smart 453 problems

All the new smarts come with a five-speed manual gearbox as standard. Not sure if others use that method (Renault don't obviously) or if it even works when there are more than three cylinders. They didn't replace the top, just covered up the crazing with fabric for $4k... A forum community dedicated to all Smart Car owners and enthusiasts. And I have about 5 or 6 linear cracks starting on the edges about an inch long. Driven aggressively on the twisty mountain roads that were part of the test route, pushing the brakes and handling right to the bald limit, I found the Forfour to be a very engaging and competent handling car that would have been even more fun with more power and the ability to switch the ESP off. Yet the end products are so different, you would never guess that the new smart shares around 70% of its underpinnings with Renault’s new Twingo. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Ultimately, this is not a big problem though as the air-conditioning is very effective, with a huge rush of cold air from the big eyeball vents to keep things cool in summer. The new smart Fortwo and Forfour show a much more united front than before, and a huge amount of thought and effort have clearly gone into their concept and execution. I peeked at the work order and the top replacement was $4009!!! A clever hinge system allows the rear doors to open to 85 degrees, which is a huge plus over normal doors opening angles. I was flicking through an Auto Express magazine just now in the Chinese and noticed this article which I've ripped out and photographed. I'm looking to move into a 453 later this this year. Out of Germany? Thanks. Without resorting to analysing crankshaft acceleration (as the first generation ECUs did) then you can't get this info from the crank sensor alone. The new Fortwo is a better all round car that now feels as happy on the motorway as it does in town, while the Forfour is a versatile all rounder, small enough for town parking yet refined enough to cover continents. Can anybody confirm this, and maybe say if this is backward compatible somehow? The entry-level 999cc naturally aspirated motor produces 71 hp and 91 Nm of torque at 2,850rpm for a rather sluggish 14.4 sec 0-100km/h and 151 km/h top speed. Unfortunately these were not equipped with the paddle shifters that will be part of the Sport Package, along with 10mm lower suspension and 16-inch alloys. In our research we use the PPMY index to compare the reliability of vehicles. The philosophical fit is certainly there as Renault had several rear-engined models in their portfolio over the years. This may not be satisfactory for audiophile types who are negatively sensitive to MP3 compression. Smart Fortwo owners have reported a total of 384 problems for their cars built in the 11 model years listed in the chart below. If you have a taller load, the rear seat squabs can be flipped round to provide 12cm greater depth to carry, say the box for a modestly sized TV across the car. 453.044 281.910 700.123 02/2015 700.411 P00.10-5664-00 External view of smart fortwo coupé Introduction of the New smart fortwo coupé and smart forfour | Model Series 453 – This printout will not be recorded by the update service. Importantly, the new Fortwo (453) retains the two-seat, rear-mounted engine configuration of its predecessors, as well as the 269 cm overall length of the 451. I want to swap the JBL tweeters for some after market ones I’ve bought - I saw someone on here had the same tweeters retrofitted by a company ..... Introduction of the New smart fortwo coupé and smart forfour | Model Series 453 Overview Models and major assemblies External view of smart fortwo coupé Designation Model Engine Transmission Market launch smart fortwo coupé 453.341 281.920 700.121 700.410 02/2015 smart fortwo coupé 453.342 281.920 700.121 700.410 11/2014 Fabric skin on solid 453 roof ..whats that all about. Because TDC for firing cannot simply be ascertained from the CPS unless using the trickery of monitoring variations in cranking speed - as the earlier triples did. Update: It took about a month to replace the roof. Only two locations where smarts were made and neither is Germany. Copyright © 2018 – Smart Car Specialist | Design by. JavaScript is disabled. Bonus! Item 70 on... Just seems daft that the roof of one I was looking at had this naff fabric that is bound to degrade. A study of reliability comparison across Smart Fortwo model year vehicles. Smart 453 Forum has 4,019 members. IS ANYONE WITH MODELS (c453) ON 16" WHEELS EXPERIENCING TYRE NOISE ??

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