should i wait for ryzen 4000 reddit

If the 8 core Renoir 4000 series Desktop APUs are of any interest to you, it looks like those may be launching soon. /r/AMD is community run and does not represent AMD in any capacity unless specified. Using it for 3D modelling and game design. This is the place to ask! Press J to jump to the feed. It depends on what you currently have and does it do what you need it to do. Ryzen 3000 came out 6 months ago, and you shouldn't expect 4000 to come out for at least another 6 months. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For general usage, there’s no question, the best CPUs available today will give you lightning-fast performance for average functionality, forking out for an overpriced low-supply 4000 CPU would be a waste. On another note, how long till ryzen 4000 laptops start releasing more? Cookies help us deliver our Services. I know zen 3 is coming Oct 8th and wanted to know if it would be worth the wait. Waiting a couple more weeks gets you a CPU that’ll last an extra year before you have to upgrade. You may have seen information citing July 21st or Q3. Our top picks for the great silent build brand, The best cases from the king of quiet PCs. Looking for the detail? Hi guys I've just bought a 3600 and the 4000 series are being announced, I was gonna build it tommorow. My current CPU is 8 years old, still works well with my GTX 970, which still does pretty well, really. Ryzen 4000 is still surrounded by rumors so we don’t have much to go off of as to what we can expect from it. the current well-performing CPU options available to you. Between Cornavirus supply potentially pushing release to 2021 and the inevitable price hikes/stock difficulty at initial release (not to mention the great value & performance of the existing 3000 series) we’re sure the Ryzen 4000 will be great, but it’s probably not worth the wait for you right now. For gaming, the best 3000 series options (tied with a good GPU) will undoubtedly give you everything you need unless you are looking for very high-end performance (think 1440p with 144hz, even here a good current-gen CPU/GPU combo can do great things). AMD seems to be on a roll in recent years so it’s no surprise gamers and enthusiast builders alike are keen to understand the benefits. The most common estimate you’ll see for Ryzen 4000 APUs is  “late 2020”, however with the above in mind, we think there’s a significant chance you could be waiting well into 2021. Would it make sense to buy a beefy 3000-series processor for a B550 mobo and just wait to upgrade to a 4000-series way down the line? I haven't readily found anything online suggesting that Zen 3/3000-series has any "must-have" features. my opinion but if you think about it this way. Expect a similar product line with the same price range as the 3000. What GPU are you planning on getting? Ah, the burning question for many desktop builders: “should I wait for Ryzen 4000?”. Simply put, unless you are really focussed on the absolute best, regardless of diminishing returns versus budget, or you just want the vanity points of owning the “best” series CPU, we highly recommend instead focussing on the great AMD options already available..

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