Alpha New Legendary Runeforged Powers for Warlock & Hunter, 34972: Legendary Runeforged Powers Can Only Be Used on Specific Slots, 34972: Shaman and Priest Legendary Runeforged Powers Revealed in Shadowlands Build 34972, 34902: Possible Shadowlands Legendary Runeforged Powers for Priests and Shamans, 34902: Shadowlands Build 34902 Legendaries & Runeforged Power Updates for Warriors and Mages, 35842: New Faction Leaders For the Alliance and For the Horde Achievements in Shadowlands, 35598: Nine Afterlives Achievement - Find and Pet Slime Cats in Maldraxxus, 35522: New Achievements for Shadowlands Build 35522 - Pet Maldraxxus Kittens, 35432: Shadowlands World Bosses in the Encounter Journal, 34615: Oribos Portals Added to the Stormwind and Orgrimmar Portal Rooms, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Oribos Shadowlands Zone Preview, 34490: Shadowlands Oribos Preview - Layout, Locations, PvP Vendors, Portal Room, Profession Trainers, 34490: PvP Vendor and Item Upgrade Vendor Located in Oribos - First Look, 36294: New Torghast and The Maw Permanent Upgrades from Ve'nari, 35978: Mounting in the Maw with the Corridor Creeper Mount, PREVIEW: Blizzard's The Maw Shadowlands Zone Preview, 35078: Dangers of the Maw - Eye of the Jailer Threat Levels, PREVIEW: The Maw in Shadowlands - Level 60 Zone Preview, 35078: Maw Questline in Shadowlands - Save Famous Characters (Spoilers), 35167: New Flappy Bird-Themed World Quest in Bastion, 33978: Bastion Larion and Phalynx Questline, 34714: Shadowlands Alpha - Maldraxxus Storyline Summary and Playthrough, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Necrolord Covenant and Maldraxxus Shadowlands Zone Preview, 36165: Blizzard To Improve Leveling Experience in Ardenweald and Revendreth - Temp XP Beta Boost In Meantime, 34615: Shadowlands Ardenweald Zone Preview, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Night Fae Covenant and Ardenweald Shadowlands Zone Preview, 35432: New Mary Poppins-Themed World Quest in Revendreth, 35256: Concept Art of Revendreth - Kael'thas and the Missing Leather Nathria Armor Set, 34137: Revendreth Storyline Summary and Playthrough, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Venthyr Covenant and Revendreth Shadowlands Zone Preview, PREVIEW: Shadowlands Revendreath Zone Preview, 33978: Revendreth Lore - Storyline Leading into Torghast, 35842: Orgrimmar Portal Room Changes in Shadowlands - Oribos Portal Moved to Upper Floor, 34137: Stormwind and Ogrimmar Class Hub Updates, 36806: Timewalking Holidays in Shadowlands Require Level 50, 36806: Shadowlands Beta Build 36806 Dungeon Tuning - Grievous Massively Nerfed, Sanguine Depths Covenant Bonus Buff, 35938: Blizzard on Loot Item Levels from Mythic+, Raiding and PvP in Shadowlands, 35938: Shadowlands Beta Build 35938 Dungeon Tuning - Plaguefall Barrels Changed, 35938: Shadowlands Adds Entrance Indicators on Zone Maps for Old-World Dungeons and Raids, 35755: Shadowlands Encounter Journal for 35755 - Conduits Now Listed as Dungeon Drops, 35522: Updated Encounter Journal for Build 35522, 35432: Early Raid Loot Tables - Castle Nathria and Dungeon Encounter Journal for Shadowlands Build 35432, 35360: Shadowlands Build 35360 - Updated Encounter Journal, 35256: Shadowlands Beta Encounter Journal for Build 35256, 35078: Shadowlands Alpha Build 34972 Encounter Journal - Updates to Castle Nathria Bosses, 34902: Encounter Journal for Shadowlands Alpha Build 34902 - Dungeon and Raid Bosses, 34821: Encounter Journal for Shadowlands Alpha Build 34821 - Dungeons and Castle Nathria, 34714: Shadowlands Alpha Build 34714 Encounter Journal - 10th Castle Nathria Boss, 34615: Shadowlands Alpha Build 34615 Encounter Journal, 34490: Shadowlands Alpha Encounter Journal for Build 34490, 34365: Alpha Encounter Journal for Build 34365, 34278: Alpha Encounter Journal for Build 34278, 34199: Alpha Encounter Journal for Build 34199, 34137: Alpha Encounter Journal for Build 34137, 34081: Dungeon and Raid Encounter Journal, 33978: Encounter Journal - Dungeon and Raid Bosses, 35842: Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+ Item Level Loot Table - Max End-of-Dungeon Reward Reduced to Below Heroic Raid, 35842: New Mythic+ Affix Rotation in Shadowlands - The New Rotation So Far, 35842: Mythic+ Keystone Vendor Disabled on Torghast Beta Realm - Keystones Acquired Through Normal Method, 35755: Volcanic Mythic+ Affix Changed Again - Now Deals Percent Health, 35679: Teeming and Skittish Mythic+ Affixes Replaced in Season 1 of Shadowlands, 35679: New Shadowlands Mythic+ Affix Speculation - Storming, Spiteful, Inspiring. Unmasked: A High School Bully Romance: An Evergreen Academy, Book 4 . This is probably to encourage classes with Bloodlust to be more prominent in groups like M+. How about DH , Warlock and Mage ? 35842: PvP Itemization and Vendors in Shadowlands - New Solutions Being Considered, 35755: Focused PvP Testing is Underway on Shadowlands Beta, 35755: Upgrading Shadowlands PvP Gear with Honor Points, 35679: Shadowlands Season 1 Gladiator Mount is the Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater, 35679: Mortal Wounds Effects Doubled Against Non-Player Enemies in Shadowlands, 35522: PvP Vendors Sell Legendary Power Recipes in Shadowlands, 35256: Trials of Zo'Sorg - Return of PvP World Quests in Shadowlands, 35256: Deathbringer Title and Flayedwing Mount - World PvP Meta Achievement in Shadowlands, 35256: PvP Honorable Medallion Talent Slot Removed in Shadowlands - Replaced by PvP Trinkets, 35256: Shadowlands Beta Build 35256 Preamble - Deathbringer Title from World PvP, Covenant Global Strings, 35167: All Gladiator PvP Mounts Become Account Wide in Shadowlands, 34714: "9.0 PvP Power" Spell Added in Shadowlands Alpha Build 34714, 34278: Battle for Azeroth Aspirant Ensembles Purchased with Marks of Honor in Shadowlands, 34137: New PvP Talents in Shadowlands Alpha Build 34137 & Greater Pyroblast Nerfed, 35938:, 35842: Weekly Great Vault Rewards Can Offer Duplicate Items in Shadowlands - Confirmed Unintended, 35522: Great Vault Weekly Chest - Raid Objectives Awards Raid Loot in Shadowlands, 35360: Shadowlands Great Vault Objectives & UI - Choose Your Weekly Cache Reward, 36165: Ion Hazzikostas on Covenant Abilities Outside of Shadowlands, 36165: Covenant Abilities Disabled Outside of Shadowlands Content, 36806: Blizzard Announces Covenant Tuning is Underway on Shadowlands Beta, 35842: Shadowlands Covenant-Specific Release Spirit Animations, 35679: Wowhead's Shadowlands Talent Calculator Now Supports Covenant Choices, 35598: Covenant Dungeon Bonuses Active in Mythic+ on Shadowlands Beta, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Shadowlands Covenants System Preview, 35078: Covenant Sanctum Systems - Upgrades, Many Resources, Transportation Network, 34714: All Covenant Ability Spell Effect Visuals in Shadowlands, 34081: Complete List of New and Updated Covenant Abilities for Shadowlands Alpha Build 34081, 33978: Covenant Abilities Deep Dive - Cooldown, Duration, Range, Other Effects, 34137: Demon Hunter Necrolord Ability Datamined - Updated Covenant Abilities for Shadowlands Alpha.

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