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Wasn’t long before we had rats, bums and the police come calling. After months of weighing my options, I purchased a recreational vehicle (RV). Which of course didn’t work, but it said on the $4 bottle it extends the life of your engine. Eventually, we stumbled out of stoplight country and onto Poudre Canyon Rd. So we drove about 3 hrs. We took in the setting sun of Nevada as they continued rifling through bags. If you run into him it will be on a mountain, snow, water, trail or sea with a camera blocking his face, but not the incredible views being captured. thermal layer affixed to the marine grade collapsible liner. Call 855-726-4754 HOKA TenNine Boots Offer Bold Take on Hiking Footwear, SPOT Gen4 Review: Better Maps, More Messages, and Auto-Send, Weston Eclipse Women's Splitboard Review: Purpose-Built for Serious Pow-Seekers, The Best Slippers for Men & Women in 2020, Seaweed Skis?! To pass the time, Caz threw rocks at a nearby fence post while I built sand castles alongside the highway. Rent a campervan and go where the best snow is. (A carbon monoxide detector can be a good idea even for an indoor-rated one.). Most people at this point would have found the abort button — and rightly so! Why book a hotel & a rental car, why not book a VW camper that combines them both instead. It was one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” sort of things, and we were keen to make the most of it. They do not have 4WD but they are equipped with studded snow tires in the winter. A lot of people love being in nature and being outdoors – but how to accomplish that is one of people’s biggest problems. All I could see were cops. As soon as it is warm enough or for those heading to warmer destinations you will be able to use the sink. Hilariously well done my friend! With a short cab over camper height and tight center of gravity the rig performs better than RV’s and hard-sided campers in windy weather. Circling the area for hours, we waited for an opening to grab our possessions. Check out our Volkswagon Campers by clicking here. Thanks again for visiting my RV travel blog. Untracked lines. Do you have 4×4? Our Eurovans are fully capable of going over most paved, open mountain passes in the winter. We have road tested them ourselves. The Thermal Pack is an additional, removable interior Be aware of your surroundings. If that rope had broke I’m not sure what Caz could have done with NO brakes, lights or power steering. Dragging our chairs into the middle of the river, dangling our feet in the cool waters, sipping river chilled beers around our dancing floating fire. If you’ve never had the…pleasure of visiting Wells, just close your eyes and envision a town where progress goes to die. Good ‘ol Caz wasted miles of opportunity between Wyoming and Colorado to take in a manual transmission lesson with my 1987 VW Jetta named Ernie. By stacking rocks in the shallow river until barely breaking the surface of the bubbling current to hold my patented floating fire upon. Fuck! I asked at the ski expo about Monarch and if they are camper friendly, and I htink they said they were but can't remember the details. Allowing Caz & Ernie to swoop on through those logistical booby traps some people like to call stoplights. And instead of dragging Sherman to the next exit so we had comfy beds to sleep in we bought beer and slept in Mr. Home Depot truck. In hindsight, perhaps it wasn’t the smartest play to antagonize the situation but I just really didn’t care at the moment. Actually, however, living in a van is so much easier than any expensive alternatives, because I’d happily trade away relatively unimportant conveniences – relative to skiing, that is –  for the freedom to ski and travel as much as I please. Skifari 2018 – The Ultimate Ski Bum Road Trip. Every vehicle is different, but often the safest course of action in really cold regions is to run your RV dry, which means no water. Happy travels everyone! Skip the line at the lodge and make your own food in your RV. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Jason from Tennessee living vicarously through you. style campers, it will keep it together over the most rugged terrain.

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